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Turn off the chatter and tune into what matters. Time just for you to attune to the guidance of your heart and soul & tap into your Divine Feminine wisdom. Christine Arylo shares spiritual wisdom and self love guidance modified for modern life. Invoking, Provoking & Elevating. Use this time to keep your life aligned.
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Jan 4, 2020

There is a misunderstanding in our culture about visioning, dreaming and goals setting. The mainstream approach is rooted in the go, go , go, work hard, stay busy culture we've been trained to operate in. So we try to do too much, push too hard, and exhaust ourselves. The more spiritual approach is also laden with big misunderstandings about manifesting, the law of attraction, and vision boards that lead to self criticism & stress later in the year.   

There is a different way. One that gives you access to deeper Wisdom that fuels  & focuses your desires personally & professionally.

A way that gives you....

  • Space.  Releasing the pressure to have your year figured out by Jan 15th. 

  • Insight. Into how to achieve in your work, without sacrificing your relationships or personal wellness. 

  • Focus +  Fluidity. So you operate in the flow vs. pushing, striving, and stretching yourself past capacity.

  • Clarity. On where to focus life force and resources in ways that sustain you - so you put the right amount of energy and time to projects, people and dreams vs. trying to do it all right now.

This is the way we naturally work best as women and humans... when we stop following the models of success and productivity set up for us, and start following our deep innate feminine wisdom.

In this special SALON episode: A Different Way to Dream and Achieve, I'll share with you a different approach for how to vision, focus and plan your year. So you have the wisdom, the practices, the processes for creating realities that sustain you and that are in alignment for who  you are and what you truly desire. 

It's taken me over a decade of living this way, after studying the mainstream business world and success models and then the more spiritual and personal growth models, to find this path. 

Tune in! 

Big heart



p.s. The Salon episodes are taken from the live Feminine Wisdom Sessions I do live throughout the year. I share the with you on the podcast so you can receive the wisdom. And you can also receive the video version.

p.p.s If you would like to see and receive the video version of this session, go to 

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Nov 15, 2019

When you pause in November to get clear about how you COULD spend your energy, time and resources and then mindfully choose where to focus in your work, relationships, and personal health ... you are so much more likely to end the year feeling good about your choices, and so start the year ready and regenerated for what is to come. 

This practice is called POWER PAUSING. Wise women do it 4-8 times a year at key points that harmonize us with the natural cycles. 

Specifically we do it in November so we don't get caught up in the swirl of the holiday madness and consumption, but instead make space for what matters. 

So many people fall into patterns during the holidays that drain and over stretch then - in how they spend their time, money, connection and what they consume. 

The holidays turn us into human consumption machines when what we are craving is human connection.  

In this Feminine Power Time power pause, "4 Inquiries to Support You to Create Space for What Truly Matters & What You Want to Get Done by Year End." Christine Arylo, women's leadership advisor, in which I'll share wisdom and walk you through a guided power pause:

  • Teaches you about power pauses - why they work and how they support us as leaders, esp during intense times

  • Gives you 4 inquiries to ask yourself at the end of the year to complete what really matters and stay sane, sustained and strong - you can apply these to your work, relationships and personal health to create the space to complete what matters most to you by the end of the year

  • Shares how to stop the holiday time patterns and rituals that drain you and create new ones that sustain you - you will leave empowered to say NO to the obligatory holiday to do's that don't support you any longer

  • Shares how to use these feminine wisdom inquiries to create deeper connection with your partner, team, friends and yourself. 

Sending you wisdom and love that how you give yourself permission to stay focused on what matters and what sustains YOU as you complete this year.

Big heart,




1. Save the Date - Year End Power Pause with Christine Arylo, Dec 19th, 5:33 pm PT - My gift to you. RSVP soon! Make sure we are connected by signing up for my wisdom letters as 

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Wisdom Inquiries from Today:

1. What do you desire to be true about your sacred work in the world come spring next year? What do you need to focus on the last part of this year?

2. What will you complete by the end of this year? Choose only what feels empowering and sustaining ... 1-3 things for each realm at most:

* Your Work
* Your Body/Health
* Your Home
* Your Financial Flow and Wealth

3. Look at your holiday rituals through the end of the year -what drains you? what sustains you? 


Nov 7, 2019

While the holiday marketing and messages promise us tidings of peace and joy the reality is that the consciousness of overculture is set to get you and I to buy more, consume more, and do more. And while we all want more meaningful connection, and the last two months of the year can be full of invitations... it's way too easy to say yes to things because of obligation, habit or fear of missing out.

Every year as we go into November, I take a stand for us all here at Feminine Power Time to do things differently - in how we make our choices for how we spend our time, money and energy so that come the new year YOU FEEL SUSTAINED and REPLENISHED - emotionally, physically, spiritually, financially and mentally. 

The next few Feminine Podcasts will support you to do this - full of wisdom, practices and permission. And I also host three Feminine Wisdom Sessions, one in Nov, one in Dec, one in Jan that go even deeper and give you the structure to make choices that support you to achieve and do what matters (more on those below).

For today's Feminine Power Time: "Doing Your Hoildays Differently: Choose What Sustains You vs. Drains You" I'll take you through:

  • The 3 C's for Doing Your Holidays in Ways that Sustain You: Consumer. Connect. Conserve.
  • Consuming: How to wake up and see which choices for what you buy and what you put in your body sustain you (and the planet), and which don't. 
  • Connect: Say NO to gatherings/invitations that drain you and Say YES to what sustains you, without feeling guilt
  • Conserve: How to monitor your life force and resources so you don't deplete them, but instead start the new year full. 
  • 2 Wisdom inquiries you can use when making choices to keep you true to yourself 
  • 1 Harmonizing Practice that will keep you out of overhelm and burnout, and keep you giving in harmony vs overgiving. 

Tune in. 
I will be here every week, giving you the structure -the questions, the practices, the permission - so you don't fall into the over culture swirl, or the obligations or fear of missing out choices, or your own self sabotage to over indulge, over spend, over extend.

We need you to be healthy, on all levels. This world needs your heart and wisdom. I'm here to make sure you have it to give



p.s. Remember to RSVP and attend the Feminine Wisdom Session on 11/11: Crazy Wisdom: Practices for Conjuring Up Courage, Calm and Clarity in Intense Times. 

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Feb 1, 2019

One of my favorite and most powerful feminine wisdom practices is asking powerful inquiries at the start to the year that give me clarity about how to focus in the year to come.  Inquiries are powerful portals to get beyond the limitations of your mind which can only create what it’s known before.

With the right inquiry you can open up your imagination and your connection to the Universal mind - which is so much more tuned in… and can show you ways of doing things that are different than you experienced before,

In the mainstream world, we are taught to value and trust the intellect over the intuition. We are taught to seek answers and to find facts. But this can only create more of the same we’ve known - in our own lives and in the world.

All great wisdom teachers have known the power of inquiry. Which is why over the past month I’ve been sharing with you a series of inquiries through the EMERGE 2019 series… to help you get focused and clear on how to best focus for the year to come. If you missed those episodes of Feminine Power Time, tune in!

Today, is the final inquiry I have for you … one that can expand what is possible for you… and keep you focused on what matters.

** What is this year really about for you? **

Join me, Christine Arylo, feminine leadership advisor, for this Feminine Power Time: Episode 82: ‘What Is This Year Really About for You? Setting the focus, field and feeling for the year to come.

Wise women and men proactively ‘set the field’ for the year to come, they don’t just approach their year like a windsock who gets blown around. Nor do we only rely on our intellect and facts. Because we know our intuition and the imagination has super power!

So tune in as we explore together:

* What is the soul stretch or catalyst calling for your focus?

* How focusing on the stretch or catalyst can excel your path and what you desire to create.

* What are your 3 Harmonizers this year - the 3 words that reflect what you want to feel?

* How to use FEELING to guide your choices and projects this year so what you focus on gives you what you desire.

* In your work what is it time to grow? What is it time to seed?

* How to think about your work differently - in the feminine way that allows you to effort less and receive more.

I included lots of stories here about how real women including me!

And also I’ll slow it down like we always do at Feminine Power Time so you can check in with your inner wisdom about what is true for you.


And if you desire more Feminine Wisdom, support, wisdom, structure and sisterhood… join me for




* ELEVATE Feminine Leadership Immersion 3-Day Retreat - April 25-28 - Seattle Coast  Invitation details Here

* March 23. HARMONIZE 2019. Seattle. A Spring Power Pause. Feminine Power for Creating a Successful and Sustainable Life in Which You Can Really Thrive. WIth the Ellevate Women’s Network.


* EAST COAST: Feminine Wisdom Weekend - Mid Year Power Pause. Super Powers for Staying Strong and True to Yourself. Kripalu July 19-21 Click here for details.



* Burnout to Balance Spring Re-Harmonizer Practice. Starts March 2019.



* Path of Self Love Teacher Training - March 5th - virtual

* Path of Self Love Teacher Training - July 21-26 - In Person Kripalu


Jan 10, 2019

There are SO many things you could do and give your life force and resources, which is why it is not only wise but essential to take a pause and get clear about what really matters to you, and you get real about what the Universe is guiding you to this year.

You have heard the saying “follow your heart”? That is not just some nice refrigerator magnet. That is a life directive. You’ve heard the saying, “Trust the Universe Has your Back” well if you are not communicating with the Universe, you can’t make choices in your work, relationships, health or wealth or home that are congruent with what the Universe is guiding you too.

We aren’t taught HOW to communicate with our heart and soul in school or on the job, but it’s the only way to create lives in alignment with our truth, and in my experience the only way to run a business, lead a career, make an impact, raise a family and stay sustained and nourished within.

This is the realm of Feminine Leadership and Wisdom, which is why I created this EMERGE 2019 Series for you - to open up possibility and help you get clarity about how to focus and flow this coming year — connected to your heart, led by Wisdom.

Originally it was going to be a 3 part series for Feminine Power Time, but after leading 65 women through an EMERGE evening workshop in Seattle I KNEW I needed to create this fourth episode for you: “What Really Matters for You this Year: Get Attuned to What Your Heart & Soul Have to Share with You About 2019.”

Today, join me, Christine Arylo, feminine leadership advisor, MBA and wisdom teacher for a Feminine Power time that includes feminine wisdom + a personal guided meditation to: 

  • Receive wisdom about how the intersection of your heart desires and the Universe’s message are like portals to illuminating the path ahead for the year.
  • Receive two inquiries that will tap you into what your heart and the Universe have to say
  • Gain clarity on what REALLY matters to you this coming year - so how you give your life force and resources matches what nourishes you and what you truly desire vs. what pulls you in too many directions that make you busy not happy
  • Gain clarity on what the Universe is trying to show you about what to focus on this year in your work, relationships, health, wealth and home - so you can respond to the call vs. getting whacked with a universal 2 x 4 later or miss the opportunity all together

The first part of the session is a dive into the wisdom. The second a personal meditation I created for you to gain wisdom on what matters and what is calling for your life force this year.

You can ‘do’ it as a meditation and journal out what you find. Or you can just listen and imagine your intuitive channels opening and your true hearts desires forming so you can co create them into form this coming year.

If you have not yet received the wisdom from the first three episodes in the series, they are:



78: Resisting Change and Our Callings: How to Move Through It with Compassion, Courage and Grace - Emerge 1 of 4.

79: AWAKEN: Wake Up to What the Universe is Trying to Show You About You & This Coming Year! - Emerge 2 of 4.

SALON - A Different Way to Dream: Vision, Plan & Focus Your Year, The Feminine Way 2019 - Emerge 3 of 4.

And if you desire more Feminine Wisdom, support, wisdom, structure and sisterhood… join me for




* EMERGE 2019 Evening Workshop with Ellevate Women’s Network, Seattle. - Jan 15th - Details here.



* The Feminine Wisdom Way 2019 - Visioning Journey and Feminine Wisdom Training for leading, living and succeeding a different way.  Get the invitation



* Dream Partnership Retreat - Couples Who Dream Together Thrive Together - Feb 1-4, includes year end reflection, Jan visioning process and retreat

* Elevate Feminine Leadership Immersion - April 25-28 - Save the Date!



Dec 13, 2018

These final three weeks of the year offer us a tremendous amount of power to gain the courage and compassion to meet the changes and opportunities ahead in 2019 - if you know how to work with the natural cycle and apply it to your life, work, relationships. Which is why I’m creating this 3 part series of Feminine Power Time for you called EMERGE - signifying how you will emerge as you step through the threshold into the new year.

The time before December Solstice, Dec 20th, the days are getting shorter and there is more darkness. It’s a time to go within, to reflect, to let go, to complete.

This is our preparation time for emerging.

Then the last days of December, and going into the first week of Jan before the first new moon, the light begins to return. Literally there is more daylight. And just like waking from a long slumber, you don’t just jump out of bed and hit the ground running (unless you want to operate in the distorted masculine and feminine power models.) You give yourself space to AWAKEN… to adjust to the light, to stretch your body, to wake up gently but purposely. (We will go here together in episode 2 of this series).

Then as the new moon of the new year emerges, so do you, now ready to DREAM the year into reality. You don’t just make a vision board one day or set resolutions and goals that come from your head. You EMERGE through your power center, your heart, to create a path and focus for the year ahead that aligns with your soul’s path and your deepest heart’s desires. Then the mind comes in to help. That will be our third episode.  And also the start of the Feminine Wisdom Way Visioning Journey called EMERGE, which you can join us for, 

Today, join me, Christine Arylo, feminine leadership advisor, MBA and wisdom teacher for episode #1 of 3 in our EMERGE series: “Resistance to Change and Our Callings: How to Move Through with Compassion, Courage and Grace So You Don’t Get Stuck or Distracted.”

  • Why it’s totally normal to have resistance - and how people who live their fullest lives work with it vs being distracted or bogged down by it.
  • Why you don’t want to spiritually bypass the resistance or spend 5 years talking about it to a therapist - there’s gold in here for you to free and heal your heart and unleash your courage and feminine power.
  • I’ll share my personal resistance story to change and following my calling this year
  • And then we’ll make it it personal to you - you’ll  articulate how you are currently in resistance to change, even if you really want it.
  • You'll be able to identify how resistance shows up for you - so you can identify it, be with it and use it to conjure up the courage you need to meet the change or calling calling you
  • Lastly, we’ll talk about how to make sure you don’t get stuck in the resistance OR get distracted and then miss the more fulfilling reality the Universe it trying to invite you into

We may know what will happen in 2019 AND I do believe it will be a year of increased intensity. So you can either prepare to meet it, so you EMERGE with grace, or you can avoid it and get a whallop or universal 2x4.

I’ll share with you the prayer we use at The Feminine Wisdom Way to invoke the feminine super powers of trust and surrender, which you will need for the times ahead.


We can EMERGE into 2019 strong, stable, supported and sustained - but that requires us to be conscious now.


Join me for this series of Feminine Power Time.
And also make sure to join me for


* 2018 Power Pause and Reflection Ritual - Dec 20th - my gift. RSVP. Recording or come live.


* The Feminine Wisdom Way 2019 - Visioning Journey and Feminine Wisdom Training for leading, living and succeeding a different way.  Get the invitation


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Upcoming Retreats


* Dream Partnership Retreat - Couples Who Dream Together Thrive Together - Feb 1-4, includes year end reflection, Jan visioning process and retreat


* Elevate Feminine Leadership Immersion - April 25-28 - Save the Date! Islandwood Retreat Center, off the coast of Seattle 







Dec 7, 2018

How you complete this year will have a big impact on how you start and live next year. Wise women with smarts know it's way too easy to get caught up in the collective holiday madness and frenzy that is pulling you to do too many things that lead to over spending, eating, scheduling, doing and working. Even if they are things you WANT to do... or feel like you SHOULD do. 

The collective is speeding up and spending lots of energy, money and time outside while the natural world is slowing down and going within.

There is a different way ... that allows you to BOTH enjoy the joy, peace, connection of the holiday season AND replenish, restore and focus your life force on what matters most to you, so that come the new year, you will feel FULL of vitality and energy, balanced inside, having not overspent your energy or money, or overindulged in ways that make you feel like you have to workout every day for three months come January.

Wise woman employ some very specific 'feminine super powers' that:

  • attune you to the natural way women work and operate at the end and start of a year ...
  • help you gain the wisdom from the year that's been...
  • focus your life force and resources on what matters vs. trying to do it all... 
  • say yes to what is sustaining and no to what's draining in Dec and early Jan...
  • and put some energy towards the new year for the projects and things you hope to grow. 

Tune into this episode of Feminine Power Time with Christine Arylo - I will share some of the feminine wisdom that will keep you connected to what sustains and nourishes you this season, and set the seeds for what's to come in the new year. 

And remember to Join me and people around the world on Dec 20th for the annual Year End Power Pause & Reflection Ritual to complete your year powerfully and peacefully. I've done it the last 10 years and it's made such a difference in creating more harmony, inner peace, clarity and focus.

RSVP for free - my gift to you.