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Turn off the chatter and tune into what matters. Time just for you to attune to the guidance of your heart and soul & tap into your Divine Feminine wisdom. Christine Arylo shares spiritual wisdom and self love guidance modified for modern life. Invoking, Provoking & Elevating. Use this time to keep your life aligned.
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Feb 28, 2019

We need sisterhood more than ever. Not just one friend or one group of women we relate to - but multiple 'circles' of women
 with different levels of intimacy, relationship, and connection that can be there with us and for us as we navigate through the intense and uncertain world we live in. 

Cultivating strong circles of sisterhood are our life saving devices during these intense and uncertain times.

With strong circles and connection to circles of other women -
that we are part of consistently, that we can reach out to in times of crisis or challenge, that know us, hold us and love us unconditionally- we can weather any storm that comes our way AND we gain the strength, courage and compassion to stretch in all the ways we are being called to grow and change.

Join Christine Arylo, feminine leadership advisor and wisdom teacher, and Shasta Nelson, friendship expert, for an illuminating and thought provoking conversation and exploration that includes: 

  • How can you strengthen your circle of sisterhood?

  • Female health fact that might surprise you + the difference between BELONGING and CONNECTING

  • Why friendships don't just happen - get more conscious about the ingredients and actions for calling in + deepening your female connections

  • The 3 components all friendships need to thrive 

  • Why all friendships don't progress to deeper connections + how to tell which ones have the potential for growth

  • What to do when you are feeling a 'sisterhood deficit'?

  • What you desire NOW to strengthen your sisterhood connections?


Feb 14, 2019



This is wisdom my life partner and the man who has taught me about 90 percent of what I know about relationships stated to me when I was writing my first book, Choosing ME Before WE. Noah is often my first line editor when I write, as he brings a deep, thoughtful perspective. 

Over the years, it's only been me and the women in my mentoring and group programs that have benefitted from Noah's enlightening and practical wisdom. Or the few couples who have been up for doing work with us around creating powerful partnerships. He's as trained as me, he even has his master degree in spiritual psychology. But more than that, Noah seems to have been born with a super power to understand the dynamics between people, both in the relationship and the individual. He's been giving counsel on relationships since he was 8! 

So I thought, let's have Noah on Feminine Power Time for our series on LOVE and Relationship. 

I put a call out for questions through my Facebook pages and through my Feminine Wisdom Way circle.

I used these questions to frame our conversation. 

Noah says that LOVE is our natural state. Hmmm... I agree. It's not really love that is the hard part in relationships. We love easily. It's the trust, respect, leaning in, vulnerability, finding people willing to grow that seems to be challenging. 

Tune in with me Christine Arylo, women's leadership advisor, MBA and wisdom teacher for this Feminine Power Time: #84 LOVE, A Man's Perspective On Relationship with guest Noah Martin. It's the 2nd in our 4 part series. We will dive into questions like:

  • It seems like the more I grow the harder it is to find someone who is at my same level, like there are just less people? What to do? 
  • Do men really care about relationship? What were your fears when you met Christine and in your marriage, and how did you overcome them? 
  • What do you do when you seem to be growing past your partner? You want to stay connected but it's not happening? 
  • What made you want to keep growing and leaning in to relationship? 
  • What are some of the things in your relationship with Christine that allow it to work so well? 
  • How do I be in relationship with someone else without losing myself? 
  • How do I know if the relationship I am in is not a good one for me?
  • How do you get what you need in relationship without being needy or being a doormat? 

There are lots of our stories. Lots of our real honest banter back and forth. Tune in and take the wisdom about love and relationship that can support any of your relationships. 

And make sure to tune into the first episode, #83: How Smart Women Sabotage and Sacrifice Themselves for Relationship. 

And special February Offering from Noah - to support those committed to growing and thriving through relationship 

30 Minute Relationship Illumination Sessions with Noah Martin

50% savings just for February - $30 per session 

Learn more and sign up here 

There will be a pop up box or go to his coaching page.








Feb 14, 2019

In this special Feminine Super Power Salon, join Christine Arylo, MBA, founder of The Path of Self Love School, best-selling author of Choosing ME before WE, for a special session, where you will learn:  

  • The most common self-love weaknesses that lead to bad relationship choices
  • Why it's so hard to break repeating unhealthy relationship patterns - and how to get to the roots vs. treat the symptom  
  • The common signs of a lack of self-love that cause smart and successful or sensitive and kind people to make terrible relationship choices  
  • Reveal how your current relationships - romantic, friendships, family, colleagues - are affecting your career, wealth, health and dreams  
  • How to teach people to set the right expectations and levels of vulnerability - so they don’t set themselves up to be disappointed, deceived or drained  
  • How to teach people to go beyond the stories in their heads and the wounds in their hearts to get to the root of their own healing using self-love practices and creative ‘heart art’  
  • We will also answer questions about our upcoming teacher training on Self Love & Relationships, which like a yoga teacher training, can be taken for personal and professional reasons. For people ready for a deep dive and mastery in the realm of self-love and relationship 

To watch the video stream go to


Taped live on the international day of Self Love, February 13th.


To learn more about The Path of Self Love School go to


To learn more about the Year Of Self Love go to

Feb 9, 2019

Why do so many of us smart women sabotage ourselves when it comes to relationships? And as a result sacrifice what we need, or sacrifice or dreams and desires. Or settle for less in our partnerships and friendships? Or put up with non-respectful and relationships with our relatives or at work? How can we be good at our jobs and rock our careers, yet struggle in the realm of love and the heart?

And how do we find the wisdom to create the strong, beautiful, supportive partnerships, friendships, family, community that we not only desire but that we actually NEED to have the impact we desire and be supported and cared for and sustained. 

Over my life and my work with amazing, strong, good hearted women, I noticed that we have been sold a bill of goods about love and relationship that is just plain WRONG. What we are taught to expect, how we see ourselves and others, how we show up in them, what healthy relationships look like is in so many ways warped and distorted, not powerful and wise.

The cost of this is huge.

Your relationships can either be the wind beneath your wings that support you to soar, or the chains around your heart that keep you from your dreams, desires and deep human need to feel loved, safe and cared for.

If we as grown women do not know how to cultivate healthy relationships that support us to thrive, how can we expect the children we raise or the young people we influence to grow strong on the inside to have only respectful relationships?

In 2009, I wrote my first book, Choosing ME Before WE, because I just could not watch another woman suffer in her relationships.

In 2015 I started the Path of Self Love School to teach women and girls and now men and boys the wisdom I never got growing up but that we all need. And the tools to understand how to work with my own heart so all my relationships could support me to soar.

This month, I felt inspired to create a 4 part Feminine Power Time for you on LOVE and Relationships.

This first Feminine Power Time, “Why Smart Women Sabotage and Sacrifice Themselves in Relationship”  is with me Christine Arylo - you and me heart to heart on this essential part of our feminine power and wisdom. 

The ones to come will include guests to take us deeper into different realms of love and relationship - your LOVE LIFE includes much more than ‘romantic relationships’.

For today, I invite you to tune in as we dive deeper into:

  • 3 big misunderstandings about love that lead to suffering and sacrificing ourselves in relationship
  • 3 big wisdom bytes to right those misunderstandings that will affect all of your relationships
  • Why working harder, giving more and making it work are bad choices for your relationships
  • How wounds - love cracks-from our young life show up in our adult work life
  • Why our hearts hurt so bad when a relationship ends - it’s not what you think
  • How to tell if the person you love is really able to grow with you
  • How to tell if your overstaying in a relationship that needs to expire
  • Signs that you are sacrificing yourself or your dreams in your relationship


I will share my personal story about relationships and how it became my catalyst and saved me from creating a life and career that wasn’t what I really wanted.

I’ll do a short reading from Choosing ME Before WE that rocked my world and opened the door to self forgiveness for my relationship choices.

We’ll stop and reflect on how these misunderstandings are showing up in your life or in those you love.

Then next week,

in Feminine Power Time on LOVE 2 of 4, my soul partner and the man who has taught me SO much about relationship, Noah Martin, will join us for “What We’ve Learned about Love in Partnership.”

More Resources, Programs, Books

If LOVE and Relationship is an area of focus for you this year or someone you know, join us and check out:


“The Impact of Self Love on Our Relationships”

SELF LOVE DAY - Feb 13th  RSVP for Free


The Path of Self Love Teacher Training 2019

Self Love & Relationship Module starts March 5th


Choosing ME Before WE - the book


Path of Self Love In Person Training & Retreat 
Teaching Others to Love Themselves

July 2019 - Kripalu




Feb 1, 2019

One of my favorite and most powerful feminine wisdom practices is asking powerful inquiries at the start to the year that give me clarity about how to focus in the year to come.  Inquiries are powerful portals to get beyond the limitations of your mind which can only create what it’s known before.

With the right inquiry you can open up your imagination and your connection to the Universal mind - which is so much more tuned in… and can show you ways of doing things that are different than you experienced before,

In the mainstream world, we are taught to value and trust the intellect over the intuition. We are taught to seek answers and to find facts. But this can only create more of the same we’ve known - in our own lives and in the world.

All great wisdom teachers have known the power of inquiry. Which is why over the past month I’ve been sharing with you a series of inquiries through the EMERGE 2019 series… to help you get focused and clear on how to best focus for the year to come. If you missed those episodes of Feminine Power Time, tune in!

Today, is the final inquiry I have for you … one that can expand what is possible for you… and keep you focused on what matters.

** What is this year really about for you? **

Join me, Christine Arylo, feminine leadership advisor, for this Feminine Power Time: Episode 82: ‘What Is This Year Really About for You? Setting the focus, field and feeling for the year to come.

Wise women and men proactively ‘set the field’ for the year to come, they don’t just approach their year like a windsock who gets blown around. Nor do we only rely on our intellect and facts. Because we know our intuition and the imagination has super power!

So tune in as we explore together:

* What is the soul stretch or catalyst calling for your focus?

* How focusing on the stretch or catalyst can excel your path and what you desire to create.

* What are your 3 Harmonizers this year - the 3 words that reflect what you want to feel?

* How to use FEELING to guide your choices and projects this year so what you focus on gives you what you desire.

* In your work what is it time to grow? What is it time to seed?

* How to think about your work differently - in the feminine way that allows you to effort less and receive more.

I included lots of stories here about how real women including me!

And also I’ll slow it down like we always do at Feminine Power Time so you can check in with your inner wisdom about what is true for you.


And if you desire more Feminine Wisdom, support, wisdom, structure and sisterhood… join me for




* ELEVATE Feminine Leadership Immersion 3-Day Retreat - April 25-28 - Seattle Coast  Invitation details Here

* March 23. HARMONIZE 2019. Seattle. A Spring Power Pause. Feminine Power for Creating a Successful and Sustainable Life in Which You Can Really Thrive. WIth the Ellevate Women’s Network.


* EAST COAST: Feminine Wisdom Weekend - Mid Year Power Pause. Super Powers for Staying Strong and True to Yourself. Kripalu July 19-21 Click here for details.



* Burnout to Balance Spring Re-Harmonizer Practice. Starts March 2019.



* Path of Self Love Teacher Training - March 5th - virtual

* Path of Self Love Teacher Training - July 21-26 - In Person Kripalu