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Turn off the chatter and tune into what matters. Space for you to connect to the deeper wisdom and truth within you. Christine Arylo, MBA, leadership advisor, and wisdom teacher marries timeless wisdom teachings with modern leadership, success and human consciousness theory to expand your perspective and wake up your awareness. Each episode gives you practical ways to make choices that empower you to create a design for your life, work and relationships rooted in wholeness, sustainability and wellbeing. Our intention is to re-imagine the way we and the world work. We do that by bringing Wisdom + Leadership + Wellbeing together in ways that give us access to our personal power to influence the people, teams, families, systems and organizations we work and live in. Feminine Power Time is for all people who dare to do things differently, and who choose to embrace their co-creative power to have a positive impact through their voices, choices and presence.
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Dec 13, 2020

Would you like to start the new year feeling clear - mentally & emotionally? Like your physical space to feel clear and coherent? Like to be free of some of the relationship drama or distress in your personal or professional relationships?

And how would it feel to have more space in the last few weeks of this year and the first few weeks of next year? 

Of course our answers to this are YES! Starting the new year clear is not just a nice to have - it's what any wise person would do. But how do you 'do' that? 

You put into place simple but mighty practices that empower to you make choices that lead to you working and living and feeling in the f.l.o.w. (Focusing Lifeforce On What matters. The practice we'll dive into today is called a Power Pause and uses the wisdom tool of 'intuitive thinking inquiries' that reveal insights you miss if you only operate from your mental mind.  

In this episode of Feminine Power Time: a Power Pause:  3 Inquiries to Help You Complete the Year Feeling Clear, I will share the FLOW practice I use myself every year at this time, and we do as part of living and working the feminine wisdom way. 

It includes 3 questions that will help you 

  • Complete and put energy toward what you really desire to get done and take care of - in relation to your body needs, your money management, your home space and your mental space 

  • Bring 'twiggly danglers' in your relationships into coherency in a healthy way - parts of relationships professionally or personally in where something it out of whack or alignment, that you know deep down if you don't deal with will come back next year in a more dramatic way. 
  • Reflow projects and things you'd like to do but you know there's not really space to do until next year - which will create space for you to savor these next few weeks and the first weeks of the new year.

I will also share some very specific examples of what I do to create space, relief and release this way - including just releasing 3800 emails in one hour! 

Do this power pause with me now and then come to the full Year End Reflection Ritual and Power Pause on Dec 20th 

So grateful we are connected!
With heart



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(read story at the end of section one: I wanted to be a mother but I had to make the money)


Journal on these 3 inquiries and then take focused action that creates more FLOW for you. Create a time span between now and the end of 2020 to create healthy pressure. Over the next three weeks...

1. What would I love to complete, take care of or get done?(projects, "twiggly danglers" in your health, wealth, home or relationships, aka things calling for attention to bring into coherency).

2. What would I love to let go? (Emotional or physical twiggly dangelers you choose to leave behind in 2020)

3. What would feel good and aligned to re-flow (move this into next year)?


Dec 5, 2020

Wisdom teaches us that how you end a year influences how you start the next. Which is why every year at this time, I pause to tap into feminine wisdom to ask what do we need to see, what do we need to hear, and what do we need to consider as we walk through these weeks ahead. So that you and I can complete this year in a way that enables and empowers us to be as replenished, radiant, rested, centered and clear as possible. 

Not to hit the ground running in Jan, but to be wise and centered enough to allow ourselves the space we will still need and desire. 

Even if you feel like you have had plenty of 'space' this year, there is wisdom to share.

Join me for this episode of Feminine Power Time: Feminine Wisdom for Completing an Intense and Wild Year where I invited the wisdom for what we needed to hear to flow through.

In addition to the wisdom that flowed, I'll share:

  • A simple year end Harmonizing Practice I do every year that helps me make sustaining vs. sabotaging choices

  • Another practice for getting clear on how you want to feel as you start the year so the choices you make reflect that.

  • Inquiries to ask yourself to get clear on what you really want to do vs. what is obligation or habit to do. 
  • Perspective about how to think about the last weeks of this year and first weeks of next year, so you can powerfully use the time to receive what you need and focus on what matters 

I look forward to the conversation. 

And a few surprises that showed up for me, in my own process, that I'll share.

So grateful we are connected!
With heart



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1.  Overwhelmed and Over It Book - 

(read story at the end of section one: I wanted to be a mother but I had to make the money)


1. What is real?
2. What is needed?
3. What do I need? 

STAY HARMONIZED - Holiday Harmonizing Practice

1. What self sabotaging habit do I choose to release?
2. What self sustaining habit do I choose to embrace?
3. What three words describe how i want to feel on Jan 1st when I wake up in the new year? 

Nov 27, 2020

It is human nature to have grief - when we lose things, things change, or we look around at the state of our lives and world and don't know what to do.

It's also natural to feel grumpy and frustrated about things not working out the way we want, to have anger. What's not natural - or healthy, healing or empowering - is how we have been taught as human to be with and release the grief or grumpiness. 

I believe we NEED to re-learn how to be with these very natural feelings, in our personal lives and relationships and in our collective society, it's part of the key to our own personal wholeness and wellbeing AND to us healing the collective societal separations.

But how do you do that? Well, join me, Christine Arylo, for this Feminine Power Time: Grief, Grumpy and Gratitude: How to be with all 3 to tap into deeper wisdom and personal freedom. Where I will walk us through a process that helps you tap into each of these 3 feelings that your human heart and human body is no doubt feeling.

Wisdom: Only once we can acknowledge what is or what has been, can we heal and release the pain, so we can elevate into new ways of being, in which we make our choices and create our cultures from wholeness. 

I taped this originally on the day after American Thanksgiving intentionally. I will share about:

  • Why this day of thanksgiving and gratitude in itself has deeper roots that need to be acknowledged and grieved so we can create a world that honors all people and planet.
  • The power of "HOLDING SPACE" ... what it is, why you and I both need this, and how to make sure it's present in your life. 
  • Where grief and anger gets stored within us, and how  & why you may want to embrace a annual process for being with it and releasing it.  

I will also walk you through this 4 step process - the 4Gs for releasing grief and grumpiness, so you can tap into authentic gratitude and grounded wisdom.

The result: You are lighter because you are not carrying all the grief and anger within you. Your heart opens and heals. And you gain more personal freedom, which empowers you to be a brighter light and a more harmonic instrument for others.  

So much to share!

I will see you there,



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3. Feminine Wisdom Way 2021 - Lead. Live. Succeed. the way women naturally work best. Enrollment opens November. Emerge visioning process starts Jan 3rd. Request the invitation when enrollment opens. 

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1.  Overwhelmed and Over It Book - 

(read story at the end of section one: I wanted to be a mother but I had to make the money)

2. Osho Dynamic Meditation for Releasing Emotion

(get the audio meditation + print out the steps. do this at home or outside without other people around -- tell them to go for a walk - or make sure you have a big pillow for releasing into :)) ) 


Nov 20, 2020

Welcome to our first Wise Woman Tea episode, where I invite you into a conversation with one of my dear wise woman soul sisters - women who have attained a level of adeptness in a specific area that I believe can support each of us to tap into our own intuitive knowing, co-creative power, and higher intelligence. Often these areas are poo-poo'd or woo' woo'd away - discounting their significance to the 'real world' or to our practical needs or to what is relevant to topics like business, leadership and activism. 

When the truth is, these wise woman skills, arts, knowings and practices empower us to see and find what's real beyond the screen the mainstream overculture would like us to tune into. 

In my experience, the distrust or skepticism we have, or the lack of focus we put in these areas, is part of where we leak and diminish our power. 

When we embrace these wisdom teachings, skills, practices and arts and explore them with curiosity, we often are invited into a wealth of wisdom and new possibility we were previously blind to.

For this Feminine Power Time: Perspective for Thriving in Intense Times, I invited Astrologer Leslie McGuirk who is also a writer and creativity expert who is known for "pioneering an intersection between medicine and astrology, revealing the fastest pathway for mental and spiritual growth" to join us.

Leslie, is also really a dear friend, a woman I trust, who has helped me and the women leaders I've sent to her, to gain a better understanding of ourselves and how we are designed - to find more courage, compassion and confidence. 

We'll dive into three areas with the intention of giving us all PERSPECTIVE SHIFT for meeting these intense times as we step into this new year.

1.  What is astrology, really? What isn't it? How come it gets woo woo'd and poo poo'd? How can we use it powerfully? 

2. Perspective on what we are going through collectively in 2020 - what is happening? why is it happening? how can we be with it?

3. Perspective on how to walk into the months ahead, in a way that feels both empowering and present to what is, and open to what can be.

See you there!
Pour some tea :)



Dive in for more... 

1.  Overwhelmed and Over It Book - 

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Connect with Leslie McGuirk

Website -

Astrology Academy -

Creativity and Childrens Books -


Nov 13, 2020

The choices we make in our every day for how we direct and give our energy, our resources, our time and money all add up to having a significant impact on you ... but most of us don't really see how these simple decisions are the drivers underneath us feeling stretched too thin, or not being focused on what matters, or just getting swirled up in the world. Which is why we are doing this podcast series!

So your can be more aware of what's going on within you and with your choices ... so you can be empowered to make choices that are creating the reality you desire for yourself, those you love and lead and this world. 

Join me for #3 of 3 in our series called Embracing Our Power. This episode of Feminine Power Time focused on "Making Choices that are Right for you Now".

  • I'll pull back the veil on how this is showing up in my life now, to hopefully help you see what is in alignment and not in alignment for you right now.
  • Then we'll look at how you might be feeling and filling a need out there in your work or relationships or families that is causing you to not receive the support or space you need. 
  • And lastly, we'll dive into what choices your deeper wisdom is calling you to make ... things to let go of ... and ways it is time to step into the unknown

Tune in. Dive in. And let's open up the wisdom channels. 

See you there



Dive in for more... 

1.  Overwhelmed and Over It Book - 

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3. Feminine Wisdom Way 2021 - Lead. Live. Succeed. the way women naturally work best. Enrollment opens November. Emerge visioning process starts Jan 3rd. Request the invitation when enrollment opens. 

4. ELEVATE Feminine Leadership Councils 2021 - for women who are influencing change in the systems from the inside out. To request an application go to 


Oct 30, 2020

Within you is the courage and the clarity to make choices that are right for you - that cut through the chaos - that come from the deep feminine wisdom within you willing to shake up the status quo to stay true to yourself ... choices that may seem crazy to others but that will keep YOU sustained, on your path, supported with what you need. 

I call this the Feminine Super Power of Crazy Wisdom. And every year at this time, I bring it back up for us to work with. Because as it turns out Crazy Wisdom is Crazy Powerful. It gives you the courage and clarity to make different choices, that may defy logic. It's not reckless, it is rooted in the deep intuitive place within you that knows what is right, real and aligned for you.

And now more than ever we need this super power. 

I'll share the full definition of Crazy Wisdom in this episode of Feminine Power Time #2 of 3 in our Embracing Our Power series... 

And I'll share more about how your intellect and intuition work together to access your deeper wisdom... how to know and feel how this deeper wisdom feels and works for you... 

And we'll use this super power to tune you into what your deeper, soul-led, Crazy Wisdom is whispering to you... so you can hear this deeper guidance through the swirl out there.

I'll end with a series of 6 inquiries I use myself, and with the women in the Feminine Wisdom Way and the retreats I do at this time. Chew on them. Consider them. Go beyond what you've know to reveal the possibility and truth of you and the path ahead. 

Also - I do a reading from Overwhelmed and Over It (starting on page 35). If you didn't get your copy yet - go to 

Our wisdom knows the way - are you listening? 



Dive in for more... 

1.  Overwhelmed and Over It Book - 

Upcoming Gatherings, Councils and Programs - RSVP to get the Invitation, Save the Date

1.  Crazy Wisdom Wisdom Session - Conjuring Up Clarity and Courage in Uncertain Times - Nov 22nd 12:33pm PT - Free Gathering. Save the date

2. Sacred Rebel. Sacred Work. Wisdom Quest 2020 - Nov 13th - 15th. You can do this from wherever you are. 

3. Gather and Guide Your People - feminine leadership and program design training, creative incubator, wisdom council. Starts Nov 10th 

4. Feminine Wisdom Way 2021 - Lead. Live. Succeed. the way women naturally work best. Enrollment opens November. Emerge visioning process starts Jan 3rd. Request the invitation when enrollment opens. 

5. ELEVATE Feminine Leadership Councils 2021 - for women who are influencing change in the systems from the inside out. To request an application go to 

Oct 24, 2020

We have become so resilient that we have become too tolerant. We have said yes to keep doing more with less. Piling more on to already too full plates. Assimilating into ways of working and managing our lives that frankly haven't been working for a long time.

Now is the time, to give voice to what is no longer sustainable for you... in your work, in your relationships, in your life design, in your health and wealth.

And then look around, and realize this : It's not your fault. You are not alone. And together, we do have the power to change this. There are MANY many women and beings who feel the same way - overwhelmed, overworked and over it. Tired of over stretching themselves to make it work, make ends meet, get things done. 

We've been talking about this for years at Feminine Power Time. And we are at the breakthrough or breakdown point ... which will you choose?

invite you in to this three part series of Feminine Power Time : Embracing Our Power... where we will tap into the wisdom in the new Overwhelmed and Over It Book to explore and activate the ways we collectively and you individually can embrace and embody our power to STOP what's not working, SUSTAIN ourselves and those we love and lead, and RE-IMAGINE and RE-DESIGN the new.   

The first episode in our series invites you to activate your power of taking a stand to say NO MORE... i have used this many times to make a change, call in the Universe's support and start making small but significant shifts that lead to the bigger shifts that have set me free. 

Tune in. See show notes below for some of the inquiries and steps I shared. And the page numbers I referred to from Overwhelmed and Over It - and get your copy of the new book! 

See you there.

Together, we will walk through this, re-imagine and re-design how we and the world work, and rise.



Dive in for more... 

1. The Overwhelmed and Over It book unveiling & activation session - get access here 

2.  Overwhelmed and Over It Book - 

Upcoming Gatherings, Councils and Programs - RSVP to get the Invitation, Save the Date

1.  Crazy Wisdom Wisdom Session - Conjuring Up Clarity and Courage in Uncertain Times - Nov 8th 12:33pm PT - Free Gathering. Save the date

2. Sacred Rebel. Sacred Work. Wisdom Quest 2020 - Nov 13th - 15th. You can do this from wherever you are. 

3. Gather and Guide Your People - feminine leadership and program design training, creative incubator, wisdom council. Starts Nov 10th 

4. Feminine Wisdom Way 2021 - Lead. Live. Succeed. the way women naturally work best. Enrollment opens November. Emerge visioning process starts Jan 3rd. Request the invitation when enrollment opens. 

5. ELEVATE Feminine Leadership Councils 2021 - for women who are influencing change in the systems from the inside out. Applications accepted starting Nov 1st. To request an application go to 


Wisdom Inquiry: What is no longer sustainable for you?

  • In how you are working?
  • Relating?
  • Set up in your life? 

Steps to embracing your power to catalyze shift to happen

1. Draw the NO MORE Line as your wise self  - speak the NO MORE out loud to yourself and the Universe

2. Release the mind from needing to know HOW. Ask for the Universe's hand in showing you the path.

3. Voice your NO MORE stand to another person, releasing any shame or guilt ... freedom! 

Oct 17, 2020

hello dear ones! exhale. really. we can't hold our breath waiting for things to get better. we can't just keep pushing through at this pace of intensity. and we frankly don't have to. there is a way to meet the intensity, be with all the demands coming at you, and with the things that matter to you... but it requires that you need to BREATHE. daily. weekly. monthly and yearly.

In and tune into this Feminine Power Time with me Christine Arylo -  we will dive into 4 of the simple but significant practices I do in my daily rhythm, my weekly flow and my yearly flow to release pressure and create space so i can breathe - and get what matters done - even in intense times. 

I know they work because I've been using them diligently to get this new book into the world.

Tune in.

xo Christine 

p.s. If you haven't gotten your copy of the new book Overwhelmed and Over It - do! Here's the link 

pps. If you missed the powerful book unveiling and activation session, you can access it here 

and lastly... 

Come join us for the annual Sacred Rebel. Sacred Work. Wisdom Quest 2020 - Nov 13-15th - a retreat you do rooted where you are. Create a space to land post US election and an intense year to gain clarity on how to focus on the path ahead. 

Oct 3, 2020

Did you ever consider there are ways that you are putting pressure on yourself which are stressing you out that you actually have the power to change? And as a result free yourself from some of the stress, anxiety, frustration, uncertainty, overworking, etc. that you might be feeling? 

There's plenty of stressors out there in the world that you can't change. And there are many ways you can create some space and ease for yourself, if you can reveal the 'self induced' pressure that most of us are blind to. 

Which is why for our #3 of 3 Feminine Power Time episode in the Lighten Your Load series: "Release Yourself from the Unrealistic Expectations Stressing You Out" we will dive into 3 areas where we most often create toxic, unnecessary pressure which we have the power to release. 

The world has changed. Our worlds have changed. Which we need to change our expectations for how we work, how much we can get done, and what we need to be supported and sustained. 

Instead of just doing the same or more with less, instead of embracing the unrealistic time frames for achieving things or growing, instead of expecting people to be different than they are ... embrace your power to stay centered and sustained by releasing unnecessary expectations. Then exhale :) 

As you tune in, with me, Christine Arylo, consider:

1. Where am I holding myself to unrealistic expectations  about how much I should be able to do, or how much I can do, in a day/week/month/rest of this year? 

2. How am I holding myself to unrealistic expectations for how fast I should be able to achieve a goal or make something happen?

3. How am I holding others to unrealistic expectations to be or act or show up a certain way, that if I was being honest about who they really are, would free ME of the pain/struggle/frustration I feel? 

After you listen ... 

1. RSVP for the Overwhelmed and Over It book unveiling - attend live or get the recording - 

2. Share the Overwhelmed and Over It book unveiling with friends - there's buttons on the page you go to after sign up or send them to  or SHARE this podcast with them.

3. Order your copy of Overwhelmed and Over It -


Upcoming Feminine Leadership Programs and Retreats 

1.  Gather and Guide Your People - Starts late Oct - go here to learn more 

2. Sacred Rebel. Sacred Work. A Women's Wisdom Quest Retreat - Nov 13-15th. You do it from where you are, I will create the structure, space and sisterhood. 

3. Elevate Feminine Leadership Councils - for women here to re-imagine and re-design the way we and the world works. Starts Dec  2020. Enrollment opens mid October. 

Sep 25, 2020

It's time to activate and utilize one of the most powerful tools we have to stay centered, sustained and focused on what matters - the Power Pause. This one, gets us focused the last  3 months / 4 moon cycles of the year.  

There are many things you could do these last 3 months of the year, but what is really most important to you? What will bring you the best returns ? And what shifts in your habits, patterns, and structures are needed to support you in this last cycle?  

Wise women know how to use the natural cycles of the earth and universe to support them to grow their work, wealth and relationships, to support their health, and to keep them focused on what matters.

The September Equinox offers you insight to illuminate where the imbalances currently exist in your life & how to reset yourself and refocus your life force  - especially the ways in which you are over giving and under receiving, the habits that may have worked in the summer but won't support you now, and the ways in which making changes to your home, health and wealth can support you to end your year strong, sane and supported.

In this Feminine Power Time : POWER PAUSE: Reflect, Rebalance and Reset Your Focus at Equinox ... and exhale! 3 Inquiries to Get Focused on What Matters Most the Last Part of this Year & Feel Good About What You've Already Done...

Women's leadership and empowerment advisor and teacher, Christine Arylo, marries her MBA business background with 15+ years of wisdom and spiritual study in practical ways that can support you to elevate out of overhwelm, stay focused on what matters, shift sabotaging habits and take care of small things that make a big difference. 

Tune into this Power Pause and:

  • Learn the wisdom behind taking power pauses 4 times a year - and how this practice can yield big returns in your business, career, relationships and health/wealth/home
  • Experience the feminine way of growing our work and impact vs tackling projects, driving like a torpedo, or pressuring ourselves to make things happen too fast

Be led through a visualization and meditation to:

  • Feel good about what you have already done this year. 
  • Reveal the imbalances - work, relationships, health, wealth or home - that need attention.
  • Consider what you need to bring the imbalances into harmony, so you have what you need 
  • Gain clarity on how to best focus your attention the last part of this year - what will bring you the most meaningful and abundant harvest? 

Power Pauses are a form of feminine leadership which teaches us to work in harmony with the natural cycles of how the material and mystical world both work. Part of her Feminine Wisdom School and Feminine Leadership Programs Arylo teaches how to use this ancient wisdom and way of working to apply to creating a life and work that creates an impact and is sustainable. 


  1. Overwhelmed and Over It Book Unveiling: Embracing Our Power to Stay Centered and Sustained in a Chaotic World - RSVP for Free 

  2. To receive invitations to Christine Arylo's fall Feminine Leadership Councils - called Elevate - and her fall Wisdom Quest for Women desiring to gain clarity, focus and courage to take the next steps to bring their sacred work into form, subscribe to her  Wisdom Letters at 

  3. Women's Wisdom Quest Nov 13-15th 

  4. Gather Your People - Transformational Program Design, Creative Catalyst and Wisdom Council for creating workshops, retreats, events, gatherings online or in person that create meaningful connection and lasting transformation 


Sep 11, 2020

Being able to stay centered within uncertainty in normal times is challenging, but pile on all of the intensity happening right now that is igniting fear and chaos within and around us, and even the  most seasoned yogini would fret, freeze, flail or fragment.

Turn off the chatter outside and inside, and come to this session of Feminine Power Time, to exhale, BREATHE, and tune into a deeper wisdom, thought shifting perspectives and practical practices to put into place to meet the uncertainty and step powerfully into the unknown.

In part 2 of our Lighten Your Load Series "Handling the Uncertainty and the Unknown" we will dive into:

  • Getting clear on how much training you've actually had for dealing with the current levels of uncertainty 

  • How we strengthen our 'super power for being with and stepping into the unknown" - like re-imprinting Basic Trust, re-leasing Primal Fear, and Seeing Different Levels of Reality  (yes, we are going to put our wise woman / being glasses on)

  • How to create structure within the chaos that don't have you holding your breath ... you can't hold your breath til XYZ is over or some event passes 

And More.

Tune in. It is very intense right now. And this intensity as been building for years, maybe thousands. We'll talk about time and where we are as a culture as we start this session. 

I'm here. 

We are in the midst of a massive transformation. How we walk through this is what matters. Sacred transformation - we are devoted to the change, awake and aware at a collective and individual level, not spiritually bypassing or staying stuck in the mass consciouness of the material world. 

There is wisdom. There are tools. Together, we can and will heal, stabilize and lead the way to the new.

See you there.

Much love,




More resources and ways to connect and go deeper

1. Gather and Guide Your People - training, creative catalyst and council for people who guide, lead and teach others. Starts Oct 20th. Learn More. 

2. Overwhelmed and Over It Book Release and Gathering - Oct 6th. 4:30pm PT - Save the date. 

3. Sacred Transformation - Free Feminine Wisdom Session - 


Would love to RECEIVE:

Share this podcast series with others who you think would benefit. 

Post a review so others can more easily find us! 






Aug 29, 2020

The amplified energy, chaos, fear and angst in what is called the "collective field" affects each one of us, and in today's intense times is short circuiting us, and stirring up anxiety, anger and ache within us that 1. Isn't serving us 2. Doesn't help anyone 3. Will make us mentally foggy and physically and emotionally unwell and 4. Keeps us in reactivity mode vs. in response mode, where our power is.

We just don't SEE the negative affects of the collective field until it's gotten to be TOO MUCH, and we are in overwhelm or worse, reacting from anger, anxiety and grief. 

So, what do we do?

We get wise. We get aware - of both the field (what it is) and our own internal triggers and warning signals of when we are being affected. 

We put practices into place proactively to strenghten our magnetic field. To release the anger, anxiety and grief. To reset our systems. 

And we embrace that while we do need to be AWARE of what is happening, ACKNOWLEDGE what is not okay with us, we cannot take it all on. 

I am creating this three part series of Feminine Power Time for you so you can "Lighten Your Load"... be with what is in a conscious connected way without getting flooded, sick, triggered, overwhelmed or overwraught. 

We really do need deeper and elevated perspectives, and super powered practices to move through this time. That's what we do here! 

Join for this episode #133 where we focus on dealing with the anger, anxiety and ache caused by the UNIVERSAL COLLECTIVE FIELD ... all the things in the culture, society, natural disasters, pandemics, environment, media, politics that are affecting us in BIG WAYS energetically, emotionally and physically and psychically, and mentally. 

Then next week we will dive into dealing with the anger, anxiety and ache that comes from so much UNCERTAINTY and UNKNOWN. and the next week from the UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS of what we should be able to get done, do, produce, etc. during this time. 

See below for a list of the Stay Harmonized practices I share in the episode. As well as happenings, trainings and more coming up. 

Wherever you are, know you are held and guided. 

Big heart



Stay Harmonized Practices 

1. Daily Bookend Practice - Morning Set Your Field. Evening Release the Energy. 

2. Weekly System Reset - One day a week, or at least a morning or evening. No thinking about things of consequence. No media. No work. Reset. 

3. Proactive Practices for Setting a Strong Personal Field. And Practices for Re-harmonizing Your Field.

- Earthing - Ground. It works. Watch this movie -

- BREATHE - seriously 10 deep breaths using I am mantra like "I am safe. I am loved." 


Ways to Connect and Receive Support.

Upcoming Programs, Retreats and Feminine Leadership Trainings

1. Gather and Guide Your People - 10 week training, creative catalyst and collaborative council for people who lead communities, workshops, groups, programs and trainings.  And who want to learn how to lead, design and create in ways that create lasting transformation and connection, and are sustainable for you. Starts Sept 22nd - Find out more 

2. Stay Harmonized - Practices to Keep You Centered, Clear and Calm - coming Fall Equinox - Sept 23rd

3. Sacred Rebel Sacred Work Women's Wisdom Quest Retreat - Nov 13-15 - do from home. Save the Date. 

4. ELEVATE Feminine Leadership Councils - for women who are here to re-imagine and re-design the way we and the world work. Coming end of the year for 2021.  

Ways to Participate in the Overwhelmed and Over It Book Release  

1. Participate in the Harmonic Defiance Alliance - 188 women and beings who will use their voice and modern technology to amplify the message of the book to make it visible to many women. Be an advance reader! Register by Sept 7th. 

2. Come to the Book Release Activation and Celebration on Oct 6th : 4:30 pm PT.  Livestream or audio. Save the date.

3.  Do the Overwhelmed and Over It Training for People Who Support and Lead Others - Online workshop Oct 25th - Details to come.  

Aug 14, 2020

Fierce Grace. If you asked me to describe embodied Feminine Power in two words i would say "Fierce Grace." When we are truly rooted in our unique expression of fierce grace we have access to  our full power, presence, purpose and wisdom.

Which is why I'm finally, after two years of dreaming about it, starting this series of Fierce Grace Talks now for us. These will take place throughout the year, inviting you into a conversation with me and a being who I have witnessed embodying fierce grace in the devotion to their sacred work and in the presence publicly and privately.   

Since we just literally sent my fourth book off to the printer this week, I was inspired for us to dive into how we can share our words and writing with the world.

Whether you are a writer, or want to be, or you want to write a book, or a blog, or just show up more powerfully in your authentic presence in your communications -- or just start writing for JOIY because you have something to say or you just want to! COME to this conversation. 

I invited Kristine Carlson, NY Times Best Selling Author of Don't Sweat the Small Stuff for Women, founder of the Book Doula incubator and community, and a woman who has been like a big sister to me in my writing and book career to join us for Fierce Grace Talk #1: Sharing Your Words & Writing with the World"

It seems like the perfect time to pull the veil back and have a heart to heart about what writing a book is like ... how it catalyzes your personal growth ... and what support and structure is really needed. And HOW to just get started.

And to also explore at this time when so many voices are speaking out there -- how do YOU want to show up, speak up and share ? In a way that matters to you? Feels good to you? And is adding to the world you desire to create for yourself and others? This is the power of Fierce Grace. 

Take us with you for a walk.. pour some tea and settle in... take us out in the sun to do some earthing, heck pour a bath or snuggle up in bed ... it's a heart to heart ... supporting us each to share our words and writing in the world in ways that light YOU up and light up those you touch. 

Wherever this finds you... the words you share and the presence you share them through - in your voice, your energy, your purpose - matters. Nothing is too small, we start where we are. 

You matter. Believe it.


Resources for Sharing Your Writing and Words with the World

the BOOK DOULA incubator and community with Kristine Carlson - learn more or reach out to Kris for a conversation at

Learn more about Kris Carlson, her blog, podcast and books at 


Aug 1, 2020

If you were to ask me what is one of things that has been the most supportive to helping me bring my sacred work into form, grow in my career and stay true to my path, make bold changes in my life, move past my own doubt and fear to find clarity and courage I would tell you - Sisterhood. Not networking. Not professional trainings where everyone shows up and pretends they have it all together. Not the number of followers on my social media. Sisterhood that is rooted in straight up love. 

Now before you go getting images of some sappy hallmark card or some kumbaya circle of women holding hands, let me invite you into a conversation that I hope will open your eyes and heart to what sisterhood is and how it relates to the real, whole life  success we desire.

Because if you and I are going to make it through this transformational time, we need to elevate our understanding and our tactics for how we go about creating the supportive sisterhoods I believe we need to show up for ourselves and what matters to us... to bring our purpose and potential into form... and to stay, harmonized, healthy and happy along the way! 

If you and I want to create the world we desire - for ourselves and what matters to us, we need sisterhood. And I mean need.

For the last in our 3 part series on The Power of Love, I invited a woman who has dedicated her life's work to sharing and teaching people the science, art and heart of relationship in the realm of friendship - not just in the nice see you on Saturday kind of way, but in the way that stamps out loneliness, isolation, doing it all on your own, and even burnout. 

Her name is Shasta Nelson, she and I have been friends for over 10 years, and through that time have grown that friendship that stemmed from our common missions and work in the world, into a true sisterhood. And we are both birthing our new books together this year - Shasta's The Business of Friendship, focused on developing more meaningful connection within the workplace and in our careers. 

This is the first of a series of Catalyzing conversations I will be hosting on Feminine Power Time, where I want invite you into a conversation with me and another powerful, soul centered catalyst for change that can take us all to another level of consciousness and empowerment. 

Tune in. Pour some tea. I myself had a catalyst breakthrough - more on the podcast: The Power of Sisterhood to Create the World You D:

And make sure to check out Shasta's new book: The Business of Friendship: Making the Most of Our Relationships Where We Spend the Most Time. Go here to learn more.

Jul 24, 2020

You know the saying that our relationships are some of our biggest teachers? Truth. And today, as we go through this major time of transformation and change, we can either embrace our relationships as ways to heal, so we can create realities based in wholeness instead of woundedness... or we can keep re-creating the same wounded patterns, acting them out over and over. 

I vote for embracing our power, and taking a look at what is going on in our relationships right now. To shine the light on what is going on in your heart right now when it comes to your closest relationships - the ones you struggle with, the ones from the past that are still lingering on, the ones that bring you support and joy and want to grow and the ones that you desire to create that don't exist yet.

If we want a world, a society, systems and ways of thinking, that are rooted in respect, love, kindness, compassion we have to look within and at our own relationships too. 

All lasting systemic and social change must be rooted in personal transformation and healing. Which is one of the reasons we have not broken through as a society, yet, through what is clearly so not working. 

What would be possible if the relationships you had currently came from wholeness vs. your wounds? 

What if your relationships didn't have to be things you worked on or worked out or figured out? What if you could learn and evolve through love, vs pain and drama? 

What would be freed up for you if you could let go of any of the lingering resentment or righteousness between you and others? 

What would be opened up within you if the relationships or kinds of relationships that typically are challenging and painful for you, became sources of learning through joy vs. struggle? 

You would have a lot more energy, time, clarity, support, and connection.

I know this to be true because for 20 years I have embraced relationships as a teacher for me. 

In this episode of Feminine Power Time, #2 of 3 in the Power of Love Series, we focus on the power of relationship. I invited one of my "teachers" to join us -  the man who has taught me how to learn through love vs. pain in my primary partnership. He is my life partner Noah Martin, who is also an amazing relationship adviser and a human that just gets relationship and how to be in it powerfully. 

In The Power of Sacred Relationship to Heal & Free Yourself and the World we'll dive into:

  • The triangle of transformation - how to think about and see what's happening in your relationships and find the power to both heal what is and has been, and create what you desire. 
  • What real partnership is, why you don't want a romantic relationship, and how the mainstream imprints have create unhealthy mindset about relationship
  • How to identify where you might have plugged people into your love cracks, keeping you stuck in cycles of relationships that aren't healthy or happy
  • How to identify your relationship teachers and transform them into vessels for your elevation and liberation
  • How to release energetic ties of blame, shame, anger, resentment without condoning others behaviors (so you are freer).

We'll dive deeper into the healing and freeing part of the triangle of transformation today because if we don't go there and get real about what it takes to truly return to hearts that are WHOLE vs full of HOLES, we will just keep recapitulating the same wounds in our lives, that then creates the society and systems we know are not working. 

Lets use the power of love to do things differently!

See you there.

Christine and Noah

More Resources

Sacred Transformation Wisdom Session - Watch or listen to it here.

Choosing ME before WE, the book (by Christine and featuring much of Noah's wisdom)



Jul 18, 2020

We talk a lot about the power of the mind, how thoughts create our realities, personally and collectively. And while that is true, here's the deeper truth: our heart is our true power center.

It's the heart and it's wholeness or it's woundedness, coupled with the cellular imprints within our bodies that inform our thoughts, which drive our actions, which create the realties all around us. 

Right now at this time on the planet, our hearts and our bodies are being triggered to react from the wound and deeply embedded imprints rooted in fear, shame, blame.

Even for those who have been 'doing their inner work' for years, decades... even for people who are educated and trained in mental health, emotional wellness, and spiritual development... WE ARE ALL BEING TRIGGERED, or like i like to say, BEING INVITED TO HEAL our WOUNDED HEARTS SO WE CAN BE FREE TO LEAD AND LIVE FROM OUR WHOLE HEARTS, rooted in wholeness, wellness, aka LOVE. 

Choosing to embrace and dive into your own healing is an act of sacred activism ... being the change, the healing, you desire to see in the world.

Which is why I am creating this next three-part series for us at Feminine Power Time all about tapping into and working with THE POWER OF LOVE ... not in some kind of mamby pamby, meme, fluff, greeting card kind of way, but in the straight up, deep dive, get to the root of what is real and true kind of way, so we can create lives, relationships, families, systems, economies, governments, healthcare, and more rooted in wholeness vs. recapitulating wounds.  

When we return to wholeness within our own hearts, we will finally begin creating family systems, organizational systems and society systems that cultivate wholeness and wellness by design. 

There is a beautiful wisdom teaching that says: Put Love at the Center of All of Your Choices.

What would be true if you did put love at the center of all of your choices? Not the self sacrificing love, where you don't get what you need. Not the romantic kind of love we see in the movie screens. I mean real LOVE. Pure love? 

What would become possible of we put LOVE at the center of how we designed our systems and societies and organizations? Not in some fluffy pink cloud kind of way, but real true love, compassion, care, gratitude, courage, passion, heart wisdom, trust? 

These are big questions that have the power to bring us all through this. But we have to break this down to work with it practically.

If you want to change something on the outside - in your life, in the world, in any situation - there is only one place to begin, if you want lasting transformation vs. just another lesson from the Universe you keep getting again and again. 


Tune into this episode of Feminine Power Time, #1 of 3 in the Power of Love Series: The Power of Self Love to Heal & Free Yourself and This World. 

This will not be fluff or ear candy. Or spiritual platitudes. Trust me. We will dive into, get real and open to wisdom about:

  • What self love really is and why it is relevant to every choice we make big or small 

  • What's happening for all of our hearts and bodies, even those who have done lots of inner work, and what's needed now. 

  • What you want to know about how your heart works so you can discern between whether you are making choices and thinking thoughts rooted in woundedness or wholeness 


  • Gain Self Awareness of what's wanting to heal in your heart now so you can be free to lead yourself, those you love and this world. 

  • Be led through 3 Inquiries that will help you create more clarity and self-trust 

  • Receive a big dose of love - medicine of self love  - so you'll just feel good after!

    The opportunity is to use the power of self-love to heal the wound, return to wholeness, and then free, we lead & rise.

Tune into this session on the power of self love. 
May it serve to support you to create the life and world you desire. 
Love is that powerful. 

with heart



Go Deeper. Learn More. 

Summer Programs

1. The Yoga of Self Love - Simple practices for staying connected with yourself.  Go to 

2. The Feminine Wisdom Way - Live, Lead and Succeed the Way Women Work Best 

3. Private Transformational Mentoring with Christine - Harmonize and Rise. Learn more 

Coming this Fall 

1. The Path of Self Love 12-week Training - Starts Late Sept 2020. Healing Tools for Getting to the Heart, for those who work with women and girls. To receive the invitation go to 

2. Elevate Feminine Leadership Council: Re-Imagining the Way We and The World Work : For Women Leaders and Change Agents who are here to influence systemic change - Starts Late Sept 2020. 

More to come.  


Wisdom Inquiries from Session

1. Self Awareness: Who am I not any longer? Who am I today? Who am I Becoming? 

2. Self Acceptance: What pressure am I putting on myself to be something I am not, to be more than I am right now, to be farther ahead, to be different than I am? 

If I embraced who I am and who I am evolving into, what judgement against myself could I release? What would releasing this judgement free me to do/be/feel?  

3. Self Compassion: If I was gentle, patient and understanding with myself, what words would I speak to myself right now?  How would this self compassion free me ?

4. Self Trust: How am I being guided to do things differently? Where am I being guided to be right now?  

Jul 10, 2020

There is SO much you could do the rest of the year, so much and so many you could give to, but what really matters to you?? 

Given the current level of intensity and uncertainty, how can you create stability and sustainability for yourself and those you love and lead financially, emotionally, mentally, physically?  

How can you work with the transformational energy happening to create more of the reality you desire for yourself and this world? 

These are some of what we will explore together in this power pause, so you can gain clarity and focus for the next part of this year.

One of the smartest things we can do at the mid year point is to pause, reflect, realign and redesign what we are going to focus our life force, resources and time on. This is true for how you run your work life - business, team, organization, career, classroom, etc. And how you run your personal life - wealth, health, home, relationships. For SO many reasons. 

This is what I call taking a Power Pause. It's a feminine wisdom way practice and a feminine leadership sustainable success principle. It's how we make sure we create realities that are both successful in what we desire to create and cause AND that are sustainable. 

It's also a best practice for getting out of overwhelm and the feelings that you are never doing enough or have enough. 

I've been doing Power Pauses myself for a decade and every year at this time I teach mid year power pauses, which I call FLOW for focus your life force on what matters, in many different forms. A virtual program/retreat, in person retreats and for women's leadership groups and teams within organizations. 

For you beloved Feminine Power Time listener, 4x a year I do these special Power Pause episodes that include a series of inquiries that are like a Power Pause appetizer. They give you a taste of the full process, and enough of a taste to give you some wisdom bytes about what you truly desire this coming year. 

In this episode, "POWER PAUSE: It's Mid-Year, Time to Reflect & Redirect: 6 Inquiries to Get Focused On What Really Matters to You the Rest of the Year" I will share with you

  • Why especially this year we are personally feeling so much pressure and how to make sure you don't react in ways that distract and drain you.

  •  The 3 realms of focus we are being called to consciously work with now in these intense times - focusing on the past to HEAL, the now to SUSTAIN, and the future to CREATE. 

  • Why our productivity, health and impact increases when we work with the natural flow of the earth

In the Feminine Power Time, I'll take you through 6 inquiries focused in 3 realms of past, present and future -  which I also listed below. I invite you to journal on them. Invite a friend or your partner to share about them. And then if you want to really receive the benefit of the mid year Power Pause, take the online version, you can do at your own pace.


1. HEAL: What inside of you is calling for a deeper healing and wholeness, so you can be more free to create the reality and world you desire? 

2. HEAL: What in your relationships is calling to be released or redesigned, to free up emotional and mental space and open up your capacity to receive the support, connection you desire? 

3. SUSTAIN: What do you need in place for your physical body to be strong, sustained and healthy? What practices / rituals are in place you preserve, keep doing? What new ones do you need? 

4. SUSTAIN. In your work, what is already in place that you can maintain and preserve, and in doing so will create more stability and sustainability for you? You can receive from the energy you've already created? 

5. SUSTAIN: In your relationships, what and who could you give life force and energy to this next half of the year, that would support, nurture and sustain you? 

6. CREATE: What are you being called to create - bring into form, call, cause - for yourself or the world? How and on what do you choose to use your co-creative power this second half of the year.


For more on working with Christine 

1. FLOW Mid Year Power Pause - do in July to get focused on what matters -  Do from home. 

2. Feminine Wisdom Way - 6-month feminine wisdom training includes Power Pause, which is the path of living, leading and succeeding in a way that supports you to achieve what matters AND be sustained.  We only open enrollment in January or June/July for this. 

3. Personal Mentoring - Harmonize and Rise. learn more at 


Jun 28, 2020

We often hear things like choose love over fear. Or that love is the only thing that is real. Or that we have the power within us to transform fear into love. But what does that really mean? And how does that apply to the massive transformation we are in collectively and personally right now, in a way that is practical?

Knowing how fear and love work within you, and how they can be used and show up within our collective social situations is essential at this time.

Fear can be used to manipulate, trigger, create fields of more fear in ways we don't even see... unless we know what to look for.

We can react to fear, vs. respond from love because of the primal imprints rooted in scarcity and fear that we don't even know are within us... unless we know what to look for. 

Most of us didn't get a Fear and Love 101, 201, 301 class in school. And with the amount of fear that is being activated, we could all use an uplevel of our consciousness to see the fear being triggered within us, and the fear being used to control, distract, and disconnect us from truth, love and freedom.

Within each of us lies the super power we need at this time to use the transformation happening to do what is called "alchemize and transmute" lower vibrations, to elevate and create higher vibrations, that have the power to lead us to healing, freeing and wholeness.

That's what we will do in today's session #3 of 3 in the Sacred Transformation Series: Let's Talk About the Power of Fear and Love, and How to Work with Both, Wisely.

We can use this energy to heal, free, and create new realities - for ourselves, others and this world - but not if we aren't wise about the energies within us, and around us, and what we are consciously or unconsciously contributing too. 

Here are some wisdom bytes to chew on and some ways to make what I shared in the podcast real, as awareness practices:

1. Where there is no fear, there is no anger, no anxiety, and no absoluteness. 

2. Become more aware of the root primal fears that have been imprinted into your body/mind/heart/spirit - through experiences you have had, and through the collective imprinting of this overculture. Fear of death, not feeling safe, not having enough, not being enough, etc.

3. Your body is like a broadcasting station that can emit and run frequency fear or love. Know the signs of both.Become more aware of when you respond from anger, anxiety and absolutes - that is fear. 

4. Fear has many shades as does Love, but in the English language we only have one word for love. Expand your understanding of Love = compassion, tenderness, patience, understanding, affection, fierce truth from the heart, kindness, connection and more.  

5. Become more aware of the interactions, situations, and 'fields' you are in, that cause you or others to react in anger, anxiety or absoluteness (it has to be this way, you have to do it this way).

6. Be conscious how you participate - don't engage in activity that adds to the frenzy, froth, fragmentation or reactivity. See it, even have compassion for it, just don't waste your chi on it.

7. To participate - ELEVATE and CREATE a deeper, expansive, love-centered conversation that seeks understanding and a higher consciousness. Or to participate ILLUMINATE the HATE, speaking from your fierce heart. 

8. Take care of your heart - feed it love, so it can be stronger in it's frequency, so you like a Phoenix Rising you can transmute and alchemize denser emotions through love into a higher reality for yourself and others. I'll share some ways in the podcast.

9. Open your WISE EYES to see how people and systems may be using fear to create a swirl or field of mass consciousness that feeds on fear and keeps people stuck in their lower minds. Say NO to letting that kind of energy be okay with you, for you, or for those you love and lead. 

So much to share, which is why in addition to this podcast series on Feminine Power Time, on July 5th, I am taking part in the Truth and Reconciliation Weekend, offering a Sacred Transformation: Creating a Path of Stability and Sustainability As We Shift. RSVP 

Together, rooted in love, for real, in it's power, we will rise, more free as people and planet .... this is possible. 

With love




More to connect into 

Sacred Transformation Wisdom Session : Creating a Path of Stability and Sustainability as We Shift - July 5th, live, or get the recording 

FLOW POWER PAUSE - take a pause to reflect and consider where to focus your life force and resources these next few months. Do anytime through July. 

FEMININE WISDOM WAY - July-Dec Session - For women who desire to walk forward more rooted in their feminine wisdom and full power, centered and clear from the inside out. Learn more and claim your spot today. 

Jun 19, 2020

The second in a 3 part series I titled SACRED TRANSFORMATION to guide us through these intense, changing, disruptive, heart-opening, consciousness awakening times ... so we can walk through this threshold of transformation in a way that leads us to a new way of living, leading, relating, succeeding that truly has the best interests of all life at the core... and so we have the energy and keep the momentum moving to stand what's no longer working, heal what needs healing, and have the energy to create the new way.    

Sacred transformation (which I defined deeply in part 1) is: being devoted and dedicated to change (no turning back), secured against violation and violence, regarded in reverance and respect, rooted in the intention of creating wholeness. Sacred transformation is challenging, and it's blessed, held by grace as we move through. 

In part 2 of this Feminine Power Time we dive into how we create significant and sustainable change so we don't burn out, numb out or let fear win.  

A few highlights:

  • We'll use the four stages of personal and social transformation to guide us to see where we are, where we've been, where we are going and what's needed.

  • The four stages of transformation. Awareness, Reflection, Change in the Moment and Integration, which leads us to elevation. 

  • The power of NO MORE! and #notonmywatch to stand individually and collectively for what we will no longer tolerate or accept in the 4 realms we are experiencing change: societial, systemic, generational and self. 

  • The second step we cannot bypass - Reflection. Why we must pause to reflect, listen and look around - not seek information but find and feel true compassion. If we don't acknowledge what is, and accept it, we cant be free of it ... even if our brains know it's not okay.
  • The power of fierce compassion and how to be with the suffering of others and this world, to break open the power and wisdom in your heart, in a way that doesn't short circuit you or cause you to feel like you have to take it all on.

  • The dangers we need to be aware of that can disrupt the power of sacred transformation - What keeps us from being able to eradicate or change these things that we know are not okay - and how to stay awake to the forces that want to create separation and polarization and fear and confusion.

  • How to keep yourself emotionally sustained and in your heart - I'll share the two parts of our human and soul heart, and how to take care of both of yours.
  • Pace yourself to sustain yourself. The waves of changes and catalysts are not stopping. There are a LOT of NO MORES! we need to change in this world. I'll share a way to think about this in cycles, and a wake up call to notice how the systems will try to get you riled up and full of rage to burn you out.

  • Stay focused on your part, without guilt or pressure to 'do more' - We each have a personal transformation that's being required of us now. And we each have a part to play in the elevation of this world. We need to call BullS**T on the storyline we are not doing enough... where we create toxic unsustainable pressure... and instead stay PRESENT and listening for what our part is to take action on. We start this conversation this week. And dive into more next week. 

I will end us with a blessing, from the tree of life, the tree of wisdom, which was written by my dear soul sister Shiloh Sophia McCloud whose birthday is today.

Tune in. May this ignite your fierce heart to see and embrace the power you have AND give you permission to do what you need to stay sustained through this shift. We NEED your light and love. Don't burn out that light. It's going to be a journey over years, not months, to destruct, preserve and create. 

with great heart



Jun 13, 2020

We are in the midst of major transformation and change that is causing chaos, disruption, fear, rage and all kinds of emotions and situations that are hard to be with and hard to know what to do with ...  AND we are also experiencing a time of great awakening, voices speaking up and out, people standing together, and the possibility of maybe, finally, breaking through to a different way to be and live in this world.. change that has been a long time coming. 

But...transformation can be a very dangerous journey... like a fire out of control, like a windstorm that takes a fire from a needed burn to a reckless fire that burns up everything in its path.

Which is why we need some wisdom, perspective and practices for how to go through this massive transformation in a way that doesn't burn us out, create harming destruction, or cause us to get swirled up in all the chaos and lose our way.

So... here's what we are going to do - create stability and sanity within the chaos and change for you by :

First, get some perspective on the 4 levels of transformation that are happening - social, systemic, generational and self. So we can work with them, vs. be overwhelmed by them. Including how to see how generational and systemic transformation may be happening within you.

Second, consider what it would be like to approach and embrace what we are experiencing personally and collectively as "Sacred Transformation"... 

Sacred means: devoted or dedicated to, secured against violence and violation, regarded with reverence and respect.

Sacred transformation leads to wholeness.

In sacred transformation, while the journey may be intense, challenging, and will certainly break apart and through the illusions, imprints and systems that bind vs. free us ... sacred transformation is blessed.

So we move through the fire of transformation with grace. 

Third, we'll invoke some super power wisdom using the teachings of the 4 elements to see how to work with rage, blame, judgement, guilt, shame, fear, over-responsibility, paralysis in a way that fosters sacred transformation..

So you can feel stable and clear minded and emotionally balanced (sane) on the inside ... and be an instrument for loving truth, right action and stay centered within. 

Lastly, we'll take this directly into 2 specific structures I think we all need right now ...

  • Decompressing daily and weekly (the daily downshift and weekly system reset).
  • Self awareness of your mind/body/heart/spirit - what's transforming for you and triggering you personally... what do you need to care for your core ... what are you letting into to your field, that is adding to the fire in destructive ways?


This transformation is a long time coming.
We were born for this time.
There is wisdom and tools to support us through.

Be aware of the input you are letting in to your field.
Ground. Root. Decompress your system.

Look around for evidence of human-KIND and divine support. 

Remember you have the power of sacred transformation within you.

There is a path, and we are on it. We are the ones. 

This is the first in a 3 part series on Sacred Transformation in Feminine Power Time. Come back next week for the next part. 

And see below for more.



More Structure, Support, Wisdom, Practices and Super Power

1. Stay Harmonized Session: Wisdom & Practices for Navigating Uncertainty and Change - my love offering to you 

 2. Take the Mid Year FLOW Power Pause - We reflect, reset, tap into wisdom to gain clarity and wisdom for how to focus in months ahead - 4-part process. Do in June or July  

3. The Feminine Wisdom Way - Wisdom School, Structure, Sisterhood for navigating these times rooted in your feminine wisdom and power - includes power pause + support for next half of the year. 

May 30, 2020

How Do We Go From Here?  Permission to Replenish, Reset and Receive. 

Hello dear ones... I sat down this morning to tune into what we really needed these next few weeks because whew! it has been a very intense several weeks. And I wanted to set us all up for the reset I am feeling our bodies, hearts, minds and spirits really need.

Not to disconnect. Not to go back to normal. But to just take a BREATH. 

Our nervous systems have been at defcon 5. We need a downshift that gives us some space. So consider this a permission slip to reset, tend to your weary heart ... and also look ahead to how to approach these next few weeks and months.

After an intense and powerful day in sisterhood and circle with women who are choosing to show up for co creating the new world, but are also tired and need a break, I taped this for you this evening before I head into my weekly Sabbath practice.  Where I just tune into being present with my surrounding as is - no media or electronics.

Tune in. 

It's deep and practical. 

See you there.

With great heart,


Coming up - RSVP to get the invitation to

1. FLOW the Mid Year Power Pause - 

Starts June 14th - RSVP for the invitation. space to really tune into what is right and true for you moving forward. To create a path for the year ahead.

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May 22, 2020

What's Your Life Really About? Choosing What to Center Your Life Around Next.  #4 of 4 in the Harmonize to Rise Series on Feminine Power Time with Christine Arylo. 

Hello dear ones... I have an inquiry for you that I don't want you to answer, but I want you to consider, to chew on, to explore, to open your eyes to....

What have you been constellating your life around? 

What do you desire to constellate your life around going forward?

This is what we call a wisdom inquiry that has the power to break you through to expanded levels of self awareness and possibility. It gets you tuned into what is really true and right for you now ... it taps you into your power to be a co-creator in your life design and reality ... it empowers you to see how the choices you are making are creating the reality that you've been stuck in or living ... it catalyzes you out of where you are stuck and what no longer serves so you can be free to create what it is you truly need, desire and are here to experience.  

As we walk through this global catalyst.... we don't want to go back to normal or keep assimilating into ways of working, living and relating that are not working for us. 

Wake up your wise woman eyes. Reopen your eyes that see wonder and possibility beyond the mind. Let your wild woman whose not bound by limitations or rules free.  Feel your power. Expand your consciousness.

This week we explore the power of being conscious about what is at the center of your life - and how you can use this inquiry and the framework I share to see what's not working for you any longer and find your power to create something different. 

This framework works for the self, for our family/relationships, and our society. 

What you choose consciously or unconsciously as the centerpoint of your life is what drives your choices, decisions about home, money, career, relationships, everything.

When you are the leader of your life - you consciously choose to shift this over the course of your life time. And when you do, you are so much more empowered to create a reality that supports and sustains you. And that creates the reality that gives you peace, harmony inside.

It's deep and practical. 

See you there.

With great heart,


Coming up - RSVP to get the invitation to

1. FLOW the Mid Year Power Pause - 

Starts June 14th - space to really tune into what is right and true for you moving forward. To create a path for the year ahead.

2. Feminine Wisdom Way summer/fall session - - do the power pause and receive structure and sisterhood for the rest of the year. 


May 16, 2020

What's Not Sustainable Any Longer? Finding Our Power to Create the World We Want to Live in. #3 of 4 in the Harmonize to Rise Series on Feminine Power Time with Christine Arylo. 

Hello dear ones... I have been deep in book edits but was SOOO looking forward to this conversation with you that I could not wait one more week to have it! So my notes this week are short.

Basically, tune in. 

As we move into this next phase of our global wake up catalyst shift there's an inquiry essential for us to be in - so we don't miss the possibility and gift of this experience, so we do step into our power to do things differently and create the world we want to live in. 

I'm sending you much love from the Puget Sound where the eagles and crows were swooping through the skies after I completed this session. Interesting given the crow is the symbol of the wise woman, and the eagle a symbol for the power of the current power systems (although it means much more than that!) I think they were dancing.... as we are all finding a new way....

Don't go back to normal.

Wake up your wise woman eyes. Feel your power. Expand your consciousness.

Next week, we explore more. This week i have an inquiry to bring into all parts of your life..

"What is no longer sustainable? For yourself. in relationship. In work. in wealth and health? And for the planet? for your family? for the communities you are in? 

See you there.

With great heart,


p.s Remember since you are here with me and we are connected, you receive access to the Stay Harmonized Sessions, a love offering for my community .... 

p.p.s I extended the 40 Day Burnout to Balance Practice through May - 

More to come on the summer including the June Flow Power Pause. And more. 




May 8, 2020

Hello Dear One ... Every May I love to re-listen to and re-share this episode on MOTHER LOVE (which is so much more than we think it is.) So many of us are feeling stretched - being called to make changes, expansions, trust. In times like you need more "mother love" - it's so powerful! MOTHER LOVE does not just come from your birth mother. And since most of us aren't taught what that is or how to source it, I am replaying this Feminine Power Time. If you've never heard it, tune in. If you have, re-listen this is medicine and a message that will bring clarity, confidence and courage to you at this time....

Next week we will resume our Harmonize and Rise Series with session #3, where we dive into the ways of working and living in our world that are no longer working for you... so instead of falling back into normal, you rise in a reality that supports, and sustains you. For now, soak in the Mother Love.

Much love to you xoxo Christine 


When you read the words ‘mother love’ you likely go right to thinking about the mother who gave birth to you or the mother who raised you. And while that mother definitely has a role to play in our lives, she cannot be our only source of “mother love.”

Mother love is... a specific kind of love that every human being needs – we don’t outgrow the need for it, although we sadly forget how much we do need it.

Mother love is… the deep, all-embracing, all-accepting, nourishing, nurturing, warm, safe, supportive love that soothes the places inside our hearts that feel scared and lonely.

Mother love is… the strong love that we can fall into when we are stressed, stretched, uncertain, and feeling like we just can’t handle what’s happening in our life.

Sourcing Mother Love is not something most of us were taught how to doIn this Feminine Power Time with Christine Arylo: Mother Love: The Feminine Love That Will Hold You Through Transition:

  • Reveal why one mother cannot be our only source of love – and how embracing this can wipe out all kinds of baggage and free you to receive the support, nurturing, courage, acceptance, patience, understanding and compassion
  • Define Mother Love – this is SO much more than the story or situation between you and your birth mother. Even if you had the greatest mother growing up, your need for more Mother Love doesn’t end.
  • See how the lack of Mother Love is often at the root of things like loneliness, feeling like you don’t belong, fear, not feeling like you have enough, are enough, not being cared for, not feeling supported  – these patterns will keep showing up if you don’t get to the root
  • Explore the powerful 3 Sources of Mother Love that are here for all of us - there is SO much of this support here for us beyond what we have been taught exists.
  • Learn simple practices you can do to invite this powerful, potent, feminine love into your heart and life –  including the Great Mother Bath

To dive deeper into the feminine connection with Christine Arylo, attend one of her virtual or in person Feminine Wisdom Sessions or Retreats - go here for more details 

Or join Christine for The Feminine Wisdom Way - it opens again in June with the mid year power pause - go to - 

Apr 24, 2020

Have you been feeling any of the emotional waves? In yourself, where emotions like anxiety flutter or flow through your heart? Or emotions like frustration and anger come welling and firing up and out?

How about in others? Noticed or picked up other people's fear, frustration or feelings and not known what to do with it? Or found yourself feeling deep grief where you just have to sit down and cry or go to sleep - that's you falling into the waves of the collective emotions. 

In the reality that we are moving through you should expect your emotions to rise up ... you just don't want to let them run you. You should expect other people's energy to try to stir up and muck up your own .... but you don't want to bite at the invitation, or get your emotional field meshed up with theirs.

And you should expect you are going to have days, hours where it's all just too much, and you need to release the energy of the collective your feeling.  

But how to you BE with your emotions, without being run by them?

How do you be present with others without taking on their stuff?

How do you stay informed without being infected, by the ENERGY of fear that is the bigger danger that can take hold?

How can you work with this energy to support your personal transformation and elevation? 

That's what we will dive into in this episode of Feminine Power Time, 122: Riding the Emotional Waves: How to Work with Your Feeling to Reveal Wisdom, Power and Healing, #2 of 4 in our Harmonize to Rise Series. 

This global catalyst that is affecting every human on the planet isn't something to get over, or wait out ... it is a powerful force you and I can work with, if you wake up to where your power is, where your fear is (YOUR HEART)... and then take the steps to be with what's within you... so you can heal it, release what you no longer need (harmonize) ... and then rise up and through the possibility at catalyst of this magnitude offers us.

During intense times in which are emotions can get stirred up like big wave, you want to have the self awareness and skills to stay on your surfboard, know when to stand and when to just lay down, and what to do when you fall off your center and into the emotional swirl so you can get back on.

Some of what we'll dive into today:

  1. What love cracks and overculture imprints may be unconsciously driving your emotions and thoughts 
  2. Is your mind or your heart your power center? Which do you know better and trust? 
  3. Discern between YOUR emotions and the emotions of others or the collective - so you only work with yours
  4. Don't miss this opportunity to release and heal the heart and soul parts within yourself that have kept you small, striving, driving, trying to succeed in the overculture, martrying yourself or too busy to realize you aren't living in alignment 

And then embrace your power GO DEEPER and find the wisdom your heart and body have for you. 

Then instead of setting up camp in a new normal that is only 5% better or running back to all the ways your life wasn't working in harmony before... you will have insight and super power to expand beyond what your mind can see, to step into the reality your heart and soul knows is possible.

See you there!

Note the fierce feminine came flowing through at the end ... so make sure to listen all the way through.

With great heart,


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