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Turn off the chatter and tune into what matters. Space just for you to connect to the deeper wisdom and truth with you. Christine Arylo, MBA, marries timeless wisdom teachings with modern leadership, success and human consciousness theory to expand your perspective, wake up your awareness, and give you practical ways to make choices that empower you to create a design for your life, work and relationships rooted in wholeness, sustainability and wellbeing.
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Jul 18, 2020

We talk a lot about the power of the mind, how thoughts create our realities, personally and collectively. And while that is true, here's the deeper truth: our heart is our true power center.

It's the heart and it's wholeness or it's woundedness, coupled with the cellular imprints within our bodies that inform our thoughts, which drive our actions, which create the realties all around us. 

Right now at this time on the planet, our hearts and our bodies are being triggered to react from the wound and deeply embedded imprints rooted in fear, shame, blame.

Even for those who have been 'doing their inner work' for years, decades... even for people who are educated and trained in mental health, emotional wellness, and spiritual development... WE ARE ALL BEING TRIGGERED, or like i like to say, BEING INVITED TO HEAL our WOUNDED HEARTS SO WE CAN BE FREE TO LEAD AND LIVE FROM OUR WHOLE HEARTS, rooted in wholeness, wellness, aka LOVE. 

Choosing to embrace and dive into your own healing is an act of sacred activism ... being the change, the healing, you desire to see in the world.

Which is why I am creating this next three-part series for us at Feminine Power Time all about tapping into and working with THE POWER OF LOVE ... not in some kind of mamby pamby, meme, fluff, greeting card kind of way, but in the straight up, deep dive, get to the root of what is real and true kind of way, so we can create lives, relationships, families, systems, economies, governments, healthcare, and more rooted in wholeness vs. recapitulating wounds.  

When we return to wholeness within our own hearts, we will finally begin creating family systems, organizational systems and society systems that cultivate wholeness and wellness by design. 

There is a beautiful wisdom teaching that says: Put Love at the Center of All of Your Choices.

What would be true if you did put love at the center of all of your choices? Not the self sacrificing love, where you don't get what you need. Not the romantic kind of love we see in the movie screens. I mean real LOVE. Pure love? 

What would become possible of we put LOVE at the center of how we designed our systems and societies and organizations? Not in some fluffy pink cloud kind of way, but real true love, compassion, care, gratitude, courage, passion, heart wisdom, trust? 

These are big questions that have the power to bring us all through this. But we have to break this down to work with it practically.

If you want to change something on the outside - in your life, in the world, in any situation - there is only one place to begin, if you want lasting transformation vs. just another lesson from the Universe you keep getting again and again. 


Tune into this episode of Feminine Power Time, #1 of 3 in the Power of Love Series: The Power of Self Love to Heal & Free Yourself and This World. 

This will not be fluff or ear candy. Or spiritual platitudes. Trust me. We will dive into, get real and open to wisdom about:

  • What self love really is and why it is relevant to every choice we make big or small 

  • What's happening for all of our hearts and bodies, even those who have done lots of inner work, and what's needed now. 

  • What you want to know about how your heart works so you can discern between whether you are making choices and thinking thoughts rooted in woundedness or wholeness 


  • Gain Self Awareness of what's wanting to heal in your heart now so you can be free to lead yourself, those you love and this world. 

  • Be led through 3 Inquiries that will help you create more clarity and self-trust 

  • Receive a big dose of love - medicine of self love  - so you'll just feel good after!

    The opportunity is to use the power of self-love to heal the wound, return to wholeness, and then free, we lead & rise.

Tune into this session on the power of self love. 
May it serve to support you to create the life and world you desire. 
Love is that powerful. 

with heart



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1. The Yoga of Self Love - Simple practices for staying connected with yourself.  Go to 

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More to come.  


Wisdom Inquiries from Session

1. Self Awareness: Who am I not any longer? Who am I today? Who am I Becoming? 

2. Self Acceptance: What pressure am I putting on myself to be something I am not, to be more than I am right now, to be farther ahead, to be different than I am? 

If I embraced who I am and who I am evolving into, what judgement against myself could I release? What would releasing this judgement free me to do/be/feel?  

3. Self Compassion: If I was gentle, patient and understanding with myself, what words would I speak to myself right now?  How would this self compassion free me ?

4. Self Trust: How am I being guided to do things differently? Where am I being guided to be right now?  

Feb 28, 2020

Take care of your heart. I just had to do this Feminine Power Time for us - I know it sounds soft, or oh yeah of course. But what I have to share is so much more than some nice self care message. So tune in.

Our hearts are our power centers. 

Your heart much more than your mind drives your actions, thoughts and choices.

You mind responds to the feelings and needs in your heart, but how many of us know how to truly communicate, connect and stay true to our hearts.

Even if you do, the world is crazy, so we need access to practices and structures that keep our hearts stable and sustained, so we can stay clear, confident, calm and courageous. 

In this Feminine Power Time #116: Take Care of Your Heart - Self Love Practices for Staying Centered, Calm and Connected, I'll take you on a exploration of these three realms :

Self Love


Self Sustainability 

Including a practice for each you can put into your life for each one.

These three things - self love, sisterhood, self sustainability are at the core of our capacity to stay clear, calm and centered within a chaotic world. 

Come. Lets get that heart of yours harmonized!


p.s. I made a request, from that place of sisterhood to Share Feminine Power Time, Rate and Review it. Would super appreciate!

And here are upcoming events I mentioned - I've been deep in book edits, so I'll be emerging on March 10th with what's happening this year.

* upcoming events * 

March 8th - The Yoga of Self Love: Simple practices for staying connected to yourself everyday starts! - check it out. 

March 10th - Feminine Wisdom Session for Staying Clear, Centered and Calm in a Chaotic World - Save the Date. 5:30pm PT

March 29th - Burnout to Balance - 40 day Practice Starts. Save the Date. 

April: Gather Your People - Training for People Who Desire to Create Experiences that Create Connection and Transformation 







Feb 13, 2020

During the week of Self Love Day Feb 13th I taped the 3rd of our 3 part series on Powerful Questions to ask ourselves as we make choices for the year ahead ... so we can stay centered, calm and clear in these intense times. This final episode poses an inquiry that will take you into the heart of what YOU need to be sustained - physically, mentally, emotionally and materially ... a question that if we don't pause to consider we inevitably will end up stretching ourselves way too thin, giving too much, without receiving what we need.

The word sustained is a powerful word I invite you to take into your heart and life ... the root means 'to hold'... when you are SUSTAINED, you feel HELD... so you are so much more able to actualize your dreams, desires, projects, purpose ... when you are SUSTAINED, the strong foundation under and around and within you fuels the courage you need to stay clear and centered.

When are not SUSTAINED ... not receiving the financial flow you need... not having the home you need... not having the supportive relationships you need... when you feel you are giving so much more than you are receiving in return... your body, mind and heart get wobbly, tired, exhausted and eventually burned out or sick.

SO LETS NOT DO THIS YEAR in a way you sacrifice yourself. The invitation from my heart to yours is to take radical acts of SELF SUSTAINABILITY... as you make choices in your career, relationships, money, health, consider and get real about what you need to be sustained. I think the answers will enlighten and embrace you.

In this episode of Feminine Power Time: SUSTAINED: What do you need to be sustained this year? i, Christine Arylo will

  • Share what SUSTAINABILITY for YOURSELF actually looks like. This is so beyond self care.
  • And take you through a series of questions that will help open up your clarity about what you need this coming year to be sustained - in all four realms. 

Tune in

Self Love Day Blessings - whenever you are tuning in, remember that taking a stand for your self sustainability it better for everyone and everything.

Big heart



The Year of Self Love - Starts March 1st - simple, practical way to strengthen your self compassion, self trust, self-empowerment, and all branches of self-love. 

The Path of Self Love Mastery Training - Starts March 10th - like a yoga teacher training for self love. Professional and personal transformation. 

From Burnout to Balance 40-day Practice - March 2020

Dec 7, 2019

Without a strong connection to your Self, your true self, not your ego self or personality self or emotional self, it is way too easy to create a life, choose a career, start a business, stay in a relationship or job that will never nourish or fulfill you, no matter how hare you try.

Without consistent check ins with your Self, it's way too easy to end up 10 degrees off your soul's path.

Too easy to get lost in doing too many things that actually don't matter to you. 

We hear lots about body/mind/spirit connection. But where's the heart? Where's the soul? We make lots of decisions from our logical minds, but is your life design really constellated and set up in a way that you LOVE YOUR LIFE, that you feel fulfilled and nourished and sustained? How successful are you feeling these days? Where are you giving your life force? Are you living your soul's path or someone else's version of success? 

These are the kinds of inquiries we dive into in today's Feminine Power Time with me, Christine Arylo, feminine leadership advisor and MBA... #1 of 3 in our TRINTY OF CONNECTION Series: Get Connected to Your Heart Desires and Soul Design. 

The first is Connection to Your Self, the true self - HEART, SOUL and body and then mind. Then we will dive into connection to your intimate circle and your connection to Spirit.Universe.Divine. 

  • What does it really mean to be connected to your Self? How do you know if you are or are not?
  • How we fool ourselves to think we are connected to ourselves and making good choices, but are not.
  • 4 Foundational promises you want to make with yourself to make sure you stay connected to your true desires and path?
  • Why we make choices that are not right and true for our Self, and how to gain the courage to stay true to yourself. 

I'll lead you through a series of inquiries based on self awareness, self acceptance and self empowerment that will get you feeling and thinking inside about how you want to design your life, work and relationships in the coming cycle. 

  • Are you designing a life you love, in which you generously to yourself? In what ways is this true? In what ways not? 

  • Are you living your soul design? In what ways are you in alignment with your soul's path? And in what ways are you not? 

  • What is your body telling you about the health of your entire system? What your poop, periods and skin are alerting you to?

And lastly as I share these, you'll start to open up to what you are intending and visioning for the new year .... from a deeper place than your mind. So you create a reality that sustains you, on all levels. Sustainable success. 

I am excited to share these inquiries and stories with you in this Connection series, going through what I call the Trinity of Love - connection to Self, connection to Others, connection to the Divine. 

May this support you to create a reality in which you can give your gifts, make a difference, savor your life, and receive what you need. 

Big heart,
Christine Arylo 


p.s. Remember to RSVP for the Year End Completion Ritual at

The year end Power Pause is one of the most powerful practices I do to end the year feeling proud and peaceful. Ready and clear for the year to come. My gift. Just RSVP and invite a friend. 


p.p.s. To put what you learn here at Feminine Power Time into practice in your life, career, relationships and health and wealth, join us for The Feminine Wisdom Way this year - learn more at 

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Aug 9, 2019

You know your lungs need oxygen to breathe. You know your heart needs love to feel safe and supported. You know your body needs water to survive. But did you know that your soul needs joy to thrive? And that more than likely due to the pressures of your life, your soul is hungering deeply for the joy it's being starved from. And this is affecting your health, your feelings of happiness, and even your real wealth. This is not coachy blah blah... this is straight up feminine wisdom for how you make sure that you have what you need to thrive in these intense times. 

Are you happy? really? Do you feel fulfilled? Do you feel like you have the space in your life you need? Do you feel like your life is nourishing you? We need you to feel JOY inside so you can make the impact you desire to make! It cannot be about all work, taking care of others and giving without you receiving! 

Last week I delivered a COURAGE boost to your heart, to help you receive the love you need to feel courageous and be courageous in your choices now and ahead.

This week's Feminine Power Time is a JOY BOOST - I am sending directly to your SOUL to increase your levels of wellness, contentment, happiness now ... not for when you go on vacation or reach nirvana. To make it through these times, our souls need JOY daily. Receiving joy is a choice, a practice both. 

So many amazing beings I know are trapped in life designs that do not support their soul and inner harmony. We consciously choose to do this differently... today we dive into:

  • What is Christine talking about when she says JOY is SOUL FOOD - and why I want to know this.
  • Signs that you are starving for joy 
  • Checking in with yourself about how you are treating your body and soul - a workhorse, neglected child, race horse, something to whip into shape
  • The Feminine Leadership Principle and self love promise of #designalifeilove - how to use this to make change in your life 
  • Are you savoring your life or speeding through it?
  • 3 wisdom inquiries to relfect on what really nourishes your soul - so you can start making sure you get this daily, or before you deplete yourself. 

Consciously cultivating JOY as part of your daily life design and overall life design is one of the wisest choices you can make... do not discount it as woo woo, new agey or for later. Doing so will save you time, energy and money and more importantly will make sure the life you are living in the one you really want. 

Self awareness Inquiries: (taken from The Path of Self Love) 

  • I feel more free / most free when ... 
  • If I could do something just because it made me happy, I would choose to...
  • I just love to... (answer this for yourself today, but also as what you loved when you were a little person.)  

* As part of your evening downshifting, ask, "Did I receive JOY today?" If not, ask what would give you joy and do that before you go to bed!  


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Seattle - Sept 28th - Harvest Equinox Power Pause: A 1/2 day retreat to reflect, refocus and get clear about your intentions and how to focus your life force the rest of the year.  More information here. 


Upcoming Programs and Retreats with Christine

Transform Your Inner Critic. Empower Your Inner Wisdom - Path of Self Love Training. Starts Sept 26th. 

Sacred Rebel. Sacred Work. Vision Quest Weekend for Women. Early November 2019.

Fierce Grace Feminine Leadership Immersion and Incubator - Starts November 2019 


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Nov 22, 2018

This Feminine Power Time is a big boost of gratitude and love from my heart to yours... an invitation to take a pause to SEE and FEEL the impact you are making in this world. Because I know you ARE making a difference. Yes, there is more to do, the days you feel like you aren't doing enough, but the underlying truth is that you are making a BIG difference, but you likely aren't receiving the truth of what a difference you are making. 

We are more powerful and less overwhelmed as women in our careers and relationships when we can see and feel the difference we are making. 

Yet, few of us every truly slow down long enough to see the impact we are making in the lives of others, the world and in our own lives. As a result, we keep pushing, striving and driving, which leads to the overwhelm and burnout we feel.

Women often feel like we should be doing more because we aren't acknowledging or receiving the impact we are making.

I know there is alot you could be doing and you might think you don't have time to really receive what you've done. And I invite you to consider a different way of living, the feminine wisdom way, which knows wise women slow down to SEE and FEEL the impact and as a result regenerate and refuel their passion, love and commitment to creating a better world, without sacriificing themselves.

Join Christine Arylo, feminine leadership advisor, women's empowerment coach and MBA, for this episode of Feminine Power Time: THANK YOU for Making A Difference: Take a Pause to Receive the Impact You've Had, where we will:

  • Get real about why we as women rarely feel like we are doing enough - and often feel like we should be doing more
  • Explore how to be with all the needs in the world that do need our life force and resources AND not feel like we have to drain ourselves to make the difference we desire

  • Take a power pause to FEEL and SEE the difference you have made this year - in other's people's lives and the world
  • Reveal how you have made a difference in your own life and why it's essential for you to be proud and unapologetic about it - this is self-love 
  • Use the power of a day focused on gratitude - thanksgiving - which has both shadow and light in it, to support us to be with the challenges of the world and also see the beauty of humankind happening at the same time

Stay connected with Christine Arylo through her weekly Feminine Wisdom Letters and also get notices for upcoming events and programs- 

Join Christine for upcoming events 

Year End Power Pause - Dec 20th - 5:30pm  via Livestream

The Feminine Wisdom Way: Living, Leading and Succeeding Differently in 2019 -enrollment opens Nov 29th -    

Dream Partnership Couples Retreat - For couples who desire to create the next part of their lives together. Includes year end reflection ritual, January visioning process and February retreat. Space for 6 couples max.  




Feb 9, 2018

At the root of almost every struggle we face is a lack of self love most people are just totally unaware of this.  Unfulfilling and toxic relationships, stuck or overbearing careers, money and health challenges, chronic overwhelm, worry and stress - signs of a weak self love.

Our mainstream culture does not teach us self-love, instead it focuses on the surface solutions - find a soulmate, get a new job, lose 10lbs, stop overspending, find balance, etc. These may provide a short term respite, but the change never sticks because we are not getting to the root ... a weak love of self. 

And if we don't know what self love really or how to cultivate it, how can we teach our children and guide others? We can't.  

In honor of the international day of Self Love, Feb 13th, Christine Arylo, feminine leadership advisor and founder of The Path of Self Love School invites you in this feminine power time to:

  • Learn what self love really is and why self esteem is not enough 
  • The 10 kinds of self love and how to identify where you are weak and where you are strong in your inner foundation 
  • The signs of a weak self love that lead to self sacrifice, self sabotage, and self criticism  
  • Why most people don't know that a lack of self love is at the root of the suffering and why we don't take the self loving act
  • Embrace your feminine power to change this world just by choosing to become stronger at loving you 

The Path of Self Love School is an global organization serving women and children around the world through their classes, symposiums, programs and teacher trainings. Find out more at 

Take the Self Love Quiz at to see where you are weak and strong in your self love foundation. 


Mar 2, 2017

“I feel like I am not doing enough. I feel like I can’t get it all done. I feel like I should be able to do more.” Ugh –the crazy making, pressure filled thoughts that run through our head. Making the most accomplished, amazing woman feel like a failure.

If you ever feel like you aren’t doing enough, having a big enough impact or should be able to do more, you are going to love this episode of Feminine Power Time with Christine Arylo – “You Are Doing Enough” where she illuminates how:

  • NOT to take on the weight of the world and still be a caring person who is part of making shift happen
  • NOT to take on taking care of everyone and everything by amping up your Feminine Super Power of Intuition
  • TO attune your inner timing to Divine timing so your resources and life force is best focused and used
  • TO get yourself out of an Inner Mean Girl attack when you are feeling like you are not doing enough

There’s more – including receiving some direct love beams from Christine to really HEAR and RECEIVE the truth of how much you are doing.

And receive some simple feminine wisdom you can put into place to support you this year to stay focused on what matters and what is yours to do and truly see the impact and imprint you are making.

This Feminine Power Time will take you into your heart.

Tune in with Christine Arylo, spiritual catalyst, feminine leadership advisor and best-selling author. 

To learn more about Christine’s Retreats + Online Super Power Pauses visit 


“Feminine Wisdom teaches us to be like the Owl who can see all directions but waits before it strikes, effective and efficient and precise. There is nothing in Feminine Wisdom that teaches us to be like chickens running around chasing and trying to keep it all together. Stillness precedes excellence” 

Feb 16, 2017
In this special Feminine Super Power Salon, join Christine Arylo, founder of the Path of Self Love School, feminine leadership advisor and transformational teacher who other teachers call "the Queen of Self Love" for her dedication to making self-love an accessible, tangible, practical, powerful and fun path and practice that gets to the ROOTS under so many of the challenges we face as individuals and a culture to: 
  • Identify where your self love foundation is weak and strong and where to most focus your 'inner work' this year to stay strong
  • Receive wisdom about how to STAY STRONG in a feminine way where you can be compassionate and fierce, open and focused, giving and receiving in balance
  • Claim for yourself a powerful set of self love promises that will support you to stay strong - clear, focused, true - this coming year no matter what is swirling on the outside
  • Create a "STAY STRONG" mantra "heart art" poster that keeps you committed to YOURSELF and WHAT MATTERS MOST this coming year
To watch the video stream go to 
Taped live on the international day of Self Love, February 13th.
To learn more about The Path of Self Love School go to


May 26, 2016

Comparing ourselves to others or who we think we should be or used to be is one of the most harmful toxic habits I see in the hearts of women and men. It will kill the most precious dreams, derail the most confident person, and suck your energy. Which is kind of crazy, since you literally can't be someone else. So why do we do it? What's the root?

And more importantly how can you transform comparison when it shows up into something that helps you instead of harms you? This episode, The Comparison Cure, is like a divine massage for your heart and mind so we can knead out the fear and judgment that's showing up as Comparison, then we'll rub on some good loving truth oils to get to the root of what your soul is trying to tell you.

I'll share my best super power tools for transforming comparison from a toxic habit into a self-empowering action, based in self acceptance and self compassion. From my heart to yours, tune in.