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Turn off the chatter and tune into what matters. Space for you to connect to the deeper wisdom and truth within you. Christine Arylo, MBA, leadership advisor, and wisdom teacher marries timeless wisdom teachings with modern leadership, success and human consciousness theory to expand your perspective and wake up your awareness. Each episode gives you practical ways to make choices that empower you to create a design for your life, work and relationships rooted in wholeness, sustainability and wellbeing. Our intention is to re-imagine the way we and the world work. We do that by bringing Wisdom + Leadership + Wellbeing together in ways that give us access to our personal power to influence the people, teams, families, systems and organizations we work and live in. Feminine Power Time is for all people who dare to do things differently, and who choose to embrace their co-creative power to have a positive impact through their voices, choices and presence.
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Apr 2, 2023

As we go into this next cycle, and look ahead at what we desire to create for ourselves, those we care for and influence, and the world, two thing I do know for sure is this: 

HOW we do this must be done together. It's the design of how we create a different reality, rooted in wholeness, compassion, interconnection, inclusion & sustainability.

Our relationships are a big part of both our personal and collective healing & elevation. 

The time of the lone wolf, hero, guru, star, indivdual leader is done. The time of putting the world on our backs & doing it all on our own, and sacrificing ourselves for our cause, company or just mere survival needs to be complete. 

As we watch the world around us transform, one thing we want to really open our eyes to is the realm of our Relationships and what I call our "Webs of Connections". So much of our personal and collective transformation and elevation can only happen in relationship ... to other people, and to communities, groups and eco systems of people.  

Our relationships - the ones we have or the ones we lack - are where we work through our wounds, heal our hearts, return to wholeness, and as result become like agents of elevation in our families, partnerships, teams, communities, companies and the larger world.

Our relationships are the how we move out of working in ways that make us sick... how we create a culture in which people are compassionate, collaborative and inclusive... how we create a reality in which people stop making choices from fear and instead open their imagination to see different possibilities where there is enough for all.   

I am curious ...

Do you have the relationships you need now, and to create the next? 

What are the relationships + webs of connection that will support you to grow, express in your full genius, & be sustained now and in the next? 

Are you up for the experimenting with different ways to engage in relationship?  And making changes to how you show up within them? Live the next months and years like a "yoga of relationship" where you can elevate your frequency and experience of relationship in all realms of your life? 

Today we open up the portal of elevation for the now and next .... to empower us to create the relationships and connections we really do need for this next 3 year cycle and beyond. 

In this episode, #208 (#3 of 3 of our extended Power Pause)- we will focus on your Relationships and Your Web of Connection.

I will share with you two frameworks: 

  1. The 4 kinds of relationships you want into place - from conscious collaborations to mutually beneficial connections to your heart line to resonant communities. 
  2. The 4 different kinds of actions you can take in existing or non-existing relationships: Release. Redesign. Reconnect. Reveal & Reach Out.  

I will share wisdom on both as well as take you into these 3 inquiries:

3 Co-Creative Inquiries

1. Who am I keeping company with? What is the frequency of the connection or the field? What is draining/dissonant? What is fine/no sweat? What is energizing, empowering and resonant? 

2. Who are the people I am meant to connect with? 

3. If what and who I am seeking is also seeking me, what could be creating interference? 

Creative Actions: 

  • Write these inquiries out. Increase your awareness of current company.
  • Make a visual of the people you are meant to connect to and invite the Universe to help you make connections. 
  • Choose one relationship from each category to work with these next 3 months or year ... Release. Redesign. Reconnect. Reveal & Reach Out. 

See you for the conversation. Honored to be on the path with you!

With heart,


p.s.  REQUEST to CREATE CONNECTION: SHARE THIS PODCAST with a friend. Ask each other the inquiries. And reflect to each other what you hear to bring more insight forward.  



1. Burnout to Balance 40-Day Practice - learn more


1. Overwhelmed and Over It Book - Chapter 1 -


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Feb 26, 2023

If you think about it, so much of the support we receive comes through the hands and hearts of other humans and so much of us not receiving the support we desire and require, also comes through our relationships (or lack of them.)

Which is why in our last in the 3 part series of "Receiving the Support You Desire & Require" we are going to and march right into the place where we have so much power to receive more support ... removing interference + opening to receive support from other humans. 

I like to call this "Receiving Radiant Support" because it's the kind of support that keeps your light bright, supports your longevity of wellness and is the key to succeeding in bringing that what matters most to us in our work, purpose and lives into form. 

Radiant support is also what shine the light ahead as we navigate changes, step into the unknown and manage the wobbles as we create the next and new.

This is not the time for the lone wolf, do it all yourself, or plough through.

It's not weak to need support and help from others. It's human to need a helping hand (or really hands!) 

It's human to need to feel held in a bigger community and tribe.

And it's also human to have all kinds of internal interference to receiving support from others that you don't even know is there. Unconscious, distorted imprints creating more struggle and self-sabotage than you realize.  

So grab your self-awareness flashlights - and let's take a deeper look to find the interference and start to move  it out .... and illuminate the streams of radiant support that you need and require in this next cycle.     

  1. What kinds of good humans do you need more of in your life and connection web?
  2. What unconscious imprints are interfering with your ability to receive support? 
  3. What positive imprints do you have that you can lean into to create more support? 
  4. What practices and structures help you to open to receiving assistance and support? 
  5.  What sabotages you from asking for help, support or connection? 

I will also share some of the every day practices I use to open up my capacity to receive radiant support including :

  • Moving foward through Momentum.
  • Leaning into Structure & Consistency.
  • Feminine Super Power of Connection.
  • Finding Evidence of Divine Support.
  • Gratitude Bathing.

See you there,



  1. Tune into Noah's Meditation on Removing Blocks to Receiving Support. Meditation by Noah Podcast.
  2. Overwhelmed and Over It Book - 
  3. Feminine Wisdom Cafe -  




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Mar 6, 2021

Our relationships with other people are some of our greatest joys and challenges ... they stretch us in so many different ways... they are teachers, catalysts, and initiators. And by nature, they change over time. When we are in relationship to our relationships, we gain the power to make shifts in them before they become sources of drama, distress, and dis-ease.

But let's be honest, most of us spent more time in our education learning math and memorizing facts we will never us, and not enough time on what it looks like to be a human who knows how to maintain, nurture and grow healthy relationships. Let alone how to have the kinds of courageous and compassionate connections and conversations that are needed to navigate the emotional terrain of our relationships with each other. 

While I could do a whole separate podcast on relationships, and maybe I will someday, I decided to focus this episode of Feminine Power Time #149 of "How to Shift Your Relationships so They Work For You."  And I invited the man who taught me about 85% of what I know about relationship and who often has saved me from relationship landmines. This is #2 of 3 in our series of Redefining Our Relations.

Join me, Christine Arylo, feminine leadership advisor and my partner in life, love and business Noah Martin. Together, we dive into:

  • Where the power lives to make shifts in the relationship that are not working for you
  • How to tell when a relationship is not working for you
  • Where NOT to focus trying to do things differently


  • How to identify your triggers and the ways you are creating the reality you don’t want
  • How to see what’s happening with the other person which empowers you to change things vs. blame things

We’ll share some practical tools you can use in real time such as:

  • The power distortions to beware of : Co-signing and Control
  • How to tell if you have a potential thriving partnership or a relationship its time to let go
  • How to ask for what you need to create harmony
  • What to do when conversations start to go sideways

And then send you into the world to try this and see what happens - brave, courageous soul!

Relationships are one of the ways we can create a better world for ourselves and the planet. It’s not for the faint at heart … but it’s where the gold is.

See you there.




1. Connect with Noah at

2. Get "The 4 Pillars of a Strong Partnership" with Noah and Christine - free class


Aug 1, 2020

If you were to ask me what is one of things that has been the most supportive to helping me bring my sacred work into form, grow in my career and stay true to my path, make bold changes in my life, move past my own doubt and fear to find clarity and courage I would tell you - Sisterhood. Not networking. Not professional trainings where everyone shows up and pretends they have it all together. Not the number of followers on my social media. Sisterhood that is rooted in straight up love. 

Now before you go getting images of some sappy hallmark card or some kumbaya circle of women holding hands, let me invite you into a conversation that I hope will open your eyes and heart to what sisterhood is and how it relates to the real, whole life  success we desire.

Because if you and I are going to make it through this transformational time, we need to elevate our understanding and our tactics for how we go about creating the supportive sisterhoods I believe we need to show up for ourselves and what matters to us... to bring our purpose and potential into form... and to stay, harmonized, healthy and happy along the way! 

If you and I want to create the world we desire - for ourselves and what matters to us, we need sisterhood. And I mean need.

For the last in our 3 part series on The Power of Love, I invited a woman who has dedicated her life's work to sharing and teaching people the science, art and heart of relationship in the realm of friendship - not just in the nice see you on Saturday kind of way, but in the way that stamps out loneliness, isolation, doing it all on your own, and even burnout. 

Her name is Shasta Nelson, she and I have been friends for over 10 years, and through that time have grown that friendship that stemmed from our common missions and work in the world, into a true sisterhood. And we are both birthing our new books together this year - Shasta's The Business of Friendship, focused on developing more meaningful connection within the workplace and in our careers. 

This is the first of a series of Catalyzing conversations I will be hosting on Feminine Power Time, where I want invite you into a conversation with me and another powerful, soul centered catalyst for change that can take us all to another level of consciousness and empowerment. 

Tune in. Pour some tea. I myself had a catalyst breakthrough - more on the podcast: The Power of Sisterhood to Create the World You D:

And make sure to check out Shasta's new book: The Business of Friendship: Making the Most of Our Relationships Where We Spend the Most Time. Go here to learn more.

Jul 24, 2020

You know the saying that our relationships are some of our biggest teachers? Truth. And today, as we go through this major time of transformation and change, we can either embrace our relationships as ways to heal, so we can create realities based in wholeness instead of woundedness... or we can keep re-creating the same wounded patterns, acting them out over and over. 

I vote for embracing our power, and taking a look at what is going on in our relationships right now. To shine the light on what is going on in your heart right now when it comes to your closest relationships - the ones you struggle with, the ones from the past that are still lingering on, the ones that bring you support and joy and want to grow and the ones that you desire to create that don't exist yet.

If we want a world, a society, systems and ways of thinking, that are rooted in respect, love, kindness, compassion we have to look within and at our own relationships too. 

All lasting systemic and social change must be rooted in personal transformation and healing. Which is one of the reasons we have not broken through as a society, yet, through what is clearly so not working. 

What would be possible if the relationships you had currently came from wholeness vs. your wounds? 

What if your relationships didn't have to be things you worked on or worked out or figured out? What if you could learn and evolve through love, vs pain and drama? 

What would be freed up for you if you could let go of any of the lingering resentment or righteousness between you and others? 

What would be opened up within you if the relationships or kinds of relationships that typically are challenging and painful for you, became sources of learning through joy vs. struggle? 

You would have a lot more energy, time, clarity, support, and connection.

I know this to be true because for 20 years I have embraced relationships as a teacher for me. 

In this episode of Feminine Power Time, #2 of 3 in the Power of Love Series, we focus on the power of relationship. I invited one of my "teachers" to join us -  the man who has taught me how to learn through love vs. pain in my primary partnership. He is my life partner Noah Martin, who is also an amazing relationship adviser and a human that just gets relationship and how to be in it powerfully. 

In The Power of Sacred Relationship to Heal & Free Yourself and the World we'll dive into:

  • The triangle of transformation - how to think about and see what's happening in your relationships and find the power to both heal what is and has been, and create what you desire. 
  • What real partnership is, why you don't want a romantic relationship, and how the mainstream imprints have create unhealthy mindset about relationship
  • How to identify where you might have plugged people into your love cracks, keeping you stuck in cycles of relationships that aren't healthy or happy
  • How to identify your relationship teachers and transform them into vessels for your elevation and liberation
  • How to release energetic ties of blame, shame, anger, resentment without condoning others behaviors (so you are freer).

We'll dive deeper into the healing and freeing part of the triangle of transformation today because if we don't go there and get real about what it takes to truly return to hearts that are WHOLE vs full of HOLES, we will just keep recapitulating the same wounds in our lives, that then creates the society and systems we know are not working. 

Lets use the power of love to do things differently!

See you there.

Christine and Noah

More Resources

Sacred Transformation Wisdom Session - Watch or listen to it here.

Choosing ME before WE, the book (by Christine and featuring much of Noah's wisdom)



Dec 18, 2019

Most of us crave more meaningful, real connection, yet we also don't know how to cultivate it. Nor do we understand how we are holding ourselves back from the relationships we desire, individually and in community, professional and personally.

As humans we need connection with other people to feel strong, safe, and loved. As leaders, we need connection with others to bring our sacred work into the world in ways that sustain us vs. deplete us.

Which is why we dive deep into the second realm of the Trinity of Connection: Connection to Others in this episode of Feminine Power Time: #110: Have Stronger Connection with People & Community. Join me Christine Arylo, as we dive into:

  • What is false connection or the kind of connection that doesn't really satisfy you - leaves you hungry
  • What is holding you back from opening up to receive the connection you desire?  
  • How to reveal emotional and energetic entanglements from past relationships that make it hard or impossible to create new healthy relationships.
  • How to release past emotional and energetic entanglements in a good and powerful way.

I will also guide you to:

  • Reveal which connections you currently have that could be grown or deepened in the coming year
  • Make invitations to others to deepen connections in a way that's not weird or needy
  • Put out into the Universe the kinds of individual connections and community connections you desire to seed and grow over the next 1-3 years to support you in your sacred work and life design. Give and Receive!

I'll share some of my process as I am going through this exploration again myself, as I often do every year at this time. 

Connection is something you cultivate consciously.

Working with what you desire AND allowing the Universe to guide you to connect like a divine switchboard operator. So much better than distorted networking ... our super power comes from meaningful and authentic connection.

Tune in. This is ripe and ready for you to put into practice in your life now.

We all need connection. In fact, the wealthiest people are the ones who truly have meaningful connection.

See you there!




Wisdom Inquiries from Feminine Power Time  

1.  Where are you settling for or filling up on surface level connection that may give you a quick hit but leaves you feeling empty? Or doesn't really fill you up and leaves you disappointed?

2. PAST : What is holding you back from opening up fully to receive the connections you desire?

3. PAST: What emotional or energetic entanglments are cutting off the flow from the connections you truly desire?

4. PRESENT: What kinds of connections are missing in your life now? What connections do you need? Desire? 

5.  PRESENT: What connections already exist in your field that you could grow or deepen? (who is already here!)

6. FUTURE: What connections do you need and do you desire for what you desire to create in your sacred work and life design in the next 1-3 years?  Consider individual connection and community connection. 



  1. PAST: Release at least one emotional or energetic entanglements in the next week or two. 
  2. PRESENT: Invite 1-3 people or communities to grow or deepen in your connection in a way that feels inviting
  3. FUTURE: Get clear on the connections you desire going into the next 1-3 years and put it out there - speak it, tell people about it, write it into your journal, make it part of this years intentions. 


1. RSVP for the Year End Completion Ritual at

The year end Power Pause is one of the most powerful practices I do to end the year feeling proud and peaceful. Ready and clear for the year to come. My gift. Just RSVP and invite a friend. 

2. Feminine Wisdom Way + Emerge Visioning Process 2020.  put what you learn here at Feminine Power Time into practice in your life, career, relationships and health and wealth, join us for 

Starts jan 5th with the 2020 Visioning Process. Enroll now so you get the pre-visioning space for dreaming and reflecting. 

The Feminine Wisdom Way this year - learn more at 

3. A Different Way to Dream , Focus & Set Goals - Wisdom Session on Jan 2nd. RSVP for free at 

Jun 20, 2019

Our human heart needs love to thrive just like our lungs need oxygen to survive. We are taught to be strong, have self esteem and project confidence. We desire to have meaningful ‘relationships’ in both our ‘romantic’ life and ‘friend’ life. But most women I know are lacking the connection, support, intimacy, affection, and acknowledgment they need and desire in both areas of their life.


We are weak receivers. Our capacity to receive the love, support, care, intimacy - aka your Love Quotient - is low. So even if the love and connection comes, you don’t actually let it in, really.

We’ve had to protect ourselves and so have built walls around us or become like teflon. So the connection cannot really get through.

We are so busy doing, we don’t have the space for true connection.

And more…

In this Feminine Power Time, "Receive More Love, Connection, & Support in Your Relationships", #2 in our series called OPEN TO RECEIVE, Christine Arylo dives into the realm of intimate relationships. Your life partner relationship and your sisterhood and deep soul family.

Tune in to reveal and become more aware of:

  • Where and how you are blocking the love, support, connection, intimacy, acknowledgment, affection you desire
  • Signs you are blocking love and support
  • Your specific self-sabotaging love strategy for protecting yourself - which is repelling the connection you desire
  • Simple but might practices for opening yourself to receive more connection, support, care, love, community
  • 4 inquires to take into your life laboratory and gain more self awareness to how you are pushing away that which you desire in your relationships
  • How you show up in your friendships connect to how you show up in your romantic relationships
  • How your relationships - or lack of - affect your success in your career and work life 

Most of all come to press a pause on all the pressure you put on yourself to achieve in your career or to take care of others …. and be honest that you desire more love, connection and support in your life.

This episode of FemininePower Time is a choice to create space for what truly matters to your heart. That doesn’t make you weak. it makes you wise and a woman.


Wisdom Inquiries

Consider the relationships you desire - in your beloved partnership life and in your sisterhood (for women), brotherhood (for men) or soul circle for any gender. Notice what you desire. And what is true now.


1.   What am I protecting myself from?


2.  What strategies am I employing to protect myself?  Over protecting? Over giving? Walls around my Heart? Teflon affect?


3. What opens my heart?


4. What do I desire to receive in my beloved partnership? in my soul circle?  Connection? Camaderie? Intimacy? Recognition? Acknoweldgement? Affection?


Then go into your life and notice when you are contracting away from the love,  and when you are expanding.

Choose to expand your love quotient - use the mantra I OPEN TO RECEIVE!


For more on working with Christine

1. FLOW Mid Year Power Pause - do in June or July to get focused on what matters -  Do from home. 

2. Feminine Wisdom Way - 6-month feminine wisdom training includes Power Pause, which is the path of living, leading and succeeding in a way that supports you to achieve what matters AND be sustained.  We only open enrollment in January or June/July for this. 

3. Feminine Wisdom Weekend Retreat - Kripalu - July 19-21 

4. The Path of Self Love Teacher Training - Kripalu - July 21-26 



Choosing ME & WE 40-Day Practice 

Cultivate the Loving, Supportive Relationships You Desire & Deserve

Starts August 1st 

Feb 28, 2019

We need sisterhood more than ever. Not just one friend or one group of women we relate to - but multiple 'circles' of women
 with different levels of intimacy, relationship, and connection that can be there with us and for us as we navigate through the intense and uncertain world we live in. 

Cultivating strong circles of sisterhood are our life saving devices during these intense and uncertain times.

With strong circles and connection to circles of other women -
that we are part of consistently, that we can reach out to in times of crisis or challenge, that know us, hold us and love us unconditionally- we can weather any storm that comes our way AND we gain the strength, courage and compassion to stretch in all the ways we are being called to grow and change.

Join Christine Arylo, feminine leadership advisor and wisdom teacher, and Shasta Nelson, friendship expert, for an illuminating and thought provoking conversation and exploration that includes: 

  • How can you strengthen your circle of sisterhood?

  • Female health fact that might surprise you + the difference between BELONGING and CONNECTING

  • Why friendships don't just happen - get more conscious about the ingredients and actions for calling in + deepening your female connections

  • The 3 components all friendships need to thrive 

  • Why all friendships don't progress to deeper connections + how to tell which ones have the potential for growth

  • What to do when you are feeling a 'sisterhood deficit'?

  • What you desire NOW to strengthen your sisterhood connections?


Feb 14, 2019

This is wisdom my life partner and the man who has taught me about 90 percent of what I know about relationships stated to me when I was writing my first book, Choosing ME Before WE. Noah is often my first line editor when I write, as he brings a deep, thoughtful perspective. 

Over the years, it's only been me and the women in my mentoring and group programs that have benefitted from Noah's enlightening and practical wisdom. Or the few couples who have been up for doing work with us around creating powerful partnerships. He's as trained as me, he even has his master degree in spiritual psychology. But more than that, Noah seems to have been born with a super power to understand the dynamics between people, both in the relationship and the individual. He's been giving counsel on relationships since he was 8! 

So I thought, let's have Noah on Feminine Power Time for our series on LOVE and Relationship. 

I put a call out for questions through my Facebook pages and through my Feminine Wisdom Way circle.

I used these questions to frame our conversation. 

Noah says that LOVE is our natural state. Hmmm... I agree. It's not really love that is the hard part in relationships. We love easily. It's the trust, respect, leaning in, vulnerability, finding people willing to grow that seems to be challenging. 

Tune in with me Christine Arylo, women's leadership advisor, MBA and wisdom teacher for this Feminine Power Time: #84 LOVE, A Man's Perspective On Relationship with guest Noah Martin. It's the 2nd in our 4 part series. We will dive into questions like:

  • It seems like the more I grow the harder it is to find someone who is at my same level, like there are just less people? What to do? 
  • Do men really care about relationship? What were your fears when you met Christine and in your marriage, and how did you overcome them? 
  • What do you do when you seem to be growing past your partner? You want to stay connected but it's not happening? 
  • What made you want to keep growing and leaning in to relationship? 
  • What are some of the things in your relationship with Christine that allow it to work so well? 
  • How do I be in relationship with someone else without losing myself? 
  • How do I know if the relationship I am in is not a good one for me?
  • How do you get what you need in relationship without being needy or being a doormat? 

There are lots of our stories. Lots of our real honest banter back and forth. Tune in and take the wisdom about love and relationship that can support any of your relationships. 

And make sure to tune into the first episode, #83: How Smart Women Sabotage and Sacrifice Themselves for Relationship. 

And special February Offering from Noah - to support those committed to growing and thriving through relationship 

30 Minute Relationship Illumination Sessions with Noah Martin

Learn more and sign up here 

There will be a pop up box or go to his coaching page.








Feb 9, 2019

Why do so many of us smart women sabotage ourselves when it comes to relationships? And as a result sacrifice what we need, or sacrifice or dreams and desires. Or settle for less in our partnerships and friendships? Or put up with non-respectful and relationships with our relatives or at work? How can we be good at our jobs and rock our careers, yet struggle in the realm of love and the heart?

And how do we find the wisdom to create the strong, beautiful, supportive partnerships, friendships, family, community that we not only desire but that we actually NEED to have the impact we desire and be supported and cared for and sustained. 

Over my life and my work with amazing, strong, good hearted women, I noticed that we have been sold a bill of goods about love and relationship that is just plain WRONG. What we are taught to expect, how we see ourselves and others, how we show up in them, what healthy relationships look like is in so many ways warped and distorted, not powerful and wise.

The cost of this is huge.

Your relationships can either be the wind beneath your wings that support you to soar, or the chains around your heart that keep you from your dreams, desires and deep human need to feel loved, safe and cared for.

If we as grown women do not know how to cultivate healthy relationships that support us to thrive, how can we expect the children we raise or the young people we influence to grow strong on the inside to have only respectful relationships?

In 2009, I wrote my first book, Choosing ME Before WE, because I just could not watch another woman suffer in her relationships.

In 2015 I started the Path of Self Love School to teach women and girls and now men and boys the wisdom I never got growing up but that we all need. And the tools to understand how to work with my own heart so all my relationships could support me to soar.

This month, I felt inspired to create a 4 part Feminine Power Time for you on LOVE and Relationships.

This first Feminine Power Time, “Why Smart Women Sabotage and Sacrifice Themselves in Relationship”  is with me Christine Arylo - you and me heart to heart on this essential part of our feminine power and wisdom. 

The ones to come will include guests to take us deeper into different realms of love and relationship - your LOVE LIFE includes much more than ‘romantic relationships’.

For today, I invite you to tune in as we dive deeper into:

  • 3 big misunderstandings about love that lead to suffering and sacrificing ourselves in relationship
  • 3 big wisdom bytes to right those misunderstandings that will affect all of your relationships
  • Why working harder, giving more and making it work are bad choices for your relationships
  • How wounds - love cracks-from our young life show up in our adult work life
  • Why our hearts hurt so bad when a relationship ends - it’s not what you think
  • How to tell if the person you love is really able to grow with you
  • How to tell if your overstaying in a relationship that needs to expire
  • Signs that you are sacrificing yourself or your dreams in your relationship


I will share my personal story about relationships and how it became my catalyst and saved me from creating a life and career that wasn’t what I really wanted.

I’ll do a short reading from Choosing ME Before WE that rocked my world and opened the door to self forgiveness for my relationship choices.

We’ll stop and reflect on how these misunderstandings are showing up in your life or in those you love.

Then next week,

in Feminine Power Time on LOVE 2 of 4, my soul partner and the man who has taught me SO much about relationship, Noah Martin, will join us for “What We’ve Learned about Love in Partnership.”

More Resources, Programs, Books

If LOVE and Relationship is an area of focus for you this year or someone you know, join us and check out:


“The Impact of Self Love on Our Relationships”

SELF LOVE DAY - Feb 13th  RSVP for Free


The Path of Self Love Teacher Training 2019

Self Love & Relationship Module starts March 5th


Choosing ME Before WE - the book


Path of Self Love In Person Training & Retreat 
Teaching Others to Love Themselves

July 2019 - Kripalu




Oct 19, 2018

Couples who dream together thrive together. People who are clear and centered in their own dream create partnerships that support them to soar. Sadly, most of us have never been taught how to create such relationships. We are kinda clueless about what 'dreaming' together really is, and how to create the kinds of relationship where both people's dreams can be met.

It's so easy to get bogged down by the day to day reality that our relationships can become all about getting through our lives, taking care of the money, kids, house vs. have a shared dream that inspires each person and holds the center for how you make your life choices. 

Or if you are single, and are not clear on your personal dream or you don't have an imprint of what a true strong partnership looks like, you can end up choosing a mate who isn't capable of supporting you to create the life your heart and soul desires.

Over the past 17 years, I've had the honor of knowing (and living with, working with and being in sacred partnership) with one of the wisest people I know when it comes to relationships and how people work and don't work within them... my soul partner, Noah Martin, and man who has helped many women, men and couples get clear on their dreams, strengthen their connection, change their roles and open to more love.

So I've invited Noah to join us for this Feminine Power Time with me Christine Arylo, Dream Partnerships: Creating a Relationship Where Both People Thrive. I like to invite Noah to join us every so often to share a man's point of view and truthfully straight up good practical wisdom on relationships.

We can't talk about Feminine Power and Feminine Leadership if we also don't talk about relationship, because our relationships have a huge impact on our ability to have the impact we desire, do our sacred work and be supported along the way. Here's what we dive into...  

  • What is 'dreaming' really and why is it essential to any great partnership - couples who dream together grow together. 
  • How do you create conversations to come up with a shared dream? And what if your partner is resistant to talking about such things?
  • Why so many couples struggle or get stuck in the mundaneness of life - and how having a personal and collective dream shifts that. 

  • How to identify the poles and roles you can play into that cause one person to feel like they are sacrificing themselves for the other, and how to NOT do that.

Dreams are the fuel that allows you to live your life in connection and joy, even when stuff gets hard. 

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Aug 2, 2018

What you focus on grows. So if you desire more connection, love, support, community, and sisterhood tune in! You can’t just leave your relationships – be it intimate partners and family, sisterhood or community – up to chance. Self-empowered people choose to intentionally cultivate and harvest the relationships they desire, in their work and personal life.

in #3 of our Feminine Power Time series on Self Love & Relationships, “Harvest More of What You Desire in Your Relationships by Years End!” Christine Arylo, feminine leadership and wisdom advisor, invites you to join her for an exploration focused on: 

  • “What do you desire to harvest more of in your relationships this year?” so that by the end of the year you are experiencing in your real life these relationships
  • Getting to the heart of what you desire vs getting stuck in your mental pictures or stopped by your fear of being hurt, being vulnerable, being rejected, etc.
  • Gaining clarity on what you desire in the 3 major realms of relationship – your ‘anam caras’ (beloveds), your sisterhood and your community (global and local)|
  • Taking small but mighty action to harvest these relationships, using the Feminine Super Power of Intention and the Feminine Super Power of Focus
  • How to articulate what you desire in relationship most powerfully so you can magnetize the people and relationships you truly desire, that will support you now in your life


If you don’t pause to ask your heart who you desire to be in relationship with and how you desire your current and new relationships to feel, you are missing the power and potential.


Feminine wisdom teaches us:

Be clear about what you desire to harvest and then focus your energy, time and resources there.

This will yield the most impactful results.

(you'll create the love, connection, support, community you desire)



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Jul 21, 2018

When we lose a relationship with a person we once loved and cared for - be it a friend, a beloved, a relative - it hurts. From death to divorces, breakups with romantic partners or friends, our hearts suffer, they 'break open' because of this loss. And we stand at a choice pointwill we use this change as a catalyst to open our hearts to more love and to become even stronger and more fully expressed and empowered beings... or we will we close off, contract, protect or stuff down the feelings and so have to keep receiving the spiritual curriculum again and again?

In the 2nd of our 3 part series on Relationship and Self Love, join me Christine Arylo for this Feminine Power Time: "Transforming Relationship Heartbreak into Personal Catalysts" I've invited a special  guest, Kristine Carlson, NY Times Best Selling Author of the new book, From Heartbreak to Wholeness.

A dear friend who is also a true wisdom teacher and woman who has lived what she shares, Kris and I invite you for this intimate conversation and a deep dive into how in the midst of relationship heartbreak and change, you can:

  • Work with your relationship changes, challenges and loss as catalyst for your spiritual and personal growth - and not miss the gift the grief, loss and change has to give you. It sounds trite, but this is REALLY super power if you understand how to work with the grief. 

  • Support yourself to move through the physical and emotional stress - so you can stay strong and stay present through the shift. We have to move the stress and emotion through our bodies, but how and what does that mean?

  • Heal, feel with your heart through this without getting dragged into the  - how do you stay present to the feelings and emotions and also not have your whole life and mind taken over by the loss of this relationship? 

  • Learn more about YOU and what you desire, who you are and what your soul is calling you towards - how do you desire to use this catalyst to co-create the next phase of your life from a place of self love and self empowerment? 

  • Use this catalyst to become more whole within yourself and strengthen your 'sovereignty' - so the relationships you choose going forward come from your wholeness not your woundedness and so you really meet the curriculum of your spiritual path through this relationship.  

To get a copy of Kris' new book: From Heartbreak to Wholeness: The Hero's Journey to Joy - you can get it on here. 

To download the Soul Mantra meditations from Kristine Carlson go to

To go deeper on your self love and relationship journey, learn more about the Choosing ME Before WE 40-day practice at    

Jul 12, 2018

I have met so many smart women, and have been one myself, who can show up strong and capable in their work, and for their friends and family, and even appear to be happy and physically healthy, but when it comes to their relationships, the make unhealthy, sabotaging sometimes even toxic choices for themselves. 

  • Why do we stay in and choose unhealthy relationships? 

  • Why do smart people who are successful at work, good people to their families and friends struggle when it comes to their love life?
  • Why does a person keep making the same bad choices and mistakes in who they choose as romantic partners or friends?

The short answer - at the root of all relationship settling, self sacrifice and self sabotage is a lack of self love. 

I know this because I've lived it, watched too many friends go through it and watch their children make the same mistakes. We get trained in math and reading, but not in love and relationship, which has so much more of an impact on how our lives turn out, yes?

I wrote my first book Choosing ME Before WE, left my corporate job and founded the Path of Self Love School because this wisdom it not being taught or lived and too many women, girls, men and boys suffer because of it. 

Nothing will derail the success and wellness, and our capacity to be  leaders than unhealthy, toxic relationships. 

Whether you are currently struggling in your relationships (or lack of) or someone you love is or you have children or young people you influence, join me...

Christine Arylo, for this Feminine Power Time: 
Why Smart Women Choose Bad Relationships: Stop Settling, Sacrificing and Sabotaging Yourself for Love.
It's part 1 in a 3 part series I'm calling A Summer of Love :)

Here's what we will dive into:

  • Why do smart women and men choose harmful relationships, or settle and sacrifice themselves for love?
  • What does a lack of self love look like in a relationship and how do you know you are lacking it?
  • Love Cracks - the unconscious holes in our heart we stuff other people into 
  • Self Honesty - why we run from it and why it's the first step to freedom and creating the relationships we desire 
  • Self Respect and Honor - how we strengthen this so we only have relationships that respect and honor us.

There is so much to share! 

If you'd like to dive in deeper:

1. Check out the Choosing ME Before WE Book - 


Oct 23, 2017

We need sisterhood more than ever. Not just one friend or one group of women we relate to - but multiple 'circles' of women
 with different levels of intimacy, relationship, and connection that can be there with us and for us as we navigate through the intense and uncertain world we live in. 

Cultivating strong circles of sisterhood are our life saving devices during these intense and uncertain times.

With strong circles and connection to circles of other women -
that we are part of consistently, that we can reach out to in times of crisis or challenge, that know us, hold us and love us unconditionally- we can weather any storm that comes our way AND we gain the strength, courage and compassion to stretch in all the ways we are being called to grow and change.

Join Christine Arylo, feminine leadership advisor and wisdom teacher, and Shasta Nelson, friendship expert, for an illuminating and thought provoking conversation and exploration that includes: 

  • How can you strengthen your circle of sisterhood?

  • Female health fact that might surprise you + the difference between BELONGING and CONNECTING

  • Why friendships don't just happen - get more conscious about the ingredients and actions for calling in + deepening your female connections

  • The 3 components all friendships need to thrive 

  • Why all friendships don't progress to deeper connections + how to tell which ones have the potential for growth

  • What to do when you are feeling a 'sisterhood deficit'?

  • What you desire NOW to strengthen your sisterhood connections?

To learn more about creating gatherings/circles/programs that create connection and transformation for women - check out - a training and creative incubator that starts Nov 9th with Christine Arylo and featuring Shasta Nelson. 

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Oct 8, 2017

On the eve of my 12th wedding anniversary, I invited my life partner Noah Martin to join us for an intimate, real and illuminating conversation on what the heck is going on in the dynamics between women and men who are in partnership? 

I've been talking with so many of the women I work with and hearing the same things...  

* Strong women exhausted from being the major money maker or care taker and tired of holding this role, but don't see another way

* Men who are good men but who can't seem to find their path and purpose or drive, or men who are driven but can't open up emotionally

* So many men who seem isolated, and are trying to figure it out without the support and brotherhood they need (and failing) - and their partners who are tired of trying to support them to get support.

* Couples where both people aren't totally happy with their 'roles' but don't know how to get out of them and create a new reality for their partnership 

* Single women who desire partnership but can't seem to find a 'good man' who is open to growing with them spiritually, together, and also has his sovereignty in tact. 

In this episode of Feminine Power Time, Noah and I sat at our kitchen table - a table made from a temple door from Indonesia, and opened the portal to share our experience in the way these same dynamics play out for us, what we have learned, how we have continued to create a partnership where we both can thrive, and some insight into why the way we are in relationship is calling for an upgrade and new ways. 

** We also share our "Love Treaty" - our agreements for when we fight, how we operate in our partnership, and how we use conflict to create more possibility for us both. Go here to get a copy 

** Noah Martin is a trained relationship advisor with a masters degree is Spiritual Psychology, and a former economic analyst and risk assessor who helps couples navigate their big life decisions and work together to create dream partnerships where both people thrive. Noah works individually with couples and individuals. Contact him at   

Aug 3, 2017

YOU DESERVE TO BE AND FEEL SUPPORTED... press pause on the outside world and let's get you the support you need (it's not weak to need support, it's stupid not to know what you need and ask for it and then use your Feminine Power to co-create it.) 

Reality: Women operate like banks who only give withdrawls -we give and give support but we don't RECEIVE the support we need, in our work and families to keep us healthy and well taken care of. Then we get sick or frustrated, feel exhausted and overwhelmed and begin to resent the things we love the most. And the hard truth is, we do it to ourselves.

Hard Truth: We don't ask for the support we NEED and REQUIRE. Instead we sacrifice ourselves and our health, we sabotage ourselves, and we settle - and this is so not self loving or feminine power. 

In this week's Feminine Power Time, I, Christine Arylo, invite you to join me and women and good men around the world to take a stand for getting the support you need so you can FEEL and BE supported in your work, your relationships and your health, wealth and home. Dive in with me as we explore:

  • The signs that you are NOT getting the support you really do NEED - feeling stretched, stressed, stuck? 
  • Why it's so hard to receive the support you need - and why the reasons you think are not the reasons you're blocking the support 
  • The faulty programming we've been imprinted with that makes you believe you should be able to figure things out on your own, and why that keeps you from your heart and souls desires
  • Your life now - tap into your inner wisdom to illuminate where you are not supported now... and what is needed to feel supported  
  • How your brain can sabotage you to stay stuck and stressed in not feeling supported
  • Feminine Wisdom for getting support when money and time feel lean

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Take a Wisdom Quest - 4 days to tap in and illuminate the path ahead - Fall 2017 - details here.

Path of Self Love Training & Certification Program - Reforming Inner Mean Girls. Empowering the Inner Wisdom. 

Jul 27, 2017
Our beautiful, loving, open hearts have at one time or another been tromped on, broken or betrayed and so our normal, and probably necessary action at the time, was to build walls, force "fields, layers of protection around our hearts… resulting in us creating stories and sabotaging patterns that make us work harder than needed, make us
feel lonely, disconnected and like the world is on our shoulders, and keep us from the loving, respectful vibrant partnerships, friendships, families and work relationships we desire.
No matter how powerful, self confident or externally successful most people block the love – support, recognition, joy, connection, intimacy and fun – they crave.
In this feminine power time podcast, Christine Arylo for an illuminating conversation to explore:
  • Signs you are blocking love and support and connect
  • Why all people create blocks to love and support and connection
  • Reveal your specific ‘love cracks’
  • How to identify what strategies you’ve put into place to protect yourself but as a result are sabotaging yourself
  • Simple but mighty practices for expanding your capacity to receive and give love, support, connection, intimacy and joy
To go deeper, check out the 40 Day Choosing ME Before We practice at
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May 4, 2017

We need sisterhood. And I don't use that word 'need' lightly. But in this case it is true. We need the support, love, care, witnessing that can only come from another woman. 

Even women who have amazing supportive partnerships with a beloved need sisterhood. There is just something about the feminine bond that our hearts crave, our souls blossom from and our bodies and minds relax in. We know this. Yet...

Why is it so hard for us to cultivate the sisterhood we need?

And why does the space for it often get put last on the list?

Creating soulful connections with other women is essential yet most of us were not taught HOW to cultivate the intimate connections we need to thrive. And as our guest Shasta Nelson, friendship expert and one of my dear soul sisters, reports after studying female relationships for over a decade, Friendships Don't Just Happen. 

Tune into this episode of Feminine Power Time - # 3 in a 4 part series on our Feminine Bonds - with feminine leadership advisor and spiritual catalyst Christine Arylo and her special guest, Shasta Nelson, founder of Girlfriend Circles and friendship expert and dive into: 

  • How can you strengthen your circle of sisterhood?
  • Female health fact that might surprise you + the difference between BELONGING and CONNECTING

  • Why friendships don't just happen - get more conscious about the ingredients and actions for calling in + deepening your female connections

  • The 3 components all friendships need to thrive 

  • Why all friendships don't progress to deeper connections + how to tell which ones have the potential for growth

  • What to do when you are feeling a 'sisterhood deficit'?

  • What you desire NOW to strengthen your sisterhood connections?

To learn more about Shasta Nelson, and Girlfriend Circles go to 

To amp up your sisterhood connection, join Christine Arylo at a women's retreat this year - 

Apr 27, 2017

Our strength as women has always come from our bonds to the women in our lives. When the bonds are strong, it's like we feel connected to a timeless unbreakable rope that keeps us safe and strong no matter the storm and we can do and face anything. 

Yet sisterhood, true sisterhood is anything but easy.

I've seen and experienced myself the carnage that can come through the wounds our relationships with other women can cause, even from truly conscious women.

Blame. Betrayal. Competition. Cliques. Cutting Off. Maybe you can relate?

Collectively, sisterhood has also been at the root of all the great risings of feminine power, and the tears in the fabric of the sisterhood have dismantled and weakened these feminine risings, slowing the momentum. 

Tune in this special Feminine Power Time Salon, with Christine Arylo and special female leaders spanning 3 generation and 3 continents, as we explore: 

* How the shadow in female relationships and pressure from outside systems weakened the feminine movement of the 1960's and 70s's and caused the momentum to wane (so we don't repeat the pattern) 

* The ABCs of Sisterhood that weaken and destroy our bonds - from Accusation to Blame and Betrayal to Competition and Collusion. Why it happens, the truth of how it harms the feminine heart, and what we can do instead. 

* Where and how we as women are unconscious to how the outside systems and our own internal systems use the shadow of the feminine to weaken our bonds

* How to heal the past wounds of betrayal, blame, separation or isolation - within your own heart and for the collective 

* How we can work with these shadow qualities of sisterhood when they show up in our friendships and communities


To experience transforming the ABC's of Sisterhood in your own heart - you can join Christine Arylo and Shiloh Sophia McCloud for the "Wise Woman Out of Exile" transformational workshop - virtually from your home. Go to  

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Aug 11, 2016

As part of our series on Cultivating a Field of Love in all of our relationships, I thought we needed to get real and deep about our female friendships. Our interactions with other women are one of the main places we either strengthen our feminine power or give it away, or worse, revert to the shadow of feminine power and use tactics like manipulation, colluding, gossip, blame and guilt or just cut off people all together.

Most of us didn't get training on how to show up in our female relationships from a place of courageous love, to both ask for what we need + use conflict, hurt feelings, disappointment and the hard stuff to create stronger connections with the women in our lives. 

For this episode of Feminine Power Time I invited a woman who I have been deepening and growing my friendship with for about 9 years, who also just happens to be a leading expert on friendship and women's relationships. Her name is Shasta Nelson, and we invite you to join us to explore:    

1. How to navigate conflict with a friend when your feelings get hurt, or she hurts you

2. How to set right expectations for different levels of intimacy and vulnerability 

3. How to know when a friendship is one to grow or one to let go and how to do both.

We'll share some super power tools you can use in your friendships right away + as always we end with a meditation to tap into your heart to see what friendships inside your life are ready to grow and which maybe time to let go. 



Here's a little about Shasta.. Shasta Nelson, M.Div., is the Founder of, a women’s friendship matching site in 35 cities across the U.S. and Canada. Her spirited and soulful voice for strong female relationships can be found in her books Frientimacy: How to Deepen Friendships for Lifelong Health and Happiness and Friendships Don’t Just Happen! The Guide to Creating a Meaningful Circle of GirlFriendsShe also writes at and in the Huffington Post, speaks across the country, and is a friendship expert in the media appearing on such shows as Katie Couric and the Today Show. 

Aug 4, 2016

Conflict. Disagreements. Challenges in a relationship. How do you show up in your power AND keep an open heart when you are mad, hurt, disappointed or in conflict with another person? What does Feminine Power look like when really you just want to scream, blame, or make yourself right? Or maybe even avoid the challenging situation in a relationship all together?

Join Christine Arylo and a special guest, her partner in love and life and business, Noah Martin, as we explore and share how to stay in your centered power without decimating another, destroying the Field between you, creating drama and drain, or disappearing or selling yourself out. 

We'll share the "6 Fear Reactors" with you - the unconscious ways that you react in challenges with others that create chaos instead of connection.

And share with you how we use the power of conflict to create more connection between us - so you can use these 'super power tools' in your relationships too.

For more, join us for "Cultivating a Field of Love: Create the Supportive, Respectful Relationships + World You Desire" at"

And for a copy of the Love Treaty that saves us from so many destructive fights and supports us to create conflict that connects, go to