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Turn off the chatter and tune into what matters. Space for you to connect to the deeper wisdom and truth within you. Christine Arylo, MBA, leadership advisor, and wisdom teacher marries timeless wisdom teachings with modern leadership, success and human consciousness theory to expand your perspective and wake up your awareness. Each episode gives you practical ways to make choices that empower you to create a design for your life, work and relationships rooted in wholeness, sustainability and wellbeing. Our intention is to re-imagine the way we and the world work. We do that by bringing Wisdom + Leadership + Wellbeing together in ways that give us access to our personal power to influence the people, teams, families, systems and organizations we work and live in. Feminine Power Time is for all people who dare to do things differently, and who choose to embrace their co-creative power to have a positive impact through their voices, choices and presence.
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Sep 20, 2018

When you are 'tuned in' to your inner wisdom and your channel is clean and clear, wow can you step forward with courage, stay focused on what matters, and make wise choices for yourself, your work/business and in your relationships. But when your wisdom channels are blocked up or mucked up, wow can you make some bad choices, shrink back, spin out, work too hard and give too much and generally create havoc vs harmony for yourself. 

But how do you know if your inner guidance system is tweaked out vs tuned in? 

I just had to add this bonus Feminine Power Time to complete our series of Feminine Wisdom: What is it? Why is it essential? How do you use it? It will be the 5th in this Feminine Wisdom Series. Join me, Christine Arylo, feminine leadership advisor and wisdom teacher, for a conversation we have to have to make sure we are responding from our truth vs reacting from our fear.

If we aren't self aware of how we work inside and understand the signs we are operating from distorted emotions and ideas, we can't support ourselves or get the support we need to face the levels of change, stretch, possibility and uncertainty we face.

Join me and We'll dive into:

  • What are the signs that your thoughts and your sense of things are 'tweaked out' vs 'tuned in' - driving you to make unwise choices? 
  • How your 3 minds work together to either sabotage or support you - from the ping-pong paradigm, to the obsessive worry, strategizing future tripping mind, to the overly optimistic cheerleader, learn more about how your mind works for and against you.
  • How to use your body and your emotions to determine whether what you are thinking and feeling is true or just a distorted reaction based on past imprints and perceived fears
  • Why working with your inner critic, gremlin or saboteur doesn't get to the heart of what we need as women to not just deal with the pressures we face, but to transform them and elevate our lives, work, relationships by moving through them. 
  • Practices you can use preventatively and in the moment to clear the channels to get to your wisdom , and calm the fear.

I invited a special guest to join us for this Feminine Power Time, Stacey Hoffer, the director of programs at The Path of Self Love School, whose "inner mean girls" = the force that disempowers and distorts your inner wisdom = are different than mine. 

I'm bringing my Achievement Junkie, Move the Bar Belinda, and my Invincible Super Woman, who I haven't named yet! Stacey brought her Rejection Queen and her Overly Optimistic Cheerleader. You will Love their names!

If you'd like to join Stacey and me for this falls Empower Your Inner Wisdom, Expose Your Inner Mean Girl, personal transformation circle, learn more here 


Sep 13, 2018

You have the power to change this world and change the systems that you work and live by how and who you show up as, and how you choose to design your life, lead your team, family, business, organization... You have the power to change the things in your life that cause unhealthy and unnecessary pressure. You don't have to accept that 'this is just how things are."

You just need to know how to access and activate the power within you that stems from the depths of your internal feminine wisdom. 

Which is why in this Feminine Power Time, the #4 in our Feminine Wisdom Series, we are diving deep into the feminine wisdom super power of "Harmonic Defiance: The Power to Make Shift Happen, the Feminine Way.

Harmonic Defiance is:

The power to make shift happen by choosing to design your life and lead your work, team, family, organization, business, in ways that cultivate harmony, to speak up and question that which does not support sustainability and humanity. And then with that feminine power activated, you dare to do things differently.

You are going to love learning about this and applying it directly to your life right now. 

Tune in with me, Christine Arylo, women's leadership advisor, as we explore:

  • “What is Harmonic Defiance and Why Do I Need it As a Leader in my Life, Work and Family?" 
  • How you can make different choices in how you lead and create that lead to a reality that supports you, if you have the courage to do things differently - in everything from your work, to parenting, to money and healthcare.
  • The ways we lead or try to make change that exhaust us, disempower us or make us want to give up - and a different way to approach having the impact you desire to have in your work, family, life, community.  
  • Cultivating a "field of harmony" within yourself that has the power to shift relationships and situations on the outside - seriously how can you create harmonious realities out there if you are not feeling harmonious on the inside? 
  • "The Pressure Release and Redesign" Power Pause - one of my most powerful tools for releasing the unnecessary pressures that get in the way of you showing up as the most powerful centered presence you can be
  • Finding your part in this bigger elevation and shift that's happening ... so you don't have to take it all on, and so you feel the truth that you are part of something bigger!


To join Christine in person at her Feminine Wisdom Weekend this fall, go to 

To learn more about the 3-month personal transformation program, Reform Your Inner Mean Girl, Empower Your Inner Wisdom - it's like rehab for your inner critic and super hero training for your inner wisdom go to 



Sep 6, 2018

We live in a time when you just can't plan out your life 3, 5, 10 years in advance and then follow 'the plan' - although our minds and desires for safety would love that. We live in a time when the world is changing fast, and we are each being 'called up' to new sacred assignments, ways of living and working that our soul signed up for.

These 'soul stretches' and catalysts are calling for us each to step out of comfort zones and step into into a zone where we often can't see how it will work out, how it can work out and if it will work out.

This is where the Feminine Wisdom teaching - the feminine super power of Stepping in the Unknown comes in. It's a different way of operating that most of us were not taught, but it is a REAL thing. In this Feminine Power Time, Stepping in the Unknown with Courage and Clarity to Chart the Path Ahead: Planning the Feminine Wisdom Way, the 3rd in our series on Feminine Wisdom, I'll share the wisdom teaching on Stepping in the Unknown. And make it personal for you so you can work with it and can step through the changes coming with grace and courage, feeling and being supported, including:

  • Why the way we've been trained to plan and strategize and create goals won't work - and an elevated, wiser way to approach creating your work, life, relationships that does
  • Wisdom about your Soul Codex  - what it is, how it to activate, access and align with it so you can access the wisdom needed to chart your path ahead and find you way 

  • How you can find your way through the uncertainty and unknown - so you don't get lost in the dark or get scared and turn back or move too fast or stretch too far and screw yourself up 

  • How to create a 'path' for crossing whatever threshold your soul is calling you into - there is a wise way and a stupid way to make changes :) 

  • Stories about how I've navigated the unknown to make choices from courage, and worked with other women to cross thresholds - there is wisdom to tell us how to "do" this differently

  • Personal reflection and meditation on your current threshold crossings - so we can make sure you don't try and straddle the grand canyon or get lost in the wilderness

If you missed the previous Feminine Wisdom Series episodes, #68 on Intuitive Attunement & #67 on Synchronicity with guest Nilima Bhat from Shakti Leadership, tune in! 

To join me this fall at the Discover Your Feminine Wisdom weekend workshop in San Francisco go to

To learn more about working with the two inner forces within women and girls - the inner wisdom and the inner mean girl -- through the Path of Self Love Training and Certificate program or the 3-month personal Reform Your Inner Mean Girl. Empower Your Inner Wisdom transformational program go to 



Aug 24, 2018

Intuitive Attunement is my second favorite super power feminine wisdom word of the year. And I think you are going to LOVE it too! When you have it, and know how to cultivate it, you have the inner power to make the best choices for yourself, in your career, relationships, wealth, health, home. Without it, you are often being led by the cultural craziness and your own subconscious emotional commotion. 

Intuitive Attunement - you being 'attuned' from the inside out to Divine Wisdom and therefore your own soul wisdom - gives you access to a deep well of wisdom that's connected to your heart and soul - so you can stay true to yourself, and take leaps of faith that backed by sound wisdom. 

It surpasses the mind, which can only create what it has experienced before or seen in others, to access insight, guidance and possibility.  

But most of us were not taught how to develop nor strengthen our power of Intuitive Attunement, so we operate at half our power, make choices that are jaded by past experiences and often drive by fear, lack or scarcity. 

Which is why I've created this Feminine Wisdom Series, focused on a few of the aspects of Feminine Wisdom that we need as leaders and women now. Join me, Christine Arylo, feminine leadership advisor for this Feminine Power Time episode "Intuitive Attunement: Super Power Your Connection to Divine Wisdom" (#2 in the series) where we dive into:

  • What is Intuitive Attunement? and why this is a word you want to add to your vocabulary and a skill you want to strengthen
  • The 6 channels of Intuitive Power - and how to discern which ones are your strongest to attune to
  • What blocks or muddles up your access to Divine Wisdom and your clarity to act in accordance with your inner wisdom?
  • What is essential to make sure you have in your life to strengthen your inner clarity and be a clear channel to receive guidance and wisdom?

** And of course, we make this personal with a double dog feminine wisdom dare to attune to your inner wisdom and take a leap this week in an area of your life calling for change or expansion.**

Tune in. Take the dare. And start to strengthen your Intuitive Attunement.

To attend the free Path of Self Love Class on Transforming the Inner Critic and Empowering the Inner Wisdom go to

To learn more and register for the fall Feminine Wisdom Weekend in San Francisco, go to 

** If you missed the first in the series on Feminine Wisdom "SYNCHRONICITY: The power of working with the flow" make sure to listen to the previous episode, #67 with special guest, Nilima Bhat, author of Shakti Leadership.


Aug 9, 2018

Of course we all want to live in the flow. Have things - invitations, opportunities, people, resources - 'come to us' vs having to go out and kill the proverbial meat or attack our lives and work like pushing a boulder up a hill. If given the choice between having to hustle, network like crazy, and make stuff happen OR having the experience where I'm guided to where to focus, when to act, where things come to me, I'm choosing the latter. Less stress, more spacious. Less pressure, more peace. 

But how do you create synchronicity? How do you get into the flow, and most important, how do you stay there? So what you NEED comes to you vs. you exhausting yourself physically to make it happen or mentally to figure out how to plan and strategize to happen?

This is the realm of Feminine Wisdom.

The feminine super powered way of living, leading and succeeding, that most of us were not taught in our traditional education or on the job training. 

Which is why it's the focus for this week's Feminine Power Time: "Synchronicity & Shakti Leadership: Working with Feminine Power so Things Happen for You Vs. Pushing and Planning" It's the 1st in a 3 part series (maybe 4, we'll see) on FEMININE WISDOM - what is it, how do you find it and how do you work with it? 

I invited a new soul sister to our session today, Nilima Bhat, author of Shakti Leadership, a woman I've been aware of for about 2 years, have wanted to meet, but instead of making it happen, the Great Mama orchestrated a meeting for us over Spring Equinox "unplanned" (more on that in the show, you;ll love this Synchroncity Story!)

I invite you join Nilima and I for this feminine wisdom session, where together we will all explore:

  • HOW Sychroncity works - you can't really make it happen, but you are an active participant in it happening. How does that work?
  • How to tell when you are pushing vs. when you are in the feminine flow - how does it FEEL so you can know?
  • The Inner Practices you can put into place to make sure you are  operating in Synchronicity Receiving mode - so you can live in and move with the flow 
  • Why this powerful way of living and leading, where intuition and synchronicity are normal ways we operate isn't taught or talked about in our educational or on the job trainings. 
  • What our lack of access to our feminine power and wisdom has to do with why we push so hard, feel like we have to work so hard, and over plan as a way to feel okay 
  • How to start bringing more feminine wisdom, synchroncity, flow and Great Mama mojo into your life, so you are operating within your aligned center of power 

To learn more about Feminine Power Time and Christine Arylo, and receive past episodes and receive Christine's weekly Wisdom Letters, go to 

To learn more about Nilima Bhat and Shakti Leadership, including the book and fellowship, go to

To learn more about the Path of Self Love Teacher Training and School, go to 

Aug 2, 2018

What you focus on grows. So if you desire more connection, love, support, community, and sisterhood tune in! You can’t just leave your relationships – be it intimate partners and family, sisterhood or community – up to chance. Self-empowered people choose to intentionally cultivate and harvest the relationships they desire, in their work and personal life.

in #3 of our Feminine Power Time series on Self Love & Relationships, “Harvest More of What You Desire in Your Relationships by Years End!” Christine Arylo, feminine leadership and wisdom advisor, invites you to join her for an exploration focused on: 

  • “What do you desire to harvest more of in your relationships this year?” so that by the end of the year you are experiencing in your real life these relationships
  • Getting to the heart of what you desire vs getting stuck in your mental pictures or stopped by your fear of being hurt, being vulnerable, being rejected, etc.
  • Gaining clarity on what you desire in the 3 major realms of relationship – your ‘anam caras’ (beloveds), your sisterhood and your community (global and local)|
  • Taking small but mighty action to harvest these relationships, using the Feminine Super Power of Intention and the Feminine Super Power of Focus
  • How to articulate what you desire in relationship most powerfully so you can magnetize the people and relationships you truly desire, that will support you now in your life


If you don’t pause to ask your heart who you desire to be in relationship with and how you desire your current and new relationships to feel, you are missing the power and potential.


Feminine wisdom teaches us:

Be clear about what you desire to harvest and then focus your energy, time and resources there.

This will yield the most impactful results.

(you'll create the love, connection, support, community you desire)



**To the inquiries that Christine Arylo talks about in this Feminine Power Time, go to


**To stay connected with Christine, subscribe to her weekly Wisdom Letters at AND receive the free Feminine Super Power Kit for elevating out of Overwhelm.





Jul 21, 2018

When we lose a relationship with a person we once loved and cared for - be it a friend, a beloved, a relative - it hurts. From death to divorces, breakups with romantic partners or friends, our hearts suffer, they 'break open' because of this loss. And we stand at a choice pointwill we use this change as a catalyst to open our hearts to more love and to become even stronger and more fully expressed and empowered beings... or we will we close off, contract, protect or stuff down the feelings and so have to keep receiving the spiritual curriculum again and again?

In the 2nd of our 3 part series on Relationship and Self Love, join me Christine Arylo for this Feminine Power Time: "Transforming Relationship Heartbreak into Personal Catalysts" I've invited a special  guest, Kristine Carlson, NY Times Best Selling Author of the new book, From Heartbreak to Wholeness.

A dear friend who is also a true wisdom teacher and woman who has lived what she shares, Kris and I invite you for this intimate conversation and a deep dive into how in the midst of relationship heartbreak and change, you can:

  • Work with your relationship changes, challenges and loss as catalyst for your spiritual and personal growth - and not miss the gift the grief, loss and change has to give you. It sounds trite, but this is REALLY super power if you understand how to work with the grief. 

  • Support yourself to move through the physical and emotional stress - so you can stay strong and stay present through the shift. We have to move the stress and emotion through our bodies, but how and what does that mean?

  • Heal, feel with your heart through this without getting dragged into the  - how do you stay present to the feelings and emotions and also not have your whole life and mind taken over by the loss of this relationship? 

  • Learn more about YOU and what you desire, who you are and what your soul is calling you towards - how do you desire to use this catalyst to co-create the next phase of your life from a place of self love and self empowerment? 

  • Use this catalyst to become more whole within yourself and strengthen your 'sovereignty' - so the relationships you choose going forward come from your wholeness not your woundedness and so you really meet the curriculum of your spiritual path through this relationship.  

To get a copy of Kris' new book: From Heartbreak to Wholeness: The Hero's Journey to Joy - you can get it on here. 

To download the Soul Mantra meditations from Kristine Carlson go to

To go deeper on your self love and relationship journey, learn more about the Choosing ME Before WE 40-day practice at    

Jul 12, 2018

I have met so many smart women, and have been one myself, who can show up strong and capable in their work, and for their friends and family, and even appear to be happy and physically healthy, but when it comes to their relationships, the make unhealthy, sabotaging sometimes even toxic choices for themselves. 

  • Why do we stay in and choose unhealthy relationships? 

  • Why do smart people who are successful at work, good people to their families and friends struggle when it comes to their love life?
  • Why does a person keep making the same bad choices and mistakes in who they choose as romantic partners or friends?

The short answer - at the root of all relationship settling, self sacrifice and self sabotage is a lack of self love. 

I know this because I've lived it, watched too many friends go through it and watch their children make the same mistakes. We get trained in math and reading, but not in love and relationship, which has so much more of an impact on how our lives turn out, yes?

I wrote my first book Choosing ME Before WE, left my corporate job and founded the Path of Self Love School because this wisdom it not being taught or lived and too many women, girls, men and boys suffer because of it. 

Nothing will derail the success and wellness, and our capacity to be  leaders than unhealthy, toxic relationships. 

Whether you are currently struggling in your relationships (or lack of) or someone you love is or you have children or young people you influence, join me...

Christine Arylo, for this Feminine Power Time: 
Why Smart Women Choose Bad Relationships: Stop Settling, Sacrificing and Sabotaging Yourself for Love.
It's part 1 in a 3 part series I'm calling A Summer of Love :)

Here's what we will dive into:

  • Why do smart women and men choose harmful relationships, or settle and sacrifice themselves for love?
  • What does a lack of self love look like in a relationship and how do you know you are lacking it?
  • Love Cracks - the unconscious holes in our heart we stuff other people into 
  • Self Honesty - why we run from it and why it's the first step to freedom and creating the relationships we desire 
  • Self Respect and Honor - how we strengthen this so we only have relationships that respect and honor us.

There is so much to share! 

If you'd like to dive in deeper:

1. Check out the Choosing ME Before WE Book - 


Jul 5, 2018

The yogis say when our intuition is strong and clear we can know our truth and the best path to take within 9 seconds. But when your subconscious is cluttered or clogged due to stress, fear, too much going on, other people's stuff your intuitive guidance system gets tweaked, cloudy and confused. So you make choices that are not in your best interest. 

But how do you know if your channels of intuition are clear or cloudy? And how do you clear your intuition channels so you can make choices that are aligned to your highest consciousness and good? 

I am just back from an 8 day yoga teacher training in the New Mexico desert, and I brought you back some souveniers... to support you in clearing out the blocks and clutter in your field so the choices you make this next part of the year are guided by Wisdom, keeping you true to your path and yourself. Intuition super food! 

Join me, Christine Arylo, for this Feminine Power Time - "Are Your Channels Clear? Ensuring Your Higher Consciousness is Directing Your Life" where we:

  • Dive into 3 ways that your intuitive guidance system can get mucked up 
  • Reveal what is hanging out in your "psychic field" that could be crowding your space, creating stress and contributing to overwhelm 
  • Reveal what one area in your physical body or one sabotaging habit that creates build up in your body  is calling for you to clear so your intuition can get through
  • Reveal how to tell whether your higher consciousness and heart or your ego and mind is setting your intentions for the rest of this year.
  • How to put rituals and retreats into place in your life as a consistent practice so you are clearing your channels on a regular basis vs. creating build up that blocks your channels.

Join me for a feminine wisdom weekend to learn practices and rituals for strengthening and clearing your intuitive channels and accessing the deeper levels of wisdom within to guide your work, relationships, health, wealth and life choices. 

East Coast US - Kripalu - July 27-29

West Coast US - CIIS - California Institute for Integral Studies - Oct 21-22 - click here     

For the virtual FLOW Focus your Lifeforce on What matters Power Pause - to go  

To Join Christine and a circle of women around the world daring to live and lead the feminine way - learn about Feminine Super Power Year here, 6-month session starts July 12th.  

Jun 14, 2018

Most of us feel like we dont have the time we need to do what we really want, get what we need or do the things that might not be productive or profitable but are actually the things that feed us the most and that have the potential to catalyze us into the expressions, intentions and dreams we have for ourselves, our work and the world. 

Wisdom Byte: If you are waiting to find the time, you will never find the time. Time is finite. You can't make time - there is no time kitchen. And you can't find more time - time is not lost.

What we need is not more time. What we need is the 'space' to take care of the demands of our current lives AND feed the desires still coming into form AND nourish our hearts and souls and bodies with things that may not be 'productive' or 'profitable' but that sustain us in big ways. 

You are invited to join Christine Arylo for this Feminine Power Time - a POWER PAUSE, taped at the mid-year point, to invoke

  • THE FEMININE POWER OF CREATING SPACE ... which gives you the power to create space for things that may not be urgent or profitable or productive but that matter to you
  • Your internal power to name what it is that you really desire to create space for in the next half of the year with 4 wisdom inquiries ... in your work, in your relationships, for your body and just for yourself 
  • The power of pausing at the mid-year point - the Solstice... this interactive session is like the appetizer to the deeper power pause we take every year to get clear and conscious and intentional about how we focus our life force
  • The ELEVATION projects you want to create space for - that have the power to elevate your presence, self expression in the world  

To join Christine for the full FLOW Mid Year Power Pause 

From Your Own Home - go here.

At the Kripalu Retreat Center - go here.


Jun 1, 2018

I'm sharing this with you as we approach the mid year point because it's so crazy relevant to the wisdom we need to pace ourselves and stay focused on what matters this next part of the year. I broadcast it last year at this same time, listened to it myself today and was inspired by what I said - lol :) Seriously, timeless wisdom for this time now. Tune in... xoxo 

About this Feminine Power Time with Christine Arylo: We lead crazy paced lives in part because we have made the unconscious choice to allow the rhythm of our life to be dictated by the pace the patriarchy and over culture has set - keeping us frenzied, fragmented and not focused on what truly matters. And there is another choice...

Feminine wisdom shows us how to be in the world without being of the world, by taking the powerful act to consciously set the patterns and rhythms of days, weeks, months and years in a way that creates harmony, not havoc.

It is the 3rd in the Breaking Through the Myth of Balance Series, as we illuminate a different way to live - so we can focus on what matters, be the most powerful presences of change, without exhausting ourselves and our resources including:

  • Indigenous, feminine and yogic wisdom for tapping in to the natural order of the cosmos and the earth to create a more natural order and flow to your life
  • How to structure your days, weeks, months and year differently and with intention to create more space for what matters and more space for you
  • Fuel your work and create the space to bring the projects you desire to bring into form using the 4 Feminine Super Power turns of the Year
  • What bio-dynamic farming, business theory and ancient wisdom all agree on regarding the rhythm we need to lead our lives with success
  • The Feminine Super Power of FLOW + Using the Power of Moonifesting - and how you can use it to get what matters done 

Join me for the mid year power pause and virtual retreat FLOW - 

Join me for the East Coast power pause and Feminine Wisdom Weekend at Kripalu - details here. 

For information on personal retreats with Christine, email Sarah Mardell at 


May 24, 2018

Each of our hearts has a spectrum of emotion that ranges from SAD to MAD that is our super power, if we know how to yield it and be with in correctly. But most people have not gotten training on how to use these energies in ways that fuel the change we desire vs. destroy the very thing we care so deeply about. 

There are days when my heart can feel so heavy with sadness at the state of this world and what humans do to each other. If I don't allow myself to feel this and then move through it, it can drag me down like a grief pool of stagnant water. There are other days when my heart ignites like a fire storm, angry and mad sparking frustration and sometimes when it gets too big, it distorts into righteousness.

So when you are SAD or MAD at the state of the world, or things happening in it, or what specific people are doing ... how do you use those emotions powerfully in ways that elevate the situation and honor your feelings vs. expressing those feelings in distorted ways (or not at all) harming yourself and others?  

What do we do with this anger and grief? And how do we use it? 

Join me This Feminine Power Time with Christine Arylo, feminine leadership advisor and wisdom teacher, where we are going to dive deep into:

  • Reveal and feel where you fall on the emotional power spectrum of SAD and MAD - where are you comfortable, how do you use this powerfully and how can you distort?
  • The power of Sadness - water - and Anger - fire - how to not get stuck in or overwhelmed by either & how to use both to fuel your passions, work and part on the planet.
  • How to know when you are tapping into your personal feelings and when you are tapping into the collective grief and rage
  • 3 simple but mighty practices for "transmuting" the sadness and anger that we just need in order to stay above the fray in these intense times  

Christine Arylo mentioned some resources which you can get links to on her Feminine Wisdom Blog at

To join Christine for her Summer Programs go to - including a 40-Day Self Love and Relationship program, the Feminine Wisdom Weekend Retreat at Kripalu July 27-29 and the FLOW Virtual Power Pause in June. 

May 10, 2018

New beginnings are such a gift - from a new baby, to a new relationship or friendship, a new job, new home, new project or new phase of life. But most of us miss the gift because instead of savoring the process, creating the space needed to allow things to unfold and emerge... we rush in, put pressure on ourselves to hit the ground running and don't take the space needed. And the foundation of the new thing is not strong enough to endure. 

Instead of savoring the experience we stress out during it.

In relationship, we rush in to intimacy too fast and give our bodies and hearts away before the relationship foundation is strong enough. We so desire to be safe, loved and to know it 'will work out' we miss the dance of growing intimacy. 

In jobs, we start new ones right away instead of giving ourselves the space between to decompress and regenerate. So we leave one job exhausted and start the next one depleted, because the system 'needs us"

In giving birth, we go back to work weeks or a few months later, because we live in a system that doesn't honor human life force, the mother or the need to be nurtured. 

In new projects, new homes, and any new beginning, we don't give ourselves the space to settle in and let things unfold and emerge, to savor the experience. We stress the whole way through to get it done, missing the beauty.

In finishing school or finishing a project we complete one milestone and think we are supposed to have it all figured out to start the next thing now. 

This is systemic. Inside the systems and inside of ourselves. Causing huge amounts of stress, and pressure by truncating the space needed for endings and beginnings ... such precious sacred time.  

Join Christine Arylo for this Feminine Power Time, "New Beginnings: How to Honor Yourself vs Push Your Way Through Them" 

For more on Christine's programs and retreats go to 



Apr 27, 2018

One of the great gifts I receive is talking to lots of wise, conscious women and men around the world. And through those conversations I start to see patterns emerge - for what people are experiencing during these intense and changing times. When you see the patterns happening OUT there, you start to understand whats happening INSIDE you so much more.

And instead of feeling like you are alone or crazy you start to see that you are right on track. You elevate out of the swirl or the emotion of it. And you gain wisdom about what is REALLY happening through you, not to you. 

Every so often I feel inspired to do these episodes of Feminine Power Time to share with you what I see happening 'out there' so you can use that wisdom to apply to what is happening in your life, now. 

 Join me Christine Arylo, for this feminine power podcast, where we will explore:

  • Is what you are giving your life force to really worth it?
  • Where are you pouring too much of your life force into? 
  • What catalyst is happening through you?
  • How is your soul knocking on your door to get you to elevate, step forth and step up? 
  • Do you have the strong woman / lone wolf syndrome blocking you from the support you need? 
  • And we will end with a sweet meditation for your heart

Other Feminine Power Time Episodes to tune into to deepen in some of this include "The Lie About Time"  "Are You Supported" "Courageous Feminine Leadership"

To join me for the mid year Power Pause retreat - a Feminine Wisdom Weekend, July 27-29th at Kripalu, learn more here.


Apr 12, 2018

Courage - where does it come from? How do you cultivate it so that you have the inner strength and clarity to meet the challenges and catalysts in your life? So you can expand vs contract? So you make grounded choices that are also guided by divine grace?

Courage in the feminine is not false bravado, it's not without fear, and it does not come from the mind. Courage comes from the heart, it requires us to feel, and it also requires us to step forth out of our comfort zones.

When we cultivate it consciously as part of our daily practices, we gain the 'super power' to say NO to what limits us, say YES to what supports and expands us, even if it scares us and is different than what everyone else is doing or what conventional wisdom says.

Tune into this Feminine Power Time - Courageous Leadership - with Christine Arylo, feminine leadership advisor and wisdom teacher, for a soul provoking, heart invoking, and practical revealing and teaching on Courage through the feminine lense, including:

  • What courage is, how courage has been distorted blocking our access to it, and the truth about where courage stems from (so you can access it)
  • 3 sources of courage that you can tap into to strengthen your ability to listen, trust and act - even when it pulls you out of your comfort zone 
  • Simple but mighty daily practices for cultivating courage - so you have the courage when you need it
  • Make it personal and practical - Christine will help you illuminate where you are being stretched and called forth and then use the teachings to support you to expand vs contract 

If you are going through a transition, standing at a threshold, being called forth to change, expand and open ... tune into this Feminine Power Time. And stay til the end when Christine shares a special passage from mystic John O'Donohue, Thresholds.

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Mar 30, 2018

Are the choices you are making creating freedom for you? Or are you unknowningly creating realities that keep you stuck, stressed and out of alignment with what you truly desire? Most of us subconsciously make choices that laden us down vs. liberate us... but how do you know? 

Take a power pause with Christine Arylo, feminine leadership advisor and wisdom teacher to shine a light on the ways in which you may be sabotaging your own freedom, so you can make sure you are making choices that lead to creating a life that supports and sustains what truly matters to you. In this episode of Feminine Power Time you'll gain wisdom on:

  • The 3 ways women sabotage their own freedom
  • How our unconscious needs to belong and have security lead us to make choices in our careers, relationships, home, lifestyles that cause us to sacrifice what matters most to us
  • Three common freedom stealers - The Golden Handcuffs, The Self Sacrifice Shackles and the Fishbowl Effect
  • How to make sure that the choices you are making are in alignment with what's true for YOUR Path 
  • How to identify specifically what's out of alignment, creating unnecessary pressure and how to free yourself - using a special feminine wisdom process created by Christine  

Make a conscious choice to gain the wisdom, tools and practices to keep you on your path, even if that means stepping outside of conventional wisdom and your comfort zone... And keep yourself out of overwhelm and burnout. 

Join Christine for the yearly Burnout to Balance 40-day Practice - Starts April 15th - 

Join Christine for her mid year Power Pause - a feminine wisdom weekend at Kripalu Retreat Center - July 27-29 

Mar 20, 2018

Spring Equinox is one of the four most powerful times of the year to take a 'power pause' and reset your rhythm, patterns and habits so they support you to create the life, work, relationships you desire. When you pause at this time, your internal rhythm aligns with the natural rhythm... you gain the power to reset habits that might have been okay in months prior but need a shift... & you gain clarity on how to focus your life force so what you spend your time, energy & money create what you desire.

Join Christine Arylo, feminine leadership advisor and wisdom teacher, for this episode of Feminine Power Time, a power pause that will:

  • Give you simple but powerful tools that you use now to reset your rhythm that can keep you out of burnout and overwhelm the rest of the year
  • What you might not know about how the systems you work and operate in are tweaking your internal rhythm and creating stress
  • How to use the power of your natural rhythm and the earth's rhythm to set a sustainable pattern for yourself and stay above the fray
  • The Daily Bookends - how creating daily rituals to start and end the day keep you out of the swirl
  • A Spring Equinox Harmonizing Meditation - I'll lead you through a short but mighty meditation that will illuminate the places your life is out of harmony, in harmony and the steps you can take to bring any imbalances into balance. 

Every Spring Equinox, Christine Arylo offers an in person retreat and a virtual retreat you can do from anywhere in the world. For details:

Spring Equinox Weekend Retreat - Grace Under Pressure - Esalen, Big Sur, CA - go here for details. 

Burnout to Balance 40 Day Practice - Starts April 8th - do this retreat from your life to create a more sustainable rhythm. 

Mar 1, 2018

"Follow your heart." It sounds simple, even trite, but it's anything but. This wisdom byte is DIRECTION on how we navigate these intense and changing times. If you are facing a change, or feeling like you need to make a change or knowing that a change is coming, you can either step in with courage and compassion and grace or you can suffer, spin, get stuck and miss out on the expanded possibility you are being called into, but you just can't see yet.

Stepping in the unknown... deciphering the messages of your heart... conjuring up courage and clarity... having deep trust... these are not skills we where taught in school or on the job - although we should be. As leaders in our lives and work and families, we have to know how to tune into the heart - not the mind - where the answers to the how, when, where lie. 

In this Feminine Power Time, the last recorded in her home in Valley the Moon (I'm in a big change) Christine Arylo, women's leadership advisor and wisdom teacher invites you to bring the change you are facing or feeling into this heart provoking, illuminating conversation to:

  • Learn the wisdom behind these simple words FOLLOW YOUR HEART and how they apply to leading your life
  • Decipher the messages of your heart and the guidance for how to create the path ahead
  • Gain courage and clarity on how to step into the unknown
  • Why FEELING and EMOTIONS are the gateway to your freedom
  • And of course, a meditation and several inquiries to make this personal to your journey now ...

In this session, Christine will help you slow down and tap into what your heart is guiding you to shift, change and step into, now, and the path ahead for allowing it to happen with grace and ease.

To join Christine at a retreat this year

Spring Equinox at Esalen in California - go here.

Summer Solstice-ish on the East Coast at Kripalu - go here. 

Feb 15, 2018

In our traditional mainstream culture, we are told we have to build our careers, work hard, and climb to the top - which is why we all feel so overwhelmed and over it, and why we never seem to 'get there.' We pressure ourselves to be there now. Or we lack the courage to go for what our heart's begging us to do. At this time on the planet, we are being called to DO THIS DIFFERENTLY- to take our power back from outdated ways of thinking about work and career which limit our freedom and expression. And be the powerful, wise presence we came here to be, self expressed, doing good in the world and also being SUPPORTED as we grow, take risks, put ourselves out there, and make shift happen.

I invited my good friend Jenny Blake, author of the book Pivot, and another woman who like me has chosen to continually evolve herself and her work in the world in ways that create more freedom, meaning, expression and goodness in the world. We've both cut ourselves free from the golden handcuffs, learned lessons about being entrepreneurs that business school didn't prepare us for, but that the WISDOM sought from other sources did. 

Since I am in the midst of a big PIVOT myself in my sacred work (more on this SHIFT in the podcast), I invited Jenny to join us this week so we can pull back the veil and get real and wise about:

  • What an empowered path for creating work you love and that aligns with you heart and soul looks like - it's not the vertical ladder to success, we can tell you that. 
  • The Trap of Having a "CAREER" vs. the POWER of Living & Giving Your Sacred Work - you'll love this small tweak with big liberation pow wow 
  • How to be WISE about how you "DO" your transitions and take risks in your work/career/business so that you are supported financially and emotionally 
  • Are you a Sacred Rebel or a High Net Impact Being? And if yes, what you have to do differently in how you approach your work and career.  

Stepping out of the rat race, linear race to the top, "safe" structure is a courageous act ... Redefining yourself, evolving your work, making choices outside of conventional wisdom also DARING. But what other way is there to live if we truly desire to be free vs be trapped in realities that suck our life force out of us?

Join us, tune in. I can't wait to share my PIVOT and invoke the Sacred Rebel, who dares to make shift happen, in her own world and then in the world at large. 


Christine Arylo

Feminine Leadership Advisor & Wisdom Teacher 


P.S. Join me for the Spring Equinox Retreat in March at Esalen: Grace Under Pressure: Feminine Wisdom for Thriving in Intense Times. Click here to get the details. 




Feb 9, 2018

At the root of almost every struggle we face is a lack of self love most people are just totally unaware of this.  Unfulfilling and toxic relationships, stuck or overbearing careers, money and health challenges, chronic overwhelm, worry and stress - signs of a weak self love.

Our mainstream culture does not teach us self-love, instead it focuses on the surface solutions - find a soulmate, get a new job, lose 10lbs, stop overspending, find balance, etc. These may provide a short term respite, but the change never sticks because we are not getting to the root ... a weak love of self. 

And if we don't know what self love really or how to cultivate it, how can we teach our children and guide others? We can't.  

In honor of the international day of Self Love, Feb 13th, Christine Arylo, feminine leadership advisor and founder of The Path of Self Love School invites you in this feminine power time to:

  • Learn what self love really is and why self esteem is not enough 
  • The 10 kinds of self love and how to identify where you are weak and where you are strong in your inner foundation 
  • The signs of a weak self love that lead to self sacrifice, self sabotage, and self criticism  
  • Why most people don't know that a lack of self love is at the root of the suffering and why we don't take the self loving act
  • Embrace your feminine power to change this world just by choosing to become stronger at loving you 

The Path of Self Love School is an global organization serving women and children around the world through their classes, symposiums, programs and teacher trainings. Find out more at 

Take the Self Love Quiz at to see where you are weak and strong in your self love foundation. 


Jan 25, 2018

This Wisdom Inquiry: What is the Support I Need this Year? can alone determine if you will feel more stressed and stretched this year OR more supported and sustained. Think of it like putting your order into the Universe, so that you can receive what you need to support you as you do your work, lead your teams and families, take care of all that needs tending, and achieve your dreams... but this year, you FEEL supported physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially. 

This month at Feminine Power Time, I'm sharing each week with you an inquiry that has the super power to keep you out of overwhelm and burnout. But you have to PAUSE to consider it, and use it as a portal into expanded levels of possibility ... even if it seems impossible, you DESERVE to be supported this year, on all levels. 

But how do you make sure you get the support you need? 

Tune into this Feminine Power Time with Christine Arylo, feminine leadership advisor, where you'll get insight on:

  • Why we push away the very support we crave and need
  • Why asking for support can feel needy and weak, and how to receive support from your feminine power
  • What support you need to achieve what you desire and create the reality you want in work, relationships, and your health and wealth
  • How to use the Wisdom Tool of "The Wings of Support" to clarify the support you need 
  • How to work with the Universe to receive the support, even if it comes in forms different than you thought

To get a visual of the wings of support go to Christine Arylo's blog at 

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Jan 12, 2018

There are SO many ways that you can spend your energy, time, money and resources this coming year - many that will distract you, fragment your energy, or keep you so busy in the day to day grind you never get the space to do what truly matters. Instead of having the space to focus on the projects & people and your own personal wellbeing that mean alot to you this year, you end up giving your time and energy to what is most urgent, demanding, productive or profitable. We are programmed to self sabotage and self sacrifice. 

Which is why wise women who lead the feminine way take a POWER PAUSE at the start of the new year, to look ahead, tap into their Inner Wisdom, feel into their heart and get really clear on WHAT MATTERS MOST this coming year... in their work, relationships and personal health. 

And which is why, I Christine Arylo, am inviting you into this Feminine Power Time where I will:

  • Share how you can use your Feminine Super Power of Creating Space to create the time to do what really matters to you, even in the midst of many responsibilities and a full schedule. 

  • Lead you through a 3-step inner wisdom journey to connect into what truly matters most to you in the 3 areas of our lives that when tended to elevate you out of overwhelm... so you have space to nourish your projects, relationships and body.
  • Help you claim and name what is matters most to you in your work, your relationships and your physical wellbeing, so you can get the support and create the space to focus on these in 2018 - no matter how much there is to do!

To learn more about visioning, planning and focusing your year the feminine way, tune into the Salon on A Different Way to Dream (the previous podcast). Or receive the video of the session at

To learn more about living, leading and succeeding the feminine way, Feminine Super Power Year, go to





Jan 8, 2018

There is a misunderstanding in our culture about visioning, dreaming and goals setting that stems from the go,go, go,work hard, stay busy, mindset we've been trained to operate from in the distorted versions of masculine and feminine power in our mainstream systems.

Even big misunderstandings about manifesting, the law of attraction, and vision boards of baseline spiritual teaching that lead to self criticism & stress later in the year.

The good news is this....There is another way, a sacred, super-powered way to dream, that gives you access to deeper levels of Wisdom that can fuel  & focus what you desire to create for yourself, your work, your family and this world in 2018.

Which is why I, Christine Arylo, held this special feminine wisdom session and salon, A Different Way to Dream. Originally livestreamed via video, here for you now, where we will dive into:

  • Why using traditional goal-setting, resolution-making, manifesting techniques, and vision boarding can create  more stress,  pressure and self-criticism in 2018 (you don't want to start your year like this).  

  • The Wisdom Way of using the entire month of January to set the path and foundation for 2018 , so  you can create a reality in which you are both achieving what you truly desire + receiving what you need.  

  • How to set yourself up to stay OUT OF OVERWHELM in 2018 and stay FOCUSED on what matters most to you, so you can  grow your work /career/business, nurture your relationships, take care of what and who you love, with sacrificing yourself. 

  • How to increase your access to 'Feminine Wisdom' and keep it strong all year, so you feel Productive & Successful, and also Calm, Centered & Spacious throughout 2018...even in times of intensity. 


To gain access to the Feminine Wisdom Session and the visuals of the models that Christine Arylo talks about, go to to request the recording and access.

To join Christine and women around the world for a practical and spiritual way to live and lead the feminine way, including Visioning and Planning the year the feminine way, go to 

Jan 2, 2018

Stay out of the fray. Step into feminine wisdom to illuminate how you can best navigate the path ahead for 2018.

As we cross the threshold into a new year - after a very intense 2017, I'm inviting you to take a PAUSE to feel into what is true, what is coming, what is needed to navigate the waters ahead, and how and who you want to be this coming year.

In the wisdom traditions, Jan is the dreaming month - a time for listening to our hearts and souls, to divine guidance and to what is needed in the world, with our beloveds and for ourselves. We slow down to connect inward so the realities we create liberate us to be and give our fullest selves, instead of become burdens, jail cells or more things to do. 

In times like this focus and fluidity is key.

Accessing our inner WISDOM - calling to become stronger.

Stepping out of the fray to stay centered in our selves and our truth is essential.

So using the power of the first full moon of 2018 - known as a Wolf Moon - in this Feminine Power Time, we'll shine a flashlight ahead to:

  • illuminate a handful of potent wisdom bytes about what to expect and how to approach 2018
  • share how NOT to make choices for the year to come - if you want to avoid burnout and overwhelm AND have the energy to have the impact you desire.
  • give you a set of wisdom based inquiries that will help you access the deeper truths within you, so your choices are guided by wisdom, not fear or old patterning
  • Illuminate the truths about why we all feel such intensity and what the yogis have said about how to meet these times with grace and vitality 

Join Christine Arylo for the feminine wisdom session "A Different Way to Dream: Vision, Plan & focus YOUR YEAR,The Feminine Way" - RSVP for free at 

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Dec 4, 2017

How you complete the year directly impacts how you feel and start the coming year. So how do you want to FEEL when you wake up in the new year? So that you can start the new year ready, at a full tank, clear and strong on the inside? 

This is a question I ask every year as the holiday swirl starts so that I make sure I don't get caught up in the over consuming, over eating, over spending, over scheduling, over shopping...a set up for starting the new year depleted and already feeling behind. 

I developed this Feminine Super Power Practice, which I use every year and have taught women around the world, to give us 'super power' to make choices over the holidays that support and sustain us vs drain us... so that come the start of the new year we are recharged and ready for what is to come. 

I call it the Holiday Harmonizer. It's simple yet mighty. I'll teach you the practice, lead you through it, and then send you off with a simple way to practice it every day until Jan 2nd. 

It will help you say no to the invitations and to do's that don't really matter. Say no to OVER consuming and connecting. And say YES to those things that really do replenish you. 

Tune into this Feminine Power Time:

  • Get clear about how you desire to FEEL come the new year so you can make your choices now in a way that aligns 
  • Learn the Holiday Harmonizing Practice - and how it works to keep you clear and strong physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
  • Gain the super power to say no to things you don't want to do, and find new ways to connect with those you love without giving yourself away 
  • Get a daily practice you can do in less than 3 minutes each morning to connect within, keeping you out of the holiday swirl or other people's holiday swirl 

This Super Power Practice is part of the Feminine Super Power Year training, where women come to live, lead and succeed the feminine way in practical and powerful ways in how they approach their work, health, wealth, home and relationships. 

Join Christine for the annual Year End Power Pause & Relfection Ritual -  RSVP at (men and women invited)



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