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Nov 30, 2022

Co-Creation - we've defined what it is ... but HOW do you do it? How to real people living real live actually live as the co-creators of their reality, of their relationships, and of the parts of the world they impact? Living as a conscious co-creator in my experience is not some estoeric notion or nice idea, it is choice you make, and the path and practice for how you see and engage in every part of your world - from the small mundane moments and tasks to the big choices. 

To complete this special series in Embracing Your Co-Creative Power series, which focuses on Co-Creative Practices I thought having one of our special "Wise Woman Tea" sessions would make this part of the series most valuable for you. Wise Woman Teas are sessions where I invite on a person (or people in this case) who I am actually in relationship with and know personally, and who also is really living whatever we are exploring. 

I invite you into the conversation: Conscious Co-Creation: The Practices for How We "Do" It with myself, Katherine Torrini and Jennifer Bloom, two women with whom I have been exploring and deepening our understanding and practice of co-creation for almost 7 years together. We are part of feminine leadership council together in which we  have intentionally dove into what co-creation is and how we 'do' it, and have co-created books, journals, events and more together. Also, while we share a love of co-creation, we also are different in our approaches and perspectives, which is why I invited them to join us. 

Tune in, you are invited into the conversation where we will literally co-create the experience, and explore practices like:

  • Magic - and how to bring it into the mundane 
  • Imagination - the kind that led to humans making airplanes before any human had ever flown  
  • Conversating- how we use 'wise woman tea' and wisdom councils to conversate and find insights and have ephinanies
  • Synchronicity and Synergy - what environment is needed for these to occur, and what creates interference that doesn't allow these to emerge
  • The Co- Leads to Flow vs Solo - how remembering the "Co" reduces overwhelm and opens up the field for connection vs. isolation  

We will end with one of our favorite co-creative pratices for creating a better world now + shifting our own realities now ... "Imagine a World" (and invite you to try it on the Feminine Wisdom Cafe).

And Jennifer will end us with a song / poem she wrote that will open your heart and mind to possibilty and co-creativity. 

See you there. And read below for links to connect with Jennifer and her poems, and Katherine and her visual thinking magic.


p.s. Try out your Co Creative Power - Contribute to: "What Daring Dream do You Have for Yourself? For the world?" Be inspired and add your energy into our stream on the Feminine Wisdom Cafe here


Upcoming Co-Creative Programs and Experiences 

1. Emerge Yearly Visionining and Intention Setting Experience -

2. Feminine Wisdom Way : Live, Lead and Succeed the Way Women Naturally Work Best. Join us to Vision, Focus and Co Create in 2023  - 

Connect with Katherine Torrini and Jennifer Bloom

1. Katherine Torrini - Creative Catalyst/Visual Thinker and Graphic Recorder ( and My Juicy Journal Creator (

2. Jennifer Bloom - Poet, Scholar, Emerging Perspectives Facilitator: Receive a poem a week to inspire.




Nov 7, 2022

Cyclical Living is the practice of working with the natural cycles of how the earth and the universe - and therefore us a humans (who are part of the natural world) - thrive, create and operate best.

The wisdom is simple: When you harmonize yourself to the natural cycles - day, week, month and year - everything in your life (which includes career, money, relationships, work, health, wealth, practice, business, etc) comes into more alignment and harmony.

It's not a pancea promising some kind of nirvana living with no stretch, stress, struggle or uncertainty. Cyclical living is the HOW we stay centered, sustained, supported and in alignment with our unique design, part and path. It's a practice for reducing anxiety and overwhelm, strengthening trust and intuition, making wise choices, exiting the burnout matrix, and gaining the power to see what is real and true.

For me, understanding and practicing cyclical living as how I lead my business, advise my leadership clients, bring my dreams and intentions into form, and create a life and work style that sustains me, is an essential practice. For visioning, planning, pathing, and creating sustainable success. 

There is so much to share about this practice - because it goes counter to what our culture teaches us is right and real (and keeps us stuck in the go go go, tick tock robot, never enough scarcity striving reality).

Which is why, #2 of 3 in our Embracing Your Co-Creative Power Series is focused on this single practice:The Practice Cyclical Living.

Tune in and we'll:

  • Explore the Meta reality between time and space, cycles and routine
  • Break down cylical living to the practical way you design your days, weeks, months and year
  • Illuminate some ways the lack of trust in cyclical living creates a culture that values exponential growth and accumulation over what truly supports the planet and people to thrive. 
  • Apply these principles to the next 3 months - to create focus and fluidity for you.

We'll also be using the Overwhelmed and Over It: Embrace Your Power to Stay Centered and Sustained book - if you have yours, bring it. If you don't have it yet - get your copy here.


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1. What is calling for your focus this "Kiva Time" - Nov 1 - Feb 1? Or these next 3 months?

2. What will truly nourish and nurture you at a heart level this next cycle? 



Aug 14, 2022

Every year I take a pause to make this these inquiries: "What is calling to be liberated.. within me, within my work/career, within my relationships, and within my physical foundation of health/wealth/home?"

And "What 'skins' am I shedding/ do I need to shed, so I can more powerfully, fully and freely express as who I am now, and who I am evolving and elevating into?" 

Think of your 'skins' as the roles, responsbilities, robes of expression, and robes of repression you have taken on consciously or unconsciously. 

I do this practice every year because it's one of the most empowering, effective practices I know to support us to make conscious change. 

When you actively and intentionally choose to catalyze yourself, and you pause to put language to what is being called to catalyze (in your life, relationships, career, money, health, etc.), you are much more likely to have the resiliency needed to meet the challenges that arise... and the wisdom to create the reality your heart and soul are calling you to. 

The practice uses the Feminine Super Power of Catalyze - which is:

The power to use the circumstances & situations that life brings you as liberators and elevators that lift you (and others) up into expanded levels of consciousness & reality. To initiate and call forth oneself out of the comfort zone, through the lightening fire of transformation with focus & quickness. And as a result, take a self-empowered step into your evolution, liberating yourself to a more full & true expression. 

This year, I felt inspired to bring us all through this ritual here in episode 190: Shedding What No Longer Serves. Tune into as we:

  • Invoke the feminine super power of catalyze for whatever catalyst is calling you or is present for you
  • Invoke both courage and compassion to support you to meet whatever challenge and stretch is showing up for you
  • Boldly name what you would love to catalyze, and be honest about what is calling you to catalyze (that you may be avoiding)

At the end, I will take you through a 5 step process to reveal what wants to be liberated and freed within you, what skins are ready to be shed, and what support you need to make the transformation with grace.

I love this super power and this ritual - see you there!


Upcoming Classes, Feminine Leadership & Professional Develoment Programs 

1. Choosing ME & WE - 4 Week Relationship Pop Up with me and Noah Martin, my partner. 

2. Overwhelmed and Over It: Path to Sustainable Success, Impact & Wellbeing - 4 month Council & Experience for Professional Women - Starts first week of October. (registraton opens 8/17)

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Inquiries from the Skin Shedding Ritual (from the Feminine Wisdom Way book, page 162)

1. What inside of me desires to be more free to Express?

2. What do I desire to be more fre to RECEIVE? 

3. What skins am I shedding (name them)? Roles, responsibliities, robes of expression, robes of repression

4. How have these skins served me? Why must I shed them now? 

5. What support do I need as I make this transformation? 

Jun 17, 2022

Today we dive into this inquiry: "What is draining, dimming or distorting your radiance? " Remember, Radiance is your light.

The brightness and strength of your radiance effect everything from your wellbeing, your physical health, your ability to get your gifts and genius into the world, your access to your intuition and power, and how you feel about  yourself, your life and the world. 

Our theme for this series is STAY LIGHT - not as a spiritual platitude but as a directive from the Universe and a real practice we put into place in our daily lives. Last session we explored what Radiance is, and what restores and retains yours.

In this Feminine Power Time #186, our intention is to illuminate what's draining or dimming your radiance, so you can see it, name it and be at choice with how to work with the forces that pull you down and dim, so you can can stay light and bright even in this challenging time in the world.

We'll start where we always start which is where you have the power within you to make shifts, no matter what the outside world does.

We'll dive into 5 different ways I've noticed our Radiance gets drained,  dimmed or distorted because of what's happpening within us. to help you remember, we use alleteration, giving them all F's ... for "What's f-ing with my Light! :) LOL> we need to stay light as we dive into this heavy stuff.

Here are 6 ways we drain, dim or distort our Radiance

1. Forcing

2. Forgetting 

3. Feeling Like...

4. Frustation at Feeling Stuck

5. Fragmenting Your Focus 

6. Frequency 

I'll share the signs these are present within you, give real life examples and share some of my practices for how I transform the radiance dimmers, and elevate my mood, perspective and energy. 

At the end I'll guide you through a embodied meditation that tunes you into where your Radiance is getting drained, and a 3-step process to rise out of the muck into the light. 

Lots of good stuff in here. Exhale. This is all in service of supporting you to name and see the patterns in what messes with your Radiance, so you can catch it sooner, shift the energy, and find your way to back to the Flow and the light beam of the "Force" :) Like in Star Wars :))

See you there.

May the light always glow and flow within you, 

p.s. THANK YOU for those who have left reviews and ratings for the Feminine Power Time Podcast and Overwhelmed and Over It book. Appreciate you leaving a review for one of these. Helps others find the light!

Resources & Links

Upcoming Programs

1. FLOW Mid Year Power Pause - 

Practices for Staying Light

1. 4 Rs Morning Meditation - Root Down. Rise Up. Relax Back. Receive. Access video here.  

2. Daily Flow Practice Kit - Practices for Staying Clear and Centered. Video + Book. Access here.

3. The Radiance Wheel - See samples here on the Feminine Wisdom Cafe.


1. Join us and Get connected to other conscious women. 

2. Overwhelmed and Over It Book - 

Stay Light Elevation Practice Shared 

1. Step One: Get real. How does this manifest in my Body? Being? Balance?

2. Step Two: What do I need that I am not receiving?

3. Step Three: What do i need to get back into the flow? back into the


Aug 30, 2021

The word sane means free from mental disturbance. I would add emotional disturbance too. The kinds that creates confusion, doubt, impulsive choices, procrastination and all kinds of the commotion we might be feeling within, and are seeing spinning in our world. 

While we cannot stop the insanity we see happening in our world and the people within it at a whole new level these days (or even may be feeling ourselves)... there are things we can DO to stay sane, sustained, centered and focused on what matters. 

We 'do' these things - called practices - not just when the wave of insanity becomes a tsunami or a tropical storm. The wise ones put these into place proactively, we design our lives, the way we work, think and operate with them. 

Our daily and weekly practices are the structures that hold us no matter what is happening around us. 

Our practices give us the space to have our human emotions and release them out of our system so we can respond from an elevated, higher frequency, more humane consciousness that opens people and possibility up vs. creating more polarity and unhelpful chaos. 

Our practices give us wisdom. 

So we can use our creative life force to create the world we desire for ourselves, each other, and those we love, lead and influence. 

So here's what we are going to do these next three episodes of Feminine Power Time focused on "Staying Sane in an Insane World" ... Start with 4 practices for staying emotionally & mentally healthy & clear in this episode #162. Then perspectives. Then possibilities. 

We are going to be with what is, and use our super power to lighten up, be the creators and the makers, and ensure we have what we need to make clear, supportive choices and navigate when we 'fall off our surfboard'.

Tune in and I'll share more about the practices:


Did you know that the root of the word SANE means healthy? 

Which means we are diving into how to Stay Healthy in an Unhealthy World. 

Just think about that re-frame ... if you let your wise being eyes see the unhealthy worlds and realities... and you make a choice to stay healthy - mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, relationally and materially at this time - how would that inform or guide your daily, weekly and bigger choices.

Something to ponder ... and put into practice :)

With great heart,

p.s. Remember to share your insights on the Feminine Power Time Survey Here - THANK YOU!


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What I know about this fall and winter... 

1. Elevate Feminine Leadership Councils 2021/2022 - for women whose work and purpose is to re-imagine and re-design the way we work as a world ... through the field you work in and the presence you are ... and would love to have collaboration, guidance, wisdom, space with other conscious change makers.

Starts October 2021. Applications being accepted now.

2. Path of Self Love 12-week training for professional: Self Love Essentials: Specific Self Love Tools for emotional and mental wellness in our times  -  

3. Fierce Grace: Power Presence Purpose. Feminine Leadership Experience - 6-week, virtual - Starts Sept 29th. 


What's still forming... 

2021 Women's Wisdom Quest & Live Gatherings - virtual last year, may be this year too. As well as some in person, intimate gatherings in Austin, Arizona, and Seattle. 

And more. Stay tuned. 




Nov 27, 2020

It is human nature to have grief - when we lose things, things change, or we look around at the state of our lives and world and don't know what to do.

It's also natural to feel grumpy and frustrated about things not working out the way we want, to have anger. What's not natural - or healthy, healing or empowering - is how we have been taught as human to be with and release the grief or grumpiness. 

I believe we NEED to re-learn how to be with these very natural feelings, in our personal lives and relationships and in our collective society, it's part of the key to our own personal wholeness and wellbeing AND to us healing the collective societal separations.

But how do you do that? Well, join me, Christine Arylo, for this Feminine Power Time: Grief, Grumpy and Gratitude: How to be with all 3 to tap into deeper wisdom and personal freedom. Where I will walk us through a process that helps you tap into each of these 3 feelings that your human heart and human body is no doubt feeling.

Wisdom: Only once we can acknowledge what is or what has been, can we heal and release the pain, so we can elevate into new ways of being, in which we make our choices and create our cultures from wholeness. 

I taped this originally on the day after American Thanksgiving intentionally. I will share about:

  • Why this day of thanksgiving and gratitude in itself has deeper roots that need to be acknowledged and grieved so we can create a world that honors all people and planet.
  • The power of "HOLDING SPACE" ... what it is, why you and I both need this, and how to make sure it's present in your life. 
  • Where grief and anger gets stored within us, and how  & why you may want to embrace a annual process for being with it and releasing it.  

I will also walk you through this 4 step process - the 4Gs for releasing grief and grumpiness, so you can tap into authentic gratitude and grounded wisdom.

The result: You are lighter because you are not carrying all the grief and anger within you. Your heart opens and heals. And you gain more personal freedom, which empowers you to be a brighter light and a more harmonic instrument for others.  

So much to share!

I will see you there,



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1.  Overwhelmed and Over It Book - 

(read story at the end of section one: I wanted to be a mother but I had to make the money)

2. Osho Dynamic Meditation for Releasing Emotion

(get the audio meditation + print out the steps. do this at home or outside without other people around -- tell them to go for a walk - or make sure you have a big pillow for releasing into :)) ) 


Mar 12, 2020

There is no question that there is a lot of fear flying around out there... that is causing even the most wise and centered of us to question what is real? What should I do? What the heck is going on in the world? How do I stay safe and well? But also not fall victim to the fear machine that stirs up panic? 

In this episode of Feminine Power Time we will dive into the question - What do you do with the fear? How do you clear the fear so you can see what is real? What information do you trust? What are the wise actions to respond to whatever is happening in the world. Today it's a virus. A few months ago it was any number of natural disasters. And there will be more. These are the times we are living in. 

And ... while fear will rise up. We do not have to react from fear. We do not have to make our decisions around fear. 

We do need to be awake, aware, wise and safe ... able to discern. 

This Feminine Power Time is #2 of 3 in our Grace Under Pressure series: Superpowers for staying centered, calm and clear in a chaotic world. 

Join me as we dive into what I call Fear-shifting... including

  • What not to do ... so you don't feed the fear, your own or the worlds 
  • How to look at fear differently, so you know what to do with it... yours, other peoples or the worlds, so you gain the power to calm yourself and ground yourself to stay centered, and as result empower others to do the same.
  • Three powerful wisdom inquiries you can use in the moment to find the truth and your truth .. the practice of wisdom inquiries is So powerful.
  • A grounding and rooting meditation practice that is about 3 minutes only, you can do it in the morning, or whenever the fear swirls up
  • How to tell if the fear of everything going on in the world is confusing your judgement or amplifying your own internal fears - and what to do with the fear, to shift yourself into wisdom and truth. 

Fear-shifting is a practice. There are tools. Come and learn them.

Plus I'll invite you to open up your eyes to SEE what you might not be seeing about what is happening in the world today. 

Question everything is what the elders say at this time.

Let's make sure you have the right questions and practices to lead to wisdom. 

See you there



p.s. Join me for the Wisdom Session on Sunday where I will go deeper into how to stay calm, connected, clear and centered during chaotic times - video or audio stream. RSVP for free - 

p.p.s. Want more practices to keep you centered - March 29th, the Annual 40-day Burnout to Balance Practice starts 

Mar 6, 2020

The yogic wisdom is clear -how you end your day is how you start your next day. Yet we make choices in the last few hours before we go to sleep that sabotage our ability to replenish. We can blame work, other people, money, etc.for our stress but the truth is you and I have a lot of power to reduce our stress and increase our clarity and feelings of calm by the choices we make in the last two hours of our day.

This is the practice of DOWNSHIFTING - the rhythm and routines and actions you take from the hours of 4pm to you go to sleep.

My question for you is .... what choices are you making that are draining you? what choices are sustaining you? Especially in the last two hours of your evening which is where we will focus our conversation at in this Feminine Power Time: Downshifting: Superpower Practice for Staying Centered in Chaotic Times, the first in our 3 part Grace Under Pressure Series where we dive into:

  • How do you stay centered, calm and clear in a chaotic world?? 
  • The practice of BOOKENDING your days. - Where your power lies to stay outside the swirl by how you start and end
  • The practice of DOWNSHIFTING
  • The sabotaging ways you may be downshifting including the 'second shift' and 'the wine down'
  • Simple shifts you can make in the last hour before you go to bed that will have a significant impact on your calm, clarity and centeredness 

We'll get real and practical about how to use downshifting to get the replenishment you need, and replace sabotaging evening habits with new ones that support you. 

  • What you put into your body, mind, psychic field goes to bed with you - how about that!
  • When you mimic mother natures rhythm, your rhythm comes into harmony
  • Downshifting is not something additional you do, it is how you do what you are already doing

I LOVE this practice and every year before the equinoxes, i up my commitment and awareness of it.

Tune in. 

Big heart



p.s.  Join me on March 15th for the Feminine Wisdom Session - Grace Under Pressure: Superpowers for Staying Centered, Calm and Clear in a Chaotic World.  RSVP, 

p.p.s Save the Date - annual 40 day Burnout to Balance Practice begins March 28th.



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Dec 4, 2017

How you complete the year directly impacts how you feel and start the coming year. So how do you want to FEEL when you wake up in the new year? So that you can start the new year ready, at a full tank, clear and strong on the inside? 

This is a question I ask every year as the holiday swirl starts so that I make sure I don't get caught up in the over consuming, over eating, over spending, over scheduling, over shopping...a set up for starting the new year depleted and already feeling behind. 

I developed this Feminine Super Power Practice, which I use every year and have taught women around the world, to give us 'super power' to make choices over the holidays that support and sustain us vs drain us... so that come the start of the new year we are recharged and ready for what is to come. 

I call it the Holiday Harmonizer. It's simple yet mighty. I'll teach you the practice, lead you through it, and then send you off with a simple way to practice it every day until Jan 2nd. 

It will help you say no to the invitations and to do's that don't really matter. Say no to OVER consuming and connecting. And say YES to those things that really do replenish you. 

Tune into this Feminine Power Time:

  • Get clear about how you desire to FEEL come the new year so you can make your choices now in a way that aligns 
  • Learn the Holiday Harmonizing Practice - and how it works to keep you clear and strong physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
  • Gain the super power to say no to things you don't want to do, and find new ways to connect with those you love without giving yourself away 
  • Get a daily practice you can do in less than 3 minutes each morning to connect within, keeping you out of the holiday swirl or other people's holiday swirl 

This Super Power Practice is part of the Feminine Super Power Year training, where women come to live, lead and succeed the feminine way in practical and powerful ways in how they approach their work, health, wealth, home and relationships. 

Join Christine for the annual Year End Power Pause & Relfection Ritual -  RSVP at (men and women invited)