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Turn off the chatter and tune into what matters. Space for you to connect to the deeper wisdom and truth within you. Christine Arylo, MBA, leadership advisor, and wisdom teacher marries timeless wisdom teachings with modern leadership, success and human consciousness theory to expand your perspective and wake up your awareness. Each episode gives you practical ways to make choices that empower you to create a design for your life, work and relationships rooted in wholeness, sustainability and wellbeing. Our intention is to re-imagine the way we and the world work. We do that by bringing Wisdom + Leadership + Wellbeing together in ways that give us access to our personal power to influence the people, teams, families, systems and organizations we work and live in. Feminine Power Time is for all people who dare to do things differently, and who choose to embrace their co-creative power to have a positive impact through their voices, choices and presence.
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Oct 5, 2018

How do we "BE" with what we are seeing in the world all around us - the anger, the greed, the disrespect, the separation, etc. etc.- without becoming consumed by it, sucked into it or feeling like we have to spiritually bypass it? How do you speak up, stand up and show up to be the agent of change, truth, compassion that you desire to be, when everything feels so overwhelming, compressed and out of control?

The yogis predicted we would come to this time of madness. Our role is to be able to stay present with what is happening in this world, be agents for change and elevation, not forces who add to the chaos, frenzy and fear. 

How do you stay present with what's happening in the world without being overcome by it? Whether it's happening in politics, in power plays on your job or in relationships, or in your community or within yourself, we need super powers and wisdom for staying present with what is, staying human in the process, but not becoming part of the very things we wish to change. 

In this Feminine Power Time, with Christine Arylo, feminine leadership advisor, MBA and Wisdom Teacher, dive in for:

  • How to tell when you have been sucked up into the frenzy and fear machine and are being affected by the madness in unhelpful ways - so you can shake it off and stay centered in what is real
  • Why so many of us are feeling so compressed, overwhelmed and like the world is out of control - elevate out of the chaos to see what is really happening
  • 3 'wisdom bytes' that will empower you to be present with what is happening in the world without being overcome by it or letting it distract you from your purpose and part
  • How we speak up and stand up to be forces of elevation and humanity vs. adding to the fear, frenzy, isolation and domination.
  • The difference between the cowardly act of condoning and the courageous act of human compassion 
  • The bigger story happening right now for us as humanity - and how to be at choice as to how you play the 'game' and do your part to change the story. 
  • How to tap into your part to play in making the change you wish to see so you can be your sacred rebel Jedi self. A force for freedom and elevation!

Chaos loves to speed things up. But we lose our power when we become part of the sand storm. We embody our power when we stand still in the midst of it, see what is real, see the fear game being played. We gain an elevated perspective that empowers us to act in ways that can create powerful change. 

This is the time to start slowing down, not speeding up. We need to step out of our daily rhythyms to hear the deeper wisdom within.

Join Christine for her yearly Women's Wisdom Quest: Sacred Rebels. Sacred Work Nov 2-4th the best time for deepening your access to wisdom. 




Sep 6, 2018

We live in a time when you just can't plan out your life 3, 5, 10 years in advance and then follow 'the plan' - although our minds and desires for safety would love that. We live in a time when the world is changing fast, and we are each being 'called up' to new sacred assignments, ways of living and working that our soul signed up for.

These 'soul stretches' and catalysts are calling for us each to step out of comfort zones and step into into a zone where we often can't see how it will work out, how it can work out and if it will work out.

This is where the Feminine Wisdom teaching - the feminine super power of Stepping in the Unknown comes in. It's a different way of operating that most of us were not taught, but it is a REAL thing. In this Feminine Power Time, Stepping in the Unknown with Courage and Clarity to Chart the Path Ahead: Planning the Feminine Wisdom Way, the 3rd in our series on Feminine Wisdom, I'll share the wisdom teaching on Stepping in the Unknown. And make it personal for you so you can work with it and can step through the changes coming with grace and courage, feeling and being supported, including:

  • Why the way we've been trained to plan and strategize and create goals won't work - and an elevated, wiser way to approach creating your work, life, relationships that does
  • Wisdom about your Soul Codex  - what it is, how it to activate, access and align with it so you can access the wisdom needed to chart your path ahead and find you way 

  • How you can find your way through the uncertainty and unknown - so you don't get lost in the dark or get scared and turn back or move too fast or stretch too far and screw yourself up 

  • How to create a 'path' for crossing whatever threshold your soul is calling you into - there is a wise way and a stupid way to make changes :) 

  • Stories about how I've navigated the unknown to make choices from courage, and worked with other women to cross thresholds - there is wisdom to tell us how to "do" this differently

  • Personal reflection and meditation on your current threshold crossings - so we can make sure you don't try and straddle the grand canyon or get lost in the wilderness

If you missed the previous Feminine Wisdom Series episodes, #68 on Intuitive Attunement & #67 on Synchronicity with guest Nilima Bhat from Shakti Leadership, tune in! 

To join me this fall at the Discover Your Feminine Wisdom weekend workshop in San Francisco go to

To learn more about working with the two inner forces within women and girls - the inner wisdom and the inner mean girl -- through the Path of Self Love Training and Certificate program or the 3-month personal Reform Your Inner Mean Girl. Empower Your Inner Wisdom transformational program go to 



Aug 24, 2018

Intuitive Attunement is my second favorite super power feminine wisdom word of the year. And I think you are going to LOVE it too! When you have it, and know how to cultivate it, you have the inner power to make the best choices for yourself, in your career, relationships, wealth, health, home. Without it, you are often being led by the cultural craziness and your own subconscious emotional commotion. 

Intuitive Attunement - you being 'attuned' from the inside out to Divine Wisdom and therefore your own soul wisdom - gives you access to a deep well of wisdom that's connected to your heart and soul - so you can stay true to yourself, and take leaps of faith that backed by sound wisdom. 

It surpasses the mind, which can only create what it has experienced before or seen in others, to access insight, guidance and possibility.  

But most of us were not taught how to develop nor strengthen our power of Intuitive Attunement, so we operate at half our power, make choices that are jaded by past experiences and often drive by fear, lack or scarcity. 

Which is why I've created this Feminine Wisdom Series, focused on a few of the aspects of Feminine Wisdom that we need as leaders and women now. Join me, Christine Arylo, feminine leadership advisor for this Feminine Power Time episode "Intuitive Attunement: Super Power Your Connection to Divine Wisdom" (#2 in the series) where we dive into:

  • What is Intuitive Attunement? and why this is a word you want to add to your vocabulary and a skill you want to strengthen
  • The 6 channels of Intuitive Power - and how to discern which ones are your strongest to attune to
  • What blocks or muddles up your access to Divine Wisdom and your clarity to act in accordance with your inner wisdom?
  • What is essential to make sure you have in your life to strengthen your inner clarity and be a clear channel to receive guidance and wisdom?

** And of course, we make this personal with a double dog feminine wisdom dare to attune to your inner wisdom and take a leap this week in an area of your life calling for change or expansion.**

Tune in. Take the dare. And start to strengthen your Intuitive Attunement.

To attend the free Path of Self Love Class on Transforming the Inner Critic and Empowering the Inner Wisdom go to

To learn more and register for the fall Feminine Wisdom Weekend in San Francisco, go to 

** If you missed the first in the series on Feminine Wisdom "SYNCHRONICITY: The power of working with the flow" make sure to listen to the previous episode, #67 with special guest, Nilima Bhat, author of Shakti Leadership.


May 10, 2018

New beginnings are such a gift - from a new baby, to a new relationship or friendship, a new job, new home, new project or new phase of life. But most of us miss the gift because instead of savoring the process, creating the space needed to allow things to unfold and emerge... we rush in, put pressure on ourselves to hit the ground running and don't take the space needed. And the foundation of the new thing is not strong enough to endure. 

Instead of savoring the experience we stress out during it.

In relationship, we rush in to intimacy too fast and give our bodies and hearts away before the relationship foundation is strong enough. We so desire to be safe, loved and to know it 'will work out' we miss the dance of growing intimacy. 

In jobs, we start new ones right away instead of giving ourselves the space between to decompress and regenerate. So we leave one job exhausted and start the next one depleted, because the system 'needs us"

In giving birth, we go back to work weeks or a few months later, because we live in a system that doesn't honor human life force, the mother or the need to be nurtured. 

In new projects, new homes, and any new beginning, we don't give ourselves the space to settle in and let things unfold and emerge, to savor the experience. We stress the whole way through to get it done, missing the beauty.

In finishing school or finishing a project we complete one milestone and think we are supposed to have it all figured out to start the next thing now. 

This is systemic. Inside the systems and inside of ourselves. Causing huge amounts of stress, and pressure by truncating the space needed for endings and beginnings ... such precious sacred time.  

Join Christine Arylo for this Feminine Power Time, "New Beginnings: How to Honor Yourself vs Push Your Way Through Them" 

For more on Christine's programs and retreats go to 



Apr 27, 2018

One of the great gifts I receive is talking to lots of wise, conscious women and men around the world. And through those conversations I start to see patterns emerge - for what people are experiencing during these intense and changing times. When you see the patterns happening OUT there, you start to understand whats happening INSIDE you so much more.

And instead of feeling like you are alone or crazy you start to see that you are right on track. You elevate out of the swirl or the emotion of it. And you gain wisdom about what is REALLY happening through you, not to you. 

Every so often I feel inspired to do these episodes of Feminine Power Time to share with you what I see happening 'out there' so you can use that wisdom to apply to what is happening in your life, now. 

 Join me Christine Arylo, for this feminine power podcast, where we will explore:

  • Is what you are giving your life force to really worth it?
  • Where are you pouring too much of your life force into? 
  • What catalyst is happening through you?
  • How is your soul knocking on your door to get you to elevate, step forth and step up? 
  • Do you have the strong woman / lone wolf syndrome blocking you from the support you need? 
  • And we will end with a sweet meditation for your heart

Other Feminine Power Time Episodes to tune into to deepen in some of this include "The Lie About Time"  "Are You Supported" "Courageous Feminine Leadership"

To join me for the mid year Power Pause retreat - a Feminine Wisdom Weekend, July 27-29th at Kripalu, learn more here.


Mar 30, 2018

Are the choices you are making creating freedom for you? Or are you unknowningly creating realities that keep you stuck, stressed and out of alignment with what you truly desire? Most of us subconsciously make choices that laden us down vs. liberate us... but how do you know? 

Take a power pause with Christine Arylo, feminine leadership advisor and wisdom teacher to shine a light on the ways in which you may be sabotaging your own freedom, so you can make sure you are making choices that lead to creating a life that supports and sustains what truly matters to you. In this episode of Feminine Power Time you'll gain wisdom on:

  • The 3 ways women sabotage their own freedom
  • How our unconscious needs to belong and have security lead us to make choices in our careers, relationships, home, lifestyles that cause us to sacrifice what matters most to us
  • Three common freedom stealers - The Golden Handcuffs, The Self Sacrifice Shackles and the Fishbowl Effect
  • How to make sure that the choices you are making are in alignment with what's true for YOUR Path 
  • How to identify specifically what's out of alignment, creating unnecessary pressure and how to free yourself - using a special feminine wisdom process created by Christine  

Make a conscious choice to gain the wisdom, tools and practices to keep you on your path, even if that means stepping outside of conventional wisdom and your comfort zone... And keep yourself out of overwhelm and burnout. 

Join Christine for the yearly Burnout to Balance 40-day Practice - Starts April 15th - 

Join Christine for her mid year Power Pause - a feminine wisdom weekend at Kripalu Retreat Center - July 27-29 

Mar 1, 2018

"Follow your heart." It sounds simple, even trite, but it's anything but. This wisdom byte is DIRECTION on how we navigate these intense and changing times. If you are facing a change, or feeling like you need to make a change or knowing that a change is coming, you can either step in with courage and compassion and grace or you can suffer, spin, get stuck and miss out on the expanded possibility you are being called into, but you just can't see yet.

Stepping in the unknown... deciphering the messages of your heart... conjuring up courage and clarity... having deep trust... these are not skills we where taught in school or on the job - although we should be. As leaders in our lives and work and families, we have to know how to tune into the heart - not the mind - where the answers to the how, when, where lie. 

In this Feminine Power Time, the last recorded in her home in Valley the Moon (I'm in a big change) Christine Arylo, women's leadership advisor and wisdom teacher invites you to bring the change you are facing or feeling into this heart provoking, illuminating conversation to:

  • Learn the wisdom behind these simple words FOLLOW YOUR HEART and how they apply to leading your life
  • Decipher the messages of your heart and the guidance for how to create the path ahead
  • Gain courage and clarity on how to step into the unknown
  • Why FEELING and EMOTIONS are the gateway to your freedom
  • And of course, a meditation and several inquiries to make this personal to your journey now ...

In this session, Christine will help you slow down and tap into what your heart is guiding you to shift, change and step into, now, and the path ahead for allowing it to happen with grace and ease.

To join Christine at a retreat this year

Spring Equinox at Esalen in California - go here.

Summer Solstice-ish on the East Coast at Kripalu - go here. 

Jan 2, 2018

Stay out of the fray. Step into feminine wisdom to illuminate how you can best navigate the path ahead for 2018.

As we cross the threshold into a new year - after a very intense 2017, I'm inviting you to take a PAUSE to feel into what is true, what is coming, what is needed to navigate the waters ahead, and how and who you want to be this coming year.

In the wisdom traditions, Jan is the dreaming month - a time for listening to our hearts and souls, to divine guidance and to what is needed in the world, with our beloveds and for ourselves. We slow down to connect inward so the realities we create liberate us to be and give our fullest selves, instead of become burdens, jail cells or more things to do. 

In times like this focus and fluidity is key.

Accessing our inner WISDOM - calling to become stronger.

Stepping out of the fray to stay centered in our selves and our truth is essential.

So using the power of the first full moon of 2018 - known as a Wolf Moon - in this Feminine Power Time, we'll shine a flashlight ahead to:

  • illuminate a handful of potent wisdom bytes about what to expect and how to approach 2018
  • share how NOT to make choices for the year to come - if you want to avoid burnout and overwhelm AND have the energy to have the impact you desire.
  • give you a set of wisdom based inquiries that will help you access the deeper truths within you, so your choices are guided by wisdom, not fear or old patterning
  • Illuminate the truths about why we all feel such intensity and what the yogis have said about how to meet these times with grace and vitality 

Join Christine Arylo for the feminine wisdom session "A Different Way to Dream: Vision, Plan & focus YOUR YEAR,The Feminine Way" - RSVP for free at 

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Nov 5, 2017

"Our women's wombs are not only for birthing children, but also for birthing new worlds" - Gaia Codex. 

There lives within the heart and body and spirit of every woman a deep wisdom... that goes beyond the intellect, beyond this time and way of thinking... some call it a 'codex' ... others call it a 'sacred web'... most of us were not taught how to access this deeper well and web of wisdom in our conventional school, families or on-the job trainings.

Yet knowing how to access and work with this wisdom and the 'sacred technology' it offers us, is the very key to the answers we seek on how we create, lead and live at this time in the world.

In this Feminine Power Time, Christine Arylo and guest Sarah Drew, author of Gaia Codex, invite you into:

  • An exploration of feminine wisdom - what feminine wisdom really is?
  • An application of feminine wisdom - powerful ' sacred technology' that can support us to lead the way to creating the world we each desire to live in and each feel called to be part of creating.
  • Remembering this wisdom that has always been accessible to us as women - but we have forgotten how to access it, trust it and use it to inform our work in this world. Until now.
  • Expanding your access to the 'Codex' and power of 'Sacred Circle' to fuel and focus your work and support you to create in a way that sustains you personally as well as professionally.

Sarah Drew is the author of Gaia Codex and also one of the 11 wisdom teachers in The Art of Sacred Circle, a collective group of women, led by Christine Arylo, to birth new offerings, programs and trainings that create transformation and connection, and support their sacred work to grow, the feminine way.

To learn about The Art of Sacred Circle training and incubator -which starts in the Fall of every year go to

To learn more about Sarah Drew and Gaia Codex go to  

Sep 8, 2017

How do you stay connected with compassion and courage to the world around you and all that is occurring during these intense times without getting overwhelmed by it? Or distracted by it? Or just pulling the covers over your head and forgetting all about it.

Between the natural disasters of floods and fires, and the human disasters of man made missles launching over countries, and man made missles of frustation and anger being launched daily through Facebook, in the streets, in the workplace... just how do you deal with this in a way that is compassionate and caring but without becoming consumed by it? 

The sages predicted we would enter this time of catalyzation - it is intense. And they also left us wisdom for how to 'be' with it in which we can be the calm in the storm vs adding fuel to the fire. 

Join Christine Arylo, at this Feminine Power Time, for a invoking and elevating conversation about how those who desire to be part of changing the world and creating a world that supports humanity instead of separates it can:

  • Be connected to the world, without becoming overwhelmed by it, and getting caught in the swirl of fear and frenzy.
  • Have compassion and be an agent for change without becoming an empathetic mess who takes on others feelings 
  • Stay focused on your part and feel like what you are doing is enough 
  • The one thing we each need to cultivate more of during this time to stay centered - and how we can lead others to do the same

To learn more about Christine's work go to to receive her weekly Wisdom Letters and learn about the upcoming Wisdom Quest and Art of Sacred Circle Incubator and Training.

To be part of the shift by teaching others self love go to 


Aug 17, 2017

If you could trust your Inner Wisdom more,
what would you be doing differently right now?

And just how do you tell the difference between the smart guidance of your Inner Wisdom and the fear or blind faith of  
that 'other' self-sabotaging inner voice?

How do you gain access to that deep wisdom within to guide your choices, and then conjure up the courage to follow it's guidance... no matter what??


There is no question most of us are feeling stressed, stretched and affected by the external swirl - so how do we stay clear, centered, and confident inside ourselves?

The truth is... 

While we may not be able to stop bullets with bracelets, as women and girls we DO have super powers for staying S.T.R.O.N.G., the feminine way.

And we need access to this internal power so we can be the leaders we desire to be for this world, our families, our work, our communities and ourselves.

Join Christine Arylo for this special episode of Feminine Power Time - a Feminine Wisdom Session & Salon streamed live with women around the world, where we explore:

  • The mental, physical, emotional and spiritual affects of the external swirl + how it's impacting our ability to make choices, stay clear and stay confident and grounded in our truth and inner knowing.
The 5  self-commitments we can make to ourselves to help us stay S.T.R.O.N.G, the feminine way - focused & fluid, courageous & compassionate, intuitively-tapped in, instead of overly-plugged in.
  • How to tell the difference between the smart guidance of your Inner Wisdom and the fear and blind faith of your self-sabotaging inner voice who fills your head with doubt, confusion & judgment.]
Some simple but mighty 'feminine super power' tools and practices to help you more consistently gain access to the deep wisdom within... so you can guide your choices wisely, and conjure up the courage to follow your Inner Wisdom's matter what. 

To receive the video stream of this Salon and the materials Christine Arylo talks about go to 

May 14, 2017

At some point in her life every woman is faced with the question of whether she will have children or not have children. It's a very personal question that we don't have a lot of wisdom and ritual around in our culture, which can lead to a lot of stress, anxiety, personal doubt and shame, and even a lot of separation and judgement among the best of friends.

The very question around motherhood itself sets us up for separation and self judgment because it's a yes/no duality based question, which automatically creates limitation with only two choices. Either I have a child if I want to be a mother or I don't. This polarizing approach to motherhood also puts a lot of pressure on a woman to have a body that can produce a child or can beat the clock or that she can justify a reason if she chooses not to birth children.

Feminine Wisdom guides us to make inquiries that expand possibility and bring us deeper into our own personal truth.

A wiser question - one that can lead us to our own inner truth and feminine power is:

How do I desire to mother?

It is deep within a woman's psyche to mother.

Our feminine energy within MUST give birth, we  just are not all meant to give birth to physical children. 

Our feminine energy within has a yearning and instinct to nurture and be a guiding supportive presence. We are all just not meant to be day to day parents. 

Our feminine energy within calls us to gather and care for others. 

All women have an instinct and need to "mother." What if mother was a verb, not a noun? 

In our current "overculture" we are domesticated to believe that means giving birth from our physical bodies. There are deep subconscious beliefs and fears that can cloud our ability to truly know what our path with motherhood is - causing us all kinds of suffering, self doubt and self judgment. 

We are missing more conscious ways to explore our relationship and choices around motherhood that diminish our feminine power and sisterhood and self worth that I would love to invite us to explore - for ourselves and for the girls and women we love.

In this Feminine Power Time, To Be A Mother or Not to Be? That is Not the Question, with Christine Arylo, feminine leadership advisor and feminine wisdom teacher, invokes an expansive conversation to explore: 

  • The "overculture" beliefs around motherhood that still drive our choices at a subconscious level, clouding our clarity - even the most intelligent and educated women often don't have insight to what is driving their beliefs and choices.
  • The deep desire all women have to mother - and how holding mother in the way the collective culture holds it, diminishes our feminine power and sisterhood. And can confuse us or drive us to make choices that sabotage us.
  • Changing the way we approach the very personal questions about how we each are called to mother  - step out of the collective 'fishbowl' to explore how expanding our choices to mother could change the world, and our over stressed lives.
  • Conscious processes for making the choice for how you will mother - Christine Arylo will share her specific personal process that includes exploring choices at a multiple levels - including diving into yourself to illuminate subconscious societal beliefs, your personal soul path, and more.     

And... Christine has invited a special guest to join to share another perspective on the journey. Laurie Jacobsen Jones, a woman who explored many paths to motherhood, first unconsciously - from both ego and soul - then consciously - following the flow of her soul path - including the natural way, the 'fertility gauntlet' way, and finally was led to adopt two daughters, leave her corporate executive career to start a school, and became very clear about what her truth with being a parent and a mother was. 

This Feminine Power Time is the 4th in the Feminine Bond Series hosted by Christine Arylo.

To learn more about Christine Arylo visit  

To subscribe and receive the other episodes in the Feminine Bond Series - go to Itunes or Stitcher and type in Feminine Power Time. Or visit 


*Note: The overculture is something we as women must continually pause to see clearly. So pervasive, and we've lived in it for so long, it's like living in a fishbowl and not realizing you do. The word overculture was coined by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes, author of Women Who Run with Wolves. For the full definition visit the podcast page   

Apr 20, 2017


When you read the words ‘mother love’ you likely go right to thinking about the mother who gave birth to you or the mother who raised you. And while that mother definitely has a role to play in our lives, she cannot be our only source of “mother love.”

Mother love is... a specific kind of love that every human being needs – we don’t outgrow the need for it, although we sadly forget how much we do need it.

Mother love is… the deep, all-embracing, all-accepting, nourishing, nurturing, warm, safe, supportive love that soothes the places inside our hearts that feel scared and lonely.

Mother love is… the strong love that we can fall into when we are stressed, stretched, uncertain, and feeling like we just can’t handle what’s happening in our life.

Sourcing Mother Love is not something most of us were taught how to doIn this Feminine Power Time with Christine Arylo – part 1 of 4 of "The Feminine Bond" Series – we will:

  • Reveal why one mother cannot be our only source of love – and how embracing this can wipe out all kinds of baggage and free you to receive the support, nurturing, courage, acceptance, patience, understanding and compassion
  • Define Mother Love – this is SO much more than the story or situation between you and your birth mother. Even if you had the greatest mother growing up, your need for more Mother Love doesn’t end.
  • See how the lack of Mother Love is often at the root of things like loneliness, feeling like you don’t belong, fear, not feeling like you have enough, are enough, not being cared for, not feeling supported  – these patterns will keep showing up if you don’t get to the root
  • Explore the powerful 3 Sources of Mother Love that are here for all of us - there is SO much of this support here for us beyond what we have been taught exists.
  • Learn simple practices you can do to invite this powerful, potent, feminine love into your heart and life –  including the Great Mother Bath

To dive deeper into the feminine connection with Christine Arylo, attend one of her virtual or in person Feminine Super Power Wisdom Sessions or Retreats - go here for more details 

Apr 6, 2017

I have never met a woman who does not desire more space in her life - for herself, for spending time with those she loves, for doing the things she loves... yet when it comes down to making choices to 'spend time' on herself, women feel guilty, like they should be spending their time and money on others or "more responsible" things, and like it's just impossible to 'find the time' to 'make the time' their hearts and souls crave.... and that literally their lives and health depend on.  

Breaking this paradigm of never having enough time isn't just some nice luxury of pampering... our very health and lives depend on changing our relationship to time so we can create the space we need physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. 

In this Feminine Power Time with Christine Arylo invites us to:

  • See how we are screwing ourselves out of what we need because we've bought into and are living on a 'linear time based' system that by nature makes us feel like we are behind and don't enough time.

  • Invoke and learn to use and trust the Feminine Power of Creating Space - scientifically proven and spiritually practiced for thousands of year - with simple practices that elevate your consciousness about how time and space really work. 

  • Change our Time Talk - get wise about how you talk about time is causing you to feel stressed about time. 

  • Take a stand in sisterhood for ourselves and all women that taking space for ourselves away from our family, work and other responsibilities is not selfish or impossible - it's life critical. And a normal, natural way to live. 

"If we desire to change this world into one in which what we care about and who we care about thrives, we have to ensure that we are supported and sustained. Otherwise we will burnout. Creating space as a daily, weekly and yearly practice isn't selfish it's smart." 

No one on the outside is going to give us 'time' - we have to love ourselves and this world so much that we claim the space and take it, trusting that act will give more to all we love, including ourselves.  

The changes have to take place on the inside before the shift happens on the outside. 

To make the internal shift to create the space you need check out the 40 Day Burnout to Balance Practice with Christine Arylo 

Dec 8, 2016

Have you ever considered that the stories that make up our history and the 'information' that is passed off as truth are not always 'the truth'. Or considered that the systems that we work within, operate within and take for face value as 'that is just how things are' are really man-made constructs that can also be de-constructed to create new more supportive realities, for you and this world?

In this Feminine Super Power Time, Christine Arylo ignites our "Feminine Super Power of Challenge" ... a power you innately have to break through illusions and constructs that just don't fit for you or this world, to illuminate more aligned, supportive ways of live, lead and succeed ... now.

As we complete one year and move into the next it's the perfect time to challenge the constructs, beliefs and systems that have gotten you to this point... to tap into your power as a wise woman or man to be a light of wisdom vs. a voice for fear. 

You'll love some of the stories Christine shares in this episode about how conventional wisdom is used to control people ... and why it's so essential to have the power to discern false stories and man made structures from truth and how things have to be. 

  • What Stonehenge, Lichen, Druids, Pilgrims and Thanksgiving can teach us about why it is dangerous to just take history as truth      
  • Why conventional wisdom can keep you stuck in jobs and situations that don't support or serve you - and how feminine wisdom can free you
  • How to embody the feminine power of "Challenge" to be a force of wisdom and change without alienating others or having to prove yourself 

Remember to RSVP for the Super Power Pause Reflection Ritual at the end of December with Christine to harvest the wisdom of the past year and illuminate the path ahead for what your INNER Wisdom - not conventional wisdom - is guiding you towards. RSVP at (free offering)


Oct 28, 2016

I recently put myself on a personal vision quest, to give me the space to listen more deeply to my heart and to the Divine to get direction and guidance. I often take these super power pauses at this time of the year, a natural time for going inward and accessing more subtle and more profound guidance about one's soul path. 

On the last day, day 4, which was all about presence and bringing my presence into it's most powerful form at this time to do my sacred work and create a life that sustains me, I knew I had to spend time with one of the most present, powerful beings on the planet - the horses. I knew they had wisdom to open in my heart and body that I could not get to from my mind and I was right. 

I received some potent pieces of wisdom that I just had to share with you - right from the horses mouth:) In this session of Feminine Power Time, I've got a basket of 5 or 6 pieces of wisdom that are keys to how we can: 

  • Get out of the grind... think about it, the feminine is so not meant to "grind"
  • Let go of control and all the stress it breeds in us... the great mama horse I worked with reminded me of our feminine super power to "allow" things to come to us vs running around like chickens with our heads cut off to make stuff happen
  • Be powerful presences not through domination, control or pushing but through our "BEING" by mastering the balance of listening and leading ... OMG you are going to LOVE this story, and it will take some of that self imposed pressure and stress off your back.

Simple yet mighty wisdom these magnificent creatures of such presence have to provide us with. I received such a healing and such clarity and guidance. And I am thrilled I can share this with you.

I am fortunate to live in Valley of the Moon in Northern California where we have a very special equine organization called Belos Cavalos, a non profit who works with horses and humans, and who specializes in working with children affected by trauma.

In the 15 years I've been teaching self love, I have not met an adult who doesn't have some version of trauma that has implanted things like fear, shame and stress in their hearts.... that then lead us to the emotional and physical maladies we create oin how we show up in our relationships, work and lives as adults. These horses definitely unleashed my heart. I hope what I learned does some for you too.

Here's a little bit on what the folks at Belos Cavalos say about the wisdom these horse beings have for us...   

"Our equine partners act as mirrors of our emotions, reflecting our behaviors, attitudes and ideas. Horses are in the moment and they cannot lie. Thus, they recognize and reflect the incongruence between our behavior and emotion, without judgment, revealing our truths." 

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Sep 29, 2016

There is no question that we are living in intense and uncertain times where who we’ve been and how we’ve operated will not support us on the path ahead.

About every woman I know who is awake, open-hearted, and desiring to live her greatest life, in alignment with her soul, is being called to her “edge” - personally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

It’s like our souls are beckoning...“Let go of things that no longer fit and leap into the unknown” - in our relationships, jobs, homes, careers, wealth, health, lifestyles, and habits. Anything that stems from false security, diminishes our most true presence or distracts us from our soul path - we either surrender it or we suffer through it.

And it feels scary, uncomfortable and if we are honest,  there are times we’d rather pull the covers over our heads, or quit and just resign ourselves to do something easier.

This is what I call a SOUL STRETCH. You can either lean into the stretch and grow, breakthrough limits and old ways that no longer serve and eventually soar and reach deeper levels of strength and faith and expression. Or well, you can stay stuck, suffer and self sabotage.

And the truth is - during a SOUL STRETCH - you need support. You can't get through the stretch alone.

So in this Feminine Power Time we talk about how to get the support you need to support you through whatever soul stretch you are in.

and for more support from me

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Jul 28, 2016

If we want the world 'out there' to be different. the first place we have to start is inside ourselves + every relationship we have. You've heard the saying, "Clean up your own side of the street first?Frankly, in many ways it's easier and more comfortable to focus on the bigger issues or on helping others than it is to look honestly at the ways that our actions, words and feelings towards others and ourselves contribute to a collective field of fear, blame and shame. But the Divine is inviting us to do both.  

Yes, be a powerful force in the world for positive change. 

AND be the love + harmony you wish to see in the world through every thought, action, and choice you make in your interactions & relationship with yourself and others. 

I mean this not in some kum-bay-yah, spiritual platitude kind of way. I am talking about how we "for real" practice all this unconditional love, one-ness, serve the world stuff.

Join me, Christine Arylo, for this episode of Feminine Power Time where I will share some of the real and simple yet profound ways you can make shift right inside your very own life that can make big shifts on a collective level. 

How can you choose LOVE for yourself over criticism and blame? 

How when you are having a moment and finding it hard to be loving to your mate, kid, co worker, the barista, can you re-find your center and respond from a place that elevates the field between you instead of decimates you or the other?

And how does your self-love and your ability to love others play a part in how powerfully you give your sacred work and contribute your gifts to bigger causes? 

Of course we will end with practical tools + a personal meditation. Giving you clarity on what your next actions are to take. 

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Jul 21, 2016

The world seems to be getting crazier & more chaotic by the minute. So much noise & angst flooding the field that even the most conscious of us can get swept into the fear and the despair. How do you stay present to what's happening without being overtaken by it? And how do you stay calm and centered inside so how you respond to the outside adds more harmony & connection to your personal experience & relationships, and as a result to the world? 

Join Christine Arylo for this Feminine Power Time and get ancient spiritual wisdom modified for our modern times to support you to:

  • Keep your "inner field" clear, calm and centered even during chaos and conflict
  • Be part of the world but not be overwhelmed by everything happening 
  • Protect and set your personal field every day so you are less affected by the fear and angst out there with a practice you can do in less than 3 minutes every day.
  • Be a powerful presence of love, grace and truth in a way that creates more connection and healing.  

To get more super power practices for staying calm and centered and cultivating a field of love around you, go to . To learn more about Christine's 40-day Practices, go to    



Jun 16, 2016

In a world that at times seems to have gone mad, what can you do? How should you feel? What is your part to creating a world where peace is more present than fear, hate, shame and hurt? You can do much more than you think - just by who you choose to be and what you choose to give your life force to. 

In this session of Feminine Power Time created during the mid-year Solstice which offers 'super power' energy when you pause to tap in - think sun, heat, catalyzing, illuminating, burning off the old, expanding into the new - Christine Arylo invites us all to make peace - within ourselves and our own lives - and to focus our life force on doing our specific and unique part to elevating human consciousness by the sacred work we do everyday in our jobs, our offerings and services, and by raising our families.  

Tune in to Feminine Power Time where Christine will share how to pinpoint how to make peace within and find your part in the elevation of the human heart at this time. Your heart is much more powerful than you believe and even know. It can change the world.

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