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Turn off the chatter and tune into what matters. Time just for you to attune to the guidance of your heart and soul & tap into your Divine Feminine wisdom. Christine Arylo shares spiritual wisdom and self love guidance modified for modern life. Invoking, Provoking & Elevating. Use this time to keep your life aligned.
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May 22, 2020

What's Your Life Really About? Choosing What to Center Your Life Around Next.  #4 of 4 in the Harmonize to Rise Series on Feminine Power Time with Christine Arylo. 

Hello dear ones... I have an inquiry for you that I don't want you to answer, but I want you to consider, to chew on, to explore, to open your eyes to....

What have you been constellating your life around? 

What do you desire to constellate your life around going forward?

This is what we call a wisdom inquiry that has the power to break you through to expanded levels of self awareness and possibility. It gets you tuned into what is really true and right for you now ... it taps you into your power to be a co-creator in your life design and reality ... it empowers you to see how the choices you are making are creating the reality that you've been stuck in or living ... it catalyzes you out of where you are stuck and what no longer serves so you can be free to create what it is you truly need, desire and are here to experience.  

As we walk through this global catalyst.... we don't want to go back to normal or keep assimilating into ways of working, living and relating that are not working for us. 

Wake up your wise woman eyes. Reopen your eyes that see wonder and possibility beyond the mind. Let your wild woman whose not bound by limitations or rules free.  Feel your power. Expand your consciousness.

This week we explore the power of being conscious about what is at the center of your life - and how you can use this inquiry and the framework I share to see what's not working for you any longer and find your power to create something different. 

This framework works for the self, for our family/relationships, and our society. 

What you choose consciously or unconsciously as the centerpoint of your life is what drives your choices, decisions about home, money, career, relationships, everything.

When you are the leader of your life - you consciously choose to shift this over the course of your life time. And when you do, you are so much more empowered to create a reality that supports and sustains you. And that creates the reality that gives you peace, harmony inside.

It's deep and practical. 

See you there.

With great heart,


Coming up - RSVP to get the invitation to

1. FLOW the Mid Year Power Pause - 

Starts June 14th - space to really tune into what is right and true for you moving forward. To create a path for the year ahead.

2. Feminine Wisdom Way summer/fall session - - do the power pause and receive structure and sisterhood for the rest of the year. 


May 16, 2020

What's Not Sustainable Any Longer? Finding Our Power to Create the World We Want to Live in. #3 of 4 in the Harmonize to Rise Series on Feminine Power Time with Christine Arylo. 

Hello dear ones... I have been deep in book edits but was SOOO looking forward to this conversation with you that I could not wait one more week to have it! So my notes this week are short.

Basically, tune in. 

As we move into this next phase of our global wake up catalyst shift there's an inquiry essential for us to be in - so we don't miss the possibility and gift of this experience, so we do step into our power to do things differently and create the world we want to live in. 

I'm sending you much love from the Puget Sound where the eagles and crows were swooping through the skies after I completed this session. Interesting given the crow is the symbol of the wise woman, and the eagle a symbol for the power of the current power systems (although it means much more than that!) I think they were dancing.... as we are all finding a new way....

Don't go back to normal.

Wake up your wise woman eyes. Feel your power. Expand your consciousness.

Next week, we explore more. This week i have an inquiry to bring into all parts of your life..

"What is no longer sustainable? For yourself. in relationship. In work. in wealth and health? And for the planet? for your family? for the communities you are in? 

See you there.

With great heart,


p.s Remember since you are here with me and we are connected, you receive access to the Stay Harmonized Sessions, a love offering for my community .... 

p.p.s I extended the 40 Day Burnout to Balance Practice through May - 

More to come on the summer including the June Flow Power Pause. And more. 




May 8, 2020

Hello Dear One ... Every May I love to re-listen to and re-share this episode on MOTHER LOVE (which is so much more than we think it is.) So many of us are feeling stretched - being called to make changes, expansions, trust. In times like you need more "mother love" - it's so powerful! MOTHER LOVE does not just come from your birth mother. And since most of us aren't taught what that is or how to source it, I am replaying this Feminine Power Time. If you've never heard it, tune in. If you have, re-listen this is medicine and a message that will bring clarity, confidence and courage to you at this time....

Next week we will resume our Harmonize and Rise Series with session #3, where we dive into the ways of working and living in our world that are no longer working for you... so instead of falling back into normal, you rise in a reality that supports, and sustains you. For now, soak in the Mother Love.

Much love to you xoxo Christine 


When you read the words ‘mother love’ you likely go right to thinking about the mother who gave birth to you or the mother who raised you. And while that mother definitely has a role to play in our lives, she cannot be our only source of “mother love.”

Mother love is... a specific kind of love that every human being needs – we don’t outgrow the need for it, although we sadly forget how much we do need it.

Mother love is… the deep, all-embracing, all-accepting, nourishing, nurturing, warm, safe, supportive love that soothes the places inside our hearts that feel scared and lonely.

Mother love is… the strong love that we can fall into when we are stressed, stretched, uncertain, and feeling like we just can’t handle what’s happening in our life.

Sourcing Mother Love is not something most of us were taught how to doIn this Feminine Power Time with Christine Arylo: Mother Love: The Feminine Love That Will Hold You Through Transition:

  • Reveal why one mother cannot be our only source of love – and how embracing this can wipe out all kinds of baggage and free you to receive the support, nurturing, courage, acceptance, patience, understanding and compassion
  • Define Mother Love – this is SO much more than the story or situation between you and your birth mother. Even if you had the greatest mother growing up, your need for more Mother Love doesn’t end.
  • See how the lack of Mother Love is often at the root of things like loneliness, feeling like you don’t belong, fear, not feeling like you have enough, are enough, not being cared for, not feeling supported  – these patterns will keep showing up if you don’t get to the root
  • Explore the powerful 3 Sources of Mother Love that are here for all of us - there is SO much of this support here for us beyond what we have been taught exists.
  • Learn simple practices you can do to invite this powerful, potent, feminine love into your heart and life –  including the Great Mother Bath

To dive deeper into the feminine connection with Christine Arylo, attend one of her virtual or in person Feminine Wisdom Sessions or Retreats - go here for more details 

Or join Christine for The Feminine Wisdom Way - it opens again in June with the mid year power pause - go to - 

Apr 24, 2020

Have you been feeling any of the emotional waves? In yourself, where emotions like anxiety flutter or flow through your heart? Or emotions like frustration and anger come welling and firing up and out?

How about in others? Noticed or picked up other people's fear, frustration or feelings and not known what to do with it? Or found yourself feeling deep grief where you just have to sit down and cry or go to sleep - that's you falling into the waves of the collective emotions. 

In the reality that we are moving through you should expect your emotions to rise up ... you just don't want to let them run you. You should expect other people's energy to try to stir up and muck up your own .... but you don't want to bite at the invitation, or get your emotional field meshed up with theirs.

And you should expect you are going to have days, hours where it's all just too much, and you need to release the energy of the collective your feeling.  

But how to you BE with your emotions, without being run by them?

How do you be present with others without taking on their stuff?

How do you stay informed without being infected, by the ENERGY of fear that is the bigger danger that can take hold?

How can you work with this energy to support your personal transformation and elevation? 

That's what we will dive into in this episode of Feminine Power Time, 122: Riding the Emotional Waves: How to Work with Your Feeling to Reveal Wisdom, Power and Healing, #2 of 4 in our Harmonize to Rise Series. 

This global catalyst that is affecting every human on the planet isn't something to get over, or wait out ... it is a powerful force you and I can work with, if you wake up to where your power is, where your fear is (YOUR HEART)... and then take the steps to be with what's within you... so you can heal it, release what you no longer need (harmonize) ... and then rise up and through the possibility at catalyst of this magnitude offers us.

During intense times in which are emotions can get stirred up like big wave, you want to have the self awareness and skills to stay on your surfboard, know when to stand and when to just lay down, and what to do when you fall off your center and into the emotional swirl so you can get back on.

Some of what we'll dive into today:

  1. What love cracks and overculture imprints may be unconsciously driving your emotions and thoughts 
  2. Is your mind or your heart your power center? Which do you know better and trust? 
  3. Discern between YOUR emotions and the emotions of others or the collective - so you only work with yours
  4. Don't miss this opportunity to release and heal the heart and soul parts within yourself that have kept you small, striving, driving, trying to succeed in the overculture, martrying yourself or too busy to realize you aren't living in alignment 

And then embrace your power GO DEEPER and find the wisdom your heart and body have for you. 

Then instead of setting up camp in a new normal that is only 5% better or running back to all the ways your life wasn't working in harmony before... you will have insight and super power to expand beyond what your mind can see, to step into the reality your heart and soul knows is possible.

See you there!

Note the fierce feminine came flowing through at the end ... so make sure to listen all the way through.

With great heart,


To Go Deeper ... 

1. The annual Burnout to Balance 40-Day Practice: Embrace your Power to Stay Centered and Sustained in a Chaotic World -  Start anytime in April - 

2. Stay Harmonized! Weekly Sessions with Christine - love offering for my community through May - 

3. Yoga of Self Love: Simple practices for Staying Connected to Yourself Everyday  - 

4. Personal Transformational Mentorship with Christine - learn more at 


Apr 16, 2020

Harmonize. To get yourself aligned on the inside so that the choices you make and the way you show up in your day to day come from the deeper truth and knowing within you. Harmonize. To choose to connect with your higher Self - your Wise Woman/Man/Being" - who knows how to walk through any threshold (change) because it is deeply attuned to Grace, the Divine, Expanded Possibility. 

I've been thinking of you all! Waiting for the words to come about what is needed to support us all to stay awake, aware, wise and clear.

As we walk through what is called a "threshold crossing", a catalyst, a challenge beckoning us to change, as individuals and a society, culture and world, with lots of uncertainty ... what is needed is for each of us to stay awake, be wise, stay harmonized ... so together we can rise.  

This Feminine Power Time, 121: Harmonize to Rise: Wake Up to Your Wise Self and Let Her Lead, is #1 of 4 in the series on Crossing Over to a New World, not a New Normal. 

What we are experiencing in the world right now is like one of those major catalysts that happen in a life that gives you both the challenge and the grace to make significant shifts, quantum leaps ...

The kind that can propel us into a world personally and collectively that can create more harmony, connection and wholeness vs. so much of what we've been tolerating or assimilating into for a long time.

It is a challenging intense time... we need to be aware and with it, and we also don't want to miss the expansion and possibility here for us by running to find a new normal.   

Today, we start by diving into our own inner worlds - connecting to that deep wisdom within you ... to support you to get harmonized on the inside, so as you walk through this catalyst you can work with the energy and reality to expand and rise into what your heart and soul is oh so ready for. 

Tune in ....  let's talk about how to stay present to what is... how to RESET your rhythm and patterns to support and sustain you through this threshold... how to get clear and real about what is calling for you to RELEASE so you can RISE... and tap deep into your wisdom self to reveal what you need to REMEMBER to help you walk through this threshold crossing to trust the process, walk step by step and rise into what is next.

Wherever this finds you today, I am sending you much LOVE!

Stay awake. Be wise. Stay harmonized. Together we rise. 



For More Practices for Staying Harmonized, Centered and Clear 

1. The annual Burnout to Balance 40-Day Practice: Embrace your Power to Stay Centered and Sustained in a Chaotic World -  Start anytime in April - 

2. Stay Harmonized! Weekly Sessions with Christine - love offering for my community through May - 

3. Yoga of Self Love: Simple practices for Staying Connected to Yourself Everyday  - 




p.s. A clarification on one of the metaphors I used in the episode.. I have nothing against Kansas. I have never actually been to Kansas :) So for anyone from Kansas or who love it, or whose ancestors pioneereed there, love to you! and please receive the metaphor as just that. xoxo 

Mar 28, 2020

Every year at the start of the year and as the quarter turns I do a special Feminine Power Time focused on spiritual insight and feminine wisdom for the intensity we are facing personally and globally at the time. This year, the intensity I think we can agree just wratched up about 25 or 2500 degrees.

We are in midst of a global, social, and personal catalyst. 

Our minds want to make sense, make sure we are safe, know what will happen, and search for information. Our minds are not the tool we need at this time. Because this isn't about figuring stuff out - it's about being with what is... pulling our heads above the chaos to see a greater truth and pattern ... while also creating stability for our human hearts.

This isn't the time to react and pivot ... it's the time to plant and ground and get clear about what you need to stabilize yourself and what and who you care for. To set the structures so you can stay harmonized or get re-harmonized when you get tweaked out, twisted up, or turned around (which you will). 

What's needed now is the deeper spiritual wisdom and mystical wisdom that we can use practically at this time to support us to strengthen our capacity to meet the intensity... and instead of holding on to the old or giving away our power to the systems or running back to try and establish normal we RISE UP and connect to a deeper purer wisdom that seeks to create new realities. 

But first we stabilize and harmonize ourselves so we can rise. And that is not just about our mind and immune systems. Hearts, nervous systems and magnetic fields too. 

I've been waiting to do this Feminine Power Time until I was clear on what spiritual wisdom and insight wanted to come through... I've been listening to what is real, what it needed and what our human hearts need.

I sat Saturday morning with coffee in my A CUP OF LOVE mug, beeswax candle lit, and this is what came streaming through. 

May this serve to support you as we walk through this threshold. 

See you there. 

Much love,



Wisdom Inquiries

1. How can I stabilize myself, and who and what I care for? (Consider this for the next one or two months).

2. What are the practices that I do as my bookend practice to harmonize my mind, body, heart and magnetic field? What practices do I have to re-harmonize myself when I get tweaked out, turned around or twisted up? 

3. What places do I have to connect that support my energy and harmonize me? What places am I connecting that drain me? 

4. What is Wisdom trying to show me? What inquiries are arising with a new set of eyes tuned into the mystical and material? (the rise post stabilize) 

Support, structure and community for you

1. Weekly STAY HARMONIZED Sessions with Christine 
Love Offering for My Communities - to keep you from getting tweaked out, turned around and twisted up, and/or to re-set and re-harmonize if you do. 

Access and RSVP here 

2. Annual Burnout to Balance 40-Day Practice - Embrace Your Power to Stay Centered and Sustained in a Chaotic World
Full of wisdom and practice to help you take a deeper look within at what needs to be redesigned and released and created, and the practices that create a sustainable rhythm, re-harmonize, release stress and increase vitality.  Start anytime in April 

3. Save the Date - Feminine Wisdom Weekend Virtual Retreat - May 2/3. 


Mar 21, 2020

In the midst of intensity and uncertainty it can seem crazy to 'pause' ... but it's exactly what wise, sane, empowered people do. It is what gives us the power to see what is real. what is needed. and how to best focus our life force and resources so we are sustained on all levels. Today, I share with you and walk you through a POWER PAUSE - a practice I do and take others through every quarter turn of the year, specifically on the Equinoxes and the Solstices. I will tell you more about why in the podcast. 

A Power Pause in normal times is a leadership best practice - for leading your life, your organization, your business, your team, your health and wealth, everything. It's time to pause and

  • REFLECT to see all that you have already done and acknowledge it, so you can SEE and feel that you are making a difference and things are happening. Otherwise you always feel like you aren't doing enough. 
  • RE-HARMONIZE & RESET - to reset where things feel out of whack or imbalanced, so you can stop any energy or resource leaks, to make sure you have what you need to be Sustained emotionally, physicallly, financially and relationally. 
  • REFOCUS - like we talked about last week, in times of uncertainty you want to invoke your power to create and move into creative action. A power pause helps you do that in a shorter time span that feels manageable vs overwhelming.  

In Intense times, I don't know how to stay focused, centered and sustained without them. Good thing we don't have to.

Join me for this episode of Feminine Power Time: POWER PAUSE: Re-set,&  Refocus -  #3 of 3 of practices for staying centered in chaotic times. 

I'll share more about this practice and how to use it to support yourself. 

Also we'll talk about the bigger Power Pause that's happening globally and a perspective on how to be with what is happening, in a way you are prepared and wise vs. panicked. 

And how to break down and work with 'time spans' to help you focus in more manageable spans so you can focus on what matters. 

I'll lead you through a set of Power Pause inquiries we use specifically during the Equinoxes that will help you re-set and re-focus between now and May 1st or June 21st - Solstice - depending on what you choose. 

I included the inquiries below. 

Wherever this finds you today love, know that these structures and practices are what hold, center and guide you through any storm. Slow down. Press pause. Let's tune into your deeper knowing and the Universe's guidance. 

with heart


p.s. If you missed the Grace Under Pressure Feminine Wisdom Session: Staying Clear, Calm and Centered in Chaotic Times, you can still listen or watch it - 

Wisdom Inquiries

Choose your time span - between now and May 1st (about 7 weeks, 40 days, or the super power day of Beltane), or June 21st Solstice (half way point of the year). Set the space and get clear these, and then focus here:

1. What do I need to be sustained - physically, emotionally, relationally?

2. What is imbalanced or out of harmony in my life? Or desiring more attention now? Physical foundation of home, health, wealth, practice?  Relationships professional or personal? In career or work? 

3. To reset and re-harmonize these imbalances or desires, what needs to be released? or re-designed? 

4. Where is my life force being called to focus and flow between now and the time span I chose ? In my physical foundation of home/health/wealth/practice? In my relationships? In my work/career? 


Focus giving your life force where the flow guides you (give here)

Choose 3 imbalances and re-harmonize them between now and the end of this time span (re-set here)

Claim what you need to be sustained and take the action needed to receive it  (recieve here) 

Mar 12, 2020

There is no question that there is a lot of fear flying around out there... that is causing even the most wise and centered of us to question what is real? What should I do? What the heck is going on in the world? How do I stay safe and well? But also not fall victim to the fear machine that stirs up panic? 

In this episode of Feminine Power Time we will dive into the question - What do you do with the fear? How do you clear the fear so you can see what is real? What information do you trust? What are the wise actions to respond to whatever is happening in the world. Today it's a virus. A few months ago it was any number of natural disasters. And there will be more. These are the times we are living in. 

And ... while fear will rise up. We do not have to react from fear. We do not have to make our decisions around fear. 

We do need to be awake, aware, wise and safe ... able to discern. 

This Feminine Power Time is #2 of 3 in our Grace Under Pressure series: Superpowers for staying centered, calm and clear in a chaotic world. 

Join me as we dive into what I call Fear-shifting... including

  • What not to do ... so you don't feed the fear, your own or the worlds 
  • How to look at fear differently, so you know what to do with it... yours, other peoples or the worlds, so you gain the power to calm yourself and ground yourself to stay centered, and as result empower others to do the same.
  • Three powerful wisdom inquiries you can use in the moment to find the truth and your truth .. the practice of wisdom inquiries is So powerful.
  • A grounding and rooting meditation practice that is about 3 minutes only, you can do it in the morning, or whenever the fear swirls up
  • How to tell if the fear of everything going on in the world is confusing your judgement or amplifying your own internal fears - and what to do with the fear, to shift yourself into wisdom and truth. 

Fear-shifting is a practice. There are tools. Come and learn them.

Plus I'll invite you to open up your eyes to SEE what you might not be seeing about what is happening in the world today. 

Question everything is what the elders say at this time.

Let's make sure you have the right questions and practices to lead to wisdom. 

See you there



p.s. Join me for the Wisdom Session on Sunday where I will go deeper into how to stay calm, connected, clear and centered during chaotic times - video or audio stream. RSVP for free - 

p.p.s. Want more practices to keep you centered - March 29th, the Annual 40-day Burnout to Balance Practice starts 

Mar 6, 2020

The yogic wisdom is clear -how you end your day is how you start your next day. Yet we make choices in the last few hours before we go to sleep that sabotage our ability to replenish. We can blame work, other people, money, etc.for our stress but the truth is you and I have a lot of power to reduce our stress and increase our clarity and feelings of calm by the choices we make in the last two hours of our day.

This is the practice of DOWNSHIFTING - the rhythm and routines and actions you take from the hours of 4pm to you go to sleep.

My question for you is .... what choices are you making that are draining you? what choices are sustaining you? Especially in the last two hours of your evening which is where we will focus our conversation at in this Feminine Power Time: Downshifting: Superpower Practice for Staying Centered in Chaotic Times, the first in our 3 part Grace Under Pressure Series where we dive into:

  • How do you stay centered, calm and clear in a chaotic world?? 
  • The practice of BOOKENDING your days. - Where your power lies to stay outside the swirl by how you start and end
  • The practice of DOWNSHIFTING
  • The sabotaging ways you may be downshifting including the 'second shift' and 'the wine down'
  • Simple shifts you can make in the last hour before you go to bed that will have a significant impact on your calm, clarity and centeredness 

We'll get real and practical about how to use downshifting to get the replenishment you need, and replace sabotaging evening habits with new ones that support you. 

  • What you put into your body, mind, psychic field goes to bed with you - how about that!
  • When you mimic mother natures rhythm, your rhythm comes into harmony
  • Downshifting is not something additional you do, it is how you do what you are already doing

I LOVE this practice and every year before the equinoxes, i up my commitment and awareness of it.

Tune in. 

Big heart



p.s.  Join me on March 15th for the Feminine Wisdom Session - Grace Under Pressure: Superpowers for Staying Centered, Calm and Clear in a Chaotic World.  RSVP, 

p.p.s Save the Date - annual 40 day Burnout to Balance Practice begins March 28th.



Appreciate and LOVE if you would SHARE, RATE and REVIEW Feminine Power Time ... so we can support more beings to stay centered, calm and clear within so we can be our bright light full selves and do what we came here to do and be!  oxoxo

Feb 28, 2020

Take care of your heart. I just had to do this Feminine Power Time for us - I know it sounds soft, or oh yeah of course. But what I have to share is so much more than some nice self care message. So tune in.

Our hearts are our power centers. 

Your heart much more than your mind drives your actions, thoughts and choices.

You mind responds to the feelings and needs in your heart, but how many of us know how to truly communicate, connect and stay true to our hearts.

Even if you do, the world is crazy, so we need access to practices and structures that keep our hearts stable and sustained, so we can stay clear, confident, calm and courageous. 

In this Feminine Power Time #116: Take Care of Your Heart - Self Love Practices for Staying Centered, Calm and Connected, I'll take you on a exploration of these three realms :

Self Love


Self Sustainability 

Including a practice for each you can put into your life for each one.

These three things - self love, sisterhood, self sustainability are at the core of our capacity to stay clear, calm and centered within a chaotic world. 

Come. Lets get that heart of yours harmonized!


p.s. I made a request, from that place of sisterhood to Share Feminine Power Time, Rate and Review it. Would super appreciate!

And here are upcoming events I mentioned - I've been deep in book edits, so I'll be emerging on March 10th with what's happening this year.

* upcoming events * 

March 8th - The Yoga of Self Love: Simple practices for staying connected to yourself everyday starts! - check it out. 

March 10th - Feminine Wisdom Session for Staying Clear, Centered and Calm in a Chaotic World - Save the Date. 5:30pm PT

March 29th - Burnout to Balance - 40 day Practice Starts. Save the Date. 

April: Gather Your People - Training for People Who Desire to Create Experiences that Create Connection and Transformation 







Feb 13, 2020

During the week of Self Love Day Feb 13th I taped the 3rd of our 3 part series on Powerful Questions to ask ourselves as we make choices for the year ahead ... so we can stay centered, calm and clear in these intense times. This final episode poses an inquiry that will take you into the heart of what YOU need to be sustained - physically, mentally, emotionally and materially ... a question that if we don't pause to consider we inevitably will end up stretching ourselves way too thin, giving too much, without receiving what we need.

The word sustained is a powerful word I invite you to take into your heart and life ... the root means 'to hold'... when you are SUSTAINED, you feel HELD... so you are so much more able to actualize your dreams, desires, projects, purpose ... when you are SUSTAINED, the strong foundation under and around and within you fuels the courage you need to stay clear and centered.

When are not SUSTAINED ... not receiving the financial flow you need... not having the home you need... not having the supportive relationships you need... when you feel you are giving so much more than you are receiving in return... your body, mind and heart get wobbly, tired, exhausted and eventually burned out or sick.

SO LETS NOT DO THIS YEAR in a way you sacrifice yourself. The invitation from my heart to yours is to take radical acts of SELF SUSTAINABILITY... as you make choices in your career, relationships, money, health, consider and get real about what you need to be sustained. I think the answers will enlighten and embrace you.

In this episode of Feminine Power Time: SUSTAINED: What do you need to be sustained this year? i, Christine Arylo will

  • Share what SUSTAINABILITY for YOURSELF actually looks like. This is so beyond self care.
  • And take you through a series of questions that will help open up your clarity about what you need this coming year to be sustained - in all four realms. 

Tune in

Self Love Day Blessings - whenever you are tuning in, remember that taking a stand for your self sustainability it better for everyone and everything.

Big heart



The Year of Self Love - Starts March 1st - simple, practical way to strengthen your self compassion, self trust, self-empowerment, and all branches of self-love. 

The Path of Self Love Mastery Training - Starts March 10th - like a yoga teacher training for self love. Professional and personal transformation. 

From Burnout to Balance 40-day Practice - March 2020

Jan 30, 2020

It is way too easy to overgive and overcompensate in our work and relationships and then get overwhelmed and distracted, and diminish our impact, and worse, deplete ourselves. Especially in these intense and changing times.

Which is why we are doing this series in Feminine Power Time on powerful inquiries to ask yourself for 2020 beyond, so you can stay centered, calm and clear... focused on what matters. 

This specific inquiry is at the root of feminine leadership - it's all about taking a stand for your self-sustainability and for giving and receiving in harmony in our work and relationships. It's also about feminine power and making a greater impact in your work and within the lives of those you love and lead.

When you know your part in your work you not only become more effective, you affect greater, lasting change.

When you know your part in your relationships, you stop over giving and feeling like you have to do it all or you are failing at doing it all. You embrace that you are one person in a constellation of people and support that collectively cares for others. WOW the spaciousness and lack of guilt that happens when you really embrace this.

This is also about purpose - when you can name your part to play in this bigger world, you too stop feeling like you are not enough or not doing enough because you see how you are making a difference in what is yours to do. 

#StayFocusedOnYourPart - that's the self-sustainability stand.

As leaders, we apply this stand to three realms of our lives - our work, our relationships and our physical foundation of health/wealth/home 

In this session, I'll share more about

  • what staying focused on your part means - and how it's essential to doing meaningful work, growing your work or business, not taking on too much, and gaining the power to say NO I can't without guilt
  •  why we have such a hard time not taking it all on whether it's at work or in our relationships
  • how to get an upgrade in who you work for so you can stop feeling so pressured and start receiving the support you need... and trust that others will too
  • honing in on your super powers so you can get clear on your part in the world, in your work and in your relationships. 

At the end of the session, I'll walk you through a personal meditation and visualization to help you get clear on what your part is and what you part is not in the 3 realms of your whole life .... and then take a stand to stay focused on your part this year 

This is preventative burnout and overwhelm care. It's self empowerment. It's feminine leadership. It's wise. 

I look forward to diving in with you!

If you missed Powerful Inquiry #1 - What is Holding Me? from last episode, make sure to tune in. And stay tuned next week for #3 inquiry. 

big heart



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Self Love Day Circle - Feb 13th - Beyond Self Care: Taking a Stand for Self Sustainability 

A Year of Self Love - Embodying Self Love - Opens Feb 13th. 

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Upcoming Retreats

Fierce Grace Feminine Leadership Weekend - Power. Presence. Purpose.  May 2020






Jan 17, 2020

Today I invite you to consider this powerful inquiry - one you have not likely asked yourself before: What is Holding Me? I know it sound esoteric, vast, vague, maybe even irrelevant to your day to day reality. But trust me, if you want to stay centered, calm, clear in this chaotic world, you want to know. 

Feeling held is the tap root of your courage to step out, make changes, and speak up. When you feel held fear cannot derail you. When you feel held you are so clear within yourself that confusion, doubt, and anxiety melt away.

But what does feeling held mean?

And what is holding you, really, as you step into 2020 and beyond? 

And what do you need to know to make sure that just as a tree is held by its roots in the ground, and the network of other trees, that you have what you need to weather the storms that are surely ahead?

One of my super powers is creating powerful inquiries that open up portals to deeper wisdom within us, questions that expand what's possibility and that shift our perspective so we can do things differently. 

As we face 2020 and beyond, and I've been in my EMERGE Visioning and Intention Setting process, powerful inquiries that have been blowing my mind and opening up my imagination and intuition have been popping up like popcorn! I've been having deep conversations with friends about these and it's been altering how I choose to focus my life force in 2020. Giving me clarity.


In this Feminine Power Time: What is Holding You? #1 of 3 in a series I'm calling Powerful Questions to Ask Yourself for 2020 and Beyond to Stay Centered, Calm, and Clear in Intense Changing Times we will dive into this inquiry together. 

Making powerful inquiries is one of the feminine wisdom way tools we use to gain access to our own intuition and to the imaginal field of possibility, and to Divine guidance.

So no bullet points for you to read here.

Just tune in. I promise it will be practical and relevant, and perhaps shape your choices and focuses in ways that are not only enlightening but truly empowering. 

Just as a tree must be held to grow strong, so you must be too.

For you who likely holds so much for others, what is holding you?

How do you cultivate the inner knowing that you are held? And how does that change everything? 

With great heart,



Feminine Wisdom Way 2020 - Live, Lead and Succeed the Way Women Work Best. 

Circle closes on Jan 19th.  

Join us. 



Jan 11, 2020

Every year in January I wait to do this special Feminine Power Time session until the timing feels just right. This year, it was exactly on the first full moon of the year, a wolf moon, eclipse just as the sun was setting on the Puget Sound across from my studio window.

I’ve been thinking of you all for weeks and what would emerge to be shared on the yearly “Feminine Wisdom for The Year Ahead” episode.

After weeks of being in my own reflection and visioning process, watching what’s happening in the world, deepening in my own practice and listening for guidance from Wisdom with a capital W, once again, a series of ‘wisdom bytes’ flowed out.

Tune in for this year’s Feminine Wisdom for the Year Ahead - 202-, a yearly occurrence here at Feminine Power Time. It’s not about fortune telling, it’s about reading the signs all around us, feeling the knowings within us, and then being WISE about what is happening in the world and how we desire and choose to show up.

Feminine wisdom teaches us to prepare for the intensity, uncertainty, transformation and change that is just part of how the world is operating right now.

Not to brace yourself for it, but to embrace it, pace yourself through it and cultivate the vitality, resilience and wisdom you’ll need to stay elevated above the fray and the chaos.

Tune in with me, Christine Arylo, feminine leadership advisor and women’s leadership and empowerment teacher, as we dive in. 

See you there!



Wisdom Inquiries

1. Where are you not showing up in your full presence? Where are you?

2 What is your soul stretch in 2020?

3. Where are you separating or isolating instead of connecting and including? 

4. What support do you need to 'do' what you desire, need to, or are being asked to in 2020?

5. How are you cultivating sisterhood? What else do you need? 

6. What are your practices for staying centered and slowing down? Daily? Weekly? Monthly? Yearly? 

Programs and Classes

1. Different Way to Dream -

2. Feminine Wisdom Way - Vision, Plan, Focus and Grow the Way Women Work Best - 

Jan 4, 2020

There is a misunderstanding in our culture about visioning, dreaming and goals setting. The mainstream approach is rooted in the go, go , go, work hard, stay busy culture we've been trained to operate in. So we try to do too much, push too hard, and exhaust ourselves. The more spiritual approach is also laden with big misunderstandings about manifesting, the law of attraction, and vision boards that lead to self criticism & stress later in the year.   

There is a different way. One that gives you access to deeper Wisdom that fuels  & focuses your desires personally & professionally.

A way that gives you....

  • Space.  Releasing the pressure to have your year figured out by Jan 15th. 

  • Insight. Into how to achieve in your work, without sacrificing your relationships or personal wellness. 

  • Focus +  Fluidity. So you operate in the flow vs. pushing, striving, and stretching yourself past capacity.

  • Clarity. On where to focus life force and resources in ways that sustain you - so you put the right amount of energy and time to projects, people and dreams vs. trying to do it all right now.

This is the way we naturally work best as women and humans... when we stop following the models of success and productivity set up for us, and start following our deep innate feminine wisdom.

In this special SALON episode: A Different Way to Dream and Achieve, I'll share with you a different approach for how to vision, focus and plan your year. So you have the wisdom, the practices, the processes for creating realities that sustain you and that are in alignment for who  you are and what you truly desire. 

It's taken me over a decade of living this way, after studying the mainstream business world and success models and then the more spiritual and personal growth models, to find this path. 

Tune in! 

Big heart



p.s. The Salon episodes are taken from the live Feminine Wisdom Sessions I do live throughout the year. I share the with you on the podcast so you can receive the wisdom. And you can also receive the video version.

p.p.s If you would like to see and receive the video version of this session, go to 

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