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Turn off the chatter and tune into what matters. Space for you to connect to the deeper wisdom and truth within you. Christine Arylo, MBA, leadership advisor, and wisdom teacher marries timeless wisdom teachings with modern leadership, success and human consciousness theory to expand your perspective and wake up your awareness. Each episode gives you practical ways to make choices that empower you to create a design for your life, work and relationships rooted in wholeness, sustainability and wellbeing. Our intention is to re-imagine the way we and the world work. We do that by bringing Wisdom + Leadership + Wellbeing together in ways that give us access to our personal power to influence the people, teams, families, systems and organizations we work and live in. Feminine Power Time is for all people who dare to do things differently, and who choose to embrace their co-creative power to have a positive impact through their voices, choices and presence.
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Feb 28, 2020

Take care of your heart. I just had to do this Feminine Power Time for us - I know it sounds soft, or oh yeah of course. But what I have to share is so much more than some nice self care message. So tune in.

Our hearts are our power centers. 

Your heart much more than your mind drives your actions, thoughts and choices.

You mind responds to the feelings and needs in your heart, but how many of us know how to truly communicate, connect and stay true to our hearts.

Even if you do, the world is crazy, so we need access to practices and structures that keep our hearts stable and sustained, so we can stay clear, confident, calm and courageous. 

In this Feminine Power Time #116: Take Care of Your Heart - Self Love Practices for Staying Centered, Calm and Connected, I'll take you on a exploration of these three realms :

Self Love


Self Sustainability 

Including a practice for each you can put into your life for each one.

These three things - self love, sisterhood, self sustainability are at the core of our capacity to stay clear, calm and centered within a chaotic world. 

Come. Lets get that heart of yours harmonized!


p.s. I made a request, from that place of sisterhood to Share Feminine Power Time, Rate and Review it. Would super appreciate!

And here are upcoming events I mentioned - I've been deep in book edits, so I'll be emerging on March 10th with what's happening this year.

* upcoming events * 

March 8th - The Yoga of Self Love: Simple practices for staying connected to yourself everyday starts! - check it out. 

March 10th - Feminine Wisdom Session for Staying Clear, Centered and Calm in a Chaotic World - Save the Date. 5:30pm PT

March 29th - Burnout to Balance - 40 day Practice Starts. Save the Date. 

April: Gather Your People - Training for People Who Desire to Create Experiences that Create Connection and Transformation 







Feb 13, 2020

During the week of Self Love Day Feb 13th I taped the 3rd of our 3 part series on Powerful Questions to ask ourselves as we make choices for the year ahead ... so we can stay centered, calm and clear in these intense times. This final episode poses an inquiry that will take you into the heart of what YOU need to be sustained - physically, mentally, emotionally and materially ... a question that if we don't pause to consider we inevitably will end up stretching ourselves way too thin, giving too much, without receiving what we need.

The word sustained is a powerful word I invite you to take into your heart and life ... the root means 'to hold'... when you are SUSTAINED, you feel HELD... so you are so much more able to actualize your dreams, desires, projects, purpose ... when you are SUSTAINED, the strong foundation under and around and within you fuels the courage you need to stay clear and centered.

When are not SUSTAINED ... not receiving the financial flow you need... not having the home you need... not having the supportive relationships you need... when you feel you are giving so much more than you are receiving in return... your body, mind and heart get wobbly, tired, exhausted and eventually burned out or sick.

SO LETS NOT DO THIS YEAR in a way you sacrifice yourself. The invitation from my heart to yours is to take radical acts of SELF SUSTAINABILITY... as you make choices in your career, relationships, money, health, consider and get real about what you need to be sustained. I think the answers will enlighten and embrace you.

In this episode of Feminine Power Time: SUSTAINED: What do you need to be sustained this year? i, Christine Arylo will

  • Share what SUSTAINABILITY for YOURSELF actually looks like. This is so beyond self care.
  • And take you through a series of questions that will help open up your clarity about what you need this coming year to be sustained - in all four realms. 

Tune in

Self Love Day Blessings - whenever you are tuning in, remember that taking a stand for your self sustainability it better for everyone and everything.

Big heart



The Year of Self Love - Starts March 1st - simple, practical way to strengthen your self compassion, self trust, self-empowerment, and all branches of self-love. 

The Path of Self Love Mastery Training - Starts March 10th - like a yoga teacher training for self love. Professional and personal transformation. 

From Burnout to Balance 40-day Practice - March 2020

Jan 30, 2020

It is way too easy to overgive and overcompensate in our work and relationships and then get overwhelmed and distracted, and diminish our impact, and worse, deplete ourselves. Especially in these intense and changing times.

Which is why we are doing this series in Feminine Power Time on powerful inquiries to ask yourself for 2020 beyond, so you can stay centered, calm and clear... focused on what matters. 

This specific inquiry is at the root of feminine leadership - it's all about taking a stand for your self-sustainability and for giving and receiving in harmony in our work and relationships. It's also about feminine power and making a greater impact in your work and within the lives of those you love and lead.

When you know your part in your work you not only become more effective, you affect greater, lasting change.

When you know your part in your relationships, you stop over giving and feeling like you have to do it all or you are failing at doing it all. You embrace that you are one person in a constellation of people and support that collectively cares for others. WOW the spaciousness and lack of guilt that happens when you really embrace this.

This is also about purpose - when you can name your part to play in this bigger world, you too stop feeling like you are not enough or not doing enough because you see how you are making a difference in what is yours to do. 

#StayFocusedOnYourPart - that's the self-sustainability stand.

As leaders, we apply this stand to three realms of our lives - our work, our relationships and our physical foundation of health/wealth/home 

In this session, I'll share more about

  • what staying focused on your part means - and how it's essential to doing meaningful work, growing your work or business, not taking on too much, and gaining the power to say NO I can't without guilt
  •  why we have such a hard time not taking it all on whether it's at work or in our relationships
  • how to get an upgrade in who you work for so you can stop feeling so pressured and start receiving the support you need... and trust that others will too
  • honing in on your super powers so you can get clear on your part in the world, in your work and in your relationships. 

At the end of the session, I'll walk you through a personal meditation and visualization to help you get clear on what your part is and what you part is not in the 3 realms of your whole life .... and then take a stand to stay focused on your part this year 

This is preventative burnout and overwhelm care. It's self empowerment. It's feminine leadership. It's wise. 

I look forward to diving in with you!

If you missed Powerful Inquiry #1 - What is Holding Me? from last episode, make sure to tune in. And stay tuned next week for #3 inquiry. 

big heart



Mark Your Calendars - Save the Date - and Upcoming Programs 

Self Love Day Circle - Feb 13th - Beyond Self Care: Taking a Stand for Self Sustainability 

A Year of Self Love - Embodying Self Love - Opens Feb 13th. 

Path of Self Love Training and Mastery Program - Starts March 3rd

Upcoming Retreats

Fierce Grace Feminine Leadership Weekend - Power. Presence. Purpose.  May 2020






Jan 17, 2020

Today I invite you to consider this powerful inquiry - one you have not likely asked yourself before: What is Holding Me? I know it sound esoteric, vast, vague, maybe even irrelevant to your day to day reality. But trust me, if you want to stay centered, calm, clear in this chaotic world, you want to know. 

Feeling held is the tap root of your courage to step out, make changes, and speak up. When you feel held fear cannot derail you. When you feel held you are so clear within yourself that confusion, doubt, and anxiety melt away.

But what does feeling held mean?

And what is holding you, really, as you step into 2020 and beyond? 

And what do you need to know to make sure that just as a tree is held by its roots in the ground, and the network of other trees, that you have what you need to weather the storms that are surely ahead?

One of my super powers is creating powerful inquiries that open up portals to deeper wisdom within us, questions that expand what's possibility and that shift our perspective so we can do things differently. 

As we face 2020 and beyond, and I've been in my EMERGE Visioning and Intention Setting process, powerful inquiries that have been blowing my mind and opening up my imagination and intuition have been popping up like popcorn! I've been having deep conversations with friends about these and it's been altering how I choose to focus my life force in 2020. Giving me clarity.


In this Feminine Power Time: What is Holding You? #1 of 3 in a series I'm calling Powerful Questions to Ask Yourself for 2020 and Beyond to Stay Centered, Calm, and Clear in Intense Changing Times we will dive into this inquiry together. 

Making powerful inquiries is one of the feminine wisdom way tools we use to gain access to our own intuition and to the imaginal field of possibility, and to Divine guidance.

So no bullet points for you to read here.

Just tune in. I promise it will be practical and relevant, and perhaps shape your choices and focuses in ways that are not only enlightening but truly empowering. 

Just as a tree must be held to grow strong, so you must be too.

For you who likely holds so much for others, what is holding you?

How do you cultivate the inner knowing that you are held? And how does that change everything? 

With great heart,



Feminine Wisdom Way 2020 - Live, Lead and Succeed the Way Women Work Best. 

Circle closes on Jan 19th.  

Join us. 



Jan 11, 2020

Every year in January I wait to do this special Feminine Power Time session until the timing feels just right. This year, it was exactly on the first full moon of the year, a wolf moon, eclipse just as the sun was setting on the Puget Sound across from my studio window.

I’ve been thinking of you all for weeks and what would emerge to be shared on the yearly “Feminine Wisdom for The Year Ahead” episode.

After weeks of being in my own reflection and visioning process, watching what’s happening in the world, deepening in my own practice and listening for guidance from Wisdom with a capital W, once again, a series of ‘wisdom bytes’ flowed out.

Tune in for this year’s Feminine Wisdom for the Year Ahead - 202-, a yearly occurrence here at Feminine Power Time. It’s not about fortune telling, it’s about reading the signs all around us, feeling the knowings within us, and then being WISE about what is happening in the world and how we desire and choose to show up.

Feminine wisdom teaches us to prepare for the intensity, uncertainty, transformation and change that is just part of how the world is operating right now.

Not to brace yourself for it, but to embrace it, pace yourself through it and cultivate the vitality, resilience and wisdom you’ll need to stay elevated above the fray and the chaos.

Tune in with me, Christine Arylo, feminine leadership advisor and women’s leadership and empowerment teacher, as we dive in. 

See you there!



Wisdom Inquiries

1. Where are you not showing up in your full presence? Where are you?

2 What is your soul stretch in 2020?

3. Where are you separating or isolating instead of connecting and including? 

4. What support do you need to 'do' what you desire, need to, or are being asked to in 2020?

5. How are you cultivating sisterhood? What else do you need? 

6. What are your practices for staying centered and slowing down? Daily? Weekly? Monthly? Yearly? 

Programs and Classes

1. Different Way to Dream -

2. Feminine Wisdom Way - Vision, Plan, Focus and Grow the Way Women Work Best - 

Jan 4, 2020

There is a misunderstanding in our culture about visioning, dreaming and goals setting. The mainstream approach is rooted in the go, go , go, work hard, stay busy culture we've been trained to operate in. So we try to do too much, push too hard, and exhaust ourselves. The more spiritual approach is also laden with big misunderstandings about manifesting, the law of attraction, and vision boards that lead to self criticism & stress later in the year.   

There is a different way. One that gives you access to deeper Wisdom that fuels  & focuses your desires personally & professionally.

A way that gives you....

  • Space.  Releasing the pressure to have your year figured out by Jan 15th. 

  • Insight. Into how to achieve in your work, without sacrificing your relationships or personal wellness. 

  • Focus +  Fluidity. So you operate in the flow vs. pushing, striving, and stretching yourself past capacity.

  • Clarity. On where to focus life force and resources in ways that sustain you - so you put the right amount of energy and time to projects, people and dreams vs. trying to do it all right now.

This is the way we naturally work best as women and humans... when we stop following the models of success and productivity set up for us, and start following our deep innate feminine wisdom.

In this special SALON episode: A Different Way to Dream and Achieve, I'll share with you a different approach for how to vision, focus and plan your year. So you have the wisdom, the practices, the processes for creating realities that sustain you and that are in alignment for who  you are and what you truly desire. 

It's taken me over a decade of living this way, after studying the mainstream business world and success models and then the more spiritual and personal growth models, to find this path. 

Tune in! 

Big heart



p.s. The Salon episodes are taken from the live Feminine Wisdom Sessions I do live throughout the year. I share the with you on the podcast so you can receive the wisdom. And you can also receive the video version.

p.p.s If you would like to see and receive the video version of this session, go to 

Also ... if you'd love support, structure and sisterhood to work, lead and live from your feminine wisdom and power, including our EMERGE 2020 Visioning and Intention Setting process, learn more at  

Dec 28, 2019

What does it mean to be connected to Spirit? How do you trust that the Universe really has your back? How do you create a real, embodied relationship with the Divine, one that you can feel and work with in your daily life? Whatever you call this force or don't, in these intense times, if we want to stay clear, calm, on our soul's path, able to meet the challenges and expand in the possibilities, we need a personal, embodied relationship with the Divine.

But what does mean, and how do you do establish and keep this relationship strong, as an empowered human? So you can create the realities for yourself, others and this world you can feel in your heart are possible? 

Taking a step beyond religion constructs or estoreric spiritual concepts, join me for this Feminine Power Time: Plug into Your Divine Downline: 3 Ways to Create a Stronger Connection with the Universe, #3 of 3 in our Trinity of Connection Series. 

Whatever your beliefs and path are you are welcome in this conversation which is meant to be a way to expand and strengthen this very personal connection to the Divine/Universe/God/Force - whatever you call it.  I will call it the Divine for simplicity. You choose whatever language works for you.

Some of what we'll dive into:

  • What does it mean to have a "RELATIONSHIP" to the Divine? As a co-creative partner?
  • Going beyond law of attraction to the practice of co-creation to elevate our practice of how we vision, create our lives, manifest our dreams, do our work
  • What is Grace? Really? How do you work with grace to make better choices? Struggle less? Spend your life force in more sustainable ways? 
  • Practices to strengthen your relationship and connection to this 'force' and presence
  • Elevated way to approach visioning, intention setting, achieving and manifesting desires

I felt so strongly we needed this series at this time to elevate our awareness about connection. 

You and I need connection - but what is it really? We just dove into the three points of connection we need in our lives - Self (heart desires and soul path)... Others (intimate and collective community)... Divine. 

As you step into this next cycle and set intentions, make changes, go for you dreams, take these points of connection into deep consideration. Make sure they are part of the practices and support you cultivate consciously. Connection is the net , the web that will hold you true to your soul's path and heart's desires... give you the courage and clarity you need to step forward into the unknown... and provide you with the guidance you need to create realities that go beyond what you've known before or what you see in the mainstream consciousness. 

I look forward to our journey ahead!!

Much love,


p.s. I LOVE and appreciate the reviews and ratings for Feminine Power Time. Helps me keep going and also helps others find us. 

If inspired, please RATE, REVEIW & SHARE Feminine Power Time - on Itunes or on your podcast app.

Upcoming Happenings, Programs and Retreats

  1. Reflection Ritual - 
  2. A Different Way to Dream: Vision, Focus and Plan the Feminine Way - free class - Jan 2 or recording - 
  3. Feminine Wisdom Way 2020 - Visioning, Intention Setting and Focusing in the Way Women Work Best - Starts Jan 5th - 


Dec 18, 2019

Most of us crave more meaningful, real connection, yet we also don't know how to cultivate it. Nor do we understand how we are holding ourselves back from the relationships we desire, individually and in community, professional and personally.

As humans we need connection with other people to feel strong, safe, and loved. As leaders, we need connection with others to bring our sacred work into the world in ways that sustain us vs. deplete us.

Which is why we dive deep into the second realm of the Trinity of Connection: Connection to Others in this episode of Feminine Power Time: #110: Have Stronger Connection with People & Community. Join me Christine Arylo, as we dive into:

  • What is false connection or the kind of connection that doesn't really satisfy you - leaves you hungry
  • What is holding you back from opening up to receive the connection you desire?  
  • How to reveal emotional and energetic entanglements from past relationships that make it hard or impossible to create new healthy relationships.
  • How to release past emotional and energetic entanglements in a good and powerful way.

I will also guide you to:

  • Reveal which connections you currently have that could be grown or deepened in the coming year
  • Make invitations to others to deepen connections in a way that's not weird or needy
  • Put out into the Universe the kinds of individual connections and community connections you desire to seed and grow over the next 1-3 years to support you in your sacred work and life design. Give and Receive!

I'll share some of my process as I am going through this exploration again myself, as I often do every year at this time. 

Connection is something you cultivate consciously.

Working with what you desire AND allowing the Universe to guide you to connect like a divine switchboard operator. So much better than distorted networking ... our super power comes from meaningful and authentic connection.

Tune in. This is ripe and ready for you to put into practice in your life now.

We all need connection. In fact, the wealthiest people are the ones who truly have meaningful connection.

See you there!




Wisdom Inquiries from Feminine Power Time  

1.  Where are you settling for or filling up on surface level connection that may give you a quick hit but leaves you feeling empty? Or doesn't really fill you up and leaves you disappointed?

2. PAST : What is holding you back from opening up fully to receive the connections you desire?

3. PAST: What emotional or energetic entanglments are cutting off the flow from the connections you truly desire?

4. PRESENT: What kinds of connections are missing in your life now? What connections do you need? Desire? 

5.  PRESENT: What connections already exist in your field that you could grow or deepen? (who is already here!)

6. FUTURE: What connections do you need and do you desire for what you desire to create in your sacred work and life design in the next 1-3 years?  Consider individual connection and community connection. 



  1. PAST: Release at least one emotional or energetic entanglements in the next week or two. 
  2. PRESENT: Invite 1-3 people or communities to grow or deepen in your connection in a way that feels inviting
  3. FUTURE: Get clear on the connections you desire going into the next 1-3 years and put it out there - speak it, tell people about it, write it into your journal, make it part of this years intentions. 


1. RSVP for the Year End Completion Ritual at

The year end Power Pause is one of the most powerful practices I do to end the year feeling proud and peaceful. Ready and clear for the year to come. My gift. Just RSVP and invite a friend. 

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Dec 7, 2019

Without a strong connection to your Self, your true self, not your ego self or personality self or emotional self, it is way too easy to create a life, choose a career, start a business, stay in a relationship or job that will never nourish or fulfill you, no matter how hare you try.

Without consistent check ins with your Self, it's way too easy to end up 10 degrees off your soul's path.

Too easy to get lost in doing too many things that actually don't matter to you. 

We hear lots about body/mind/spirit connection. But where's the heart? Where's the soul? We make lots of decisions from our logical minds, but is your life design really constellated and set up in a way that you LOVE YOUR LIFE, that you feel fulfilled and nourished and sustained? How successful are you feeling these days? Where are you giving your life force? Are you living your soul's path or someone else's version of success? 

These are the kinds of inquiries we dive into in today's Feminine Power Time with me, Christine Arylo, feminine leadership advisor and MBA... #1 of 3 in our TRINTY OF CONNECTION Series: Get Connected to Your Heart Desires and Soul Design. 

The first is Connection to Your Self, the true self - HEART, SOUL and body and then mind. Then we will dive into connection to your intimate circle and your connection to Spirit.Universe.Divine. 

  • What does it really mean to be connected to your Self? How do you know if you are or are not?
  • How we fool ourselves to think we are connected to ourselves and making good choices, but are not.
  • 4 Foundational promises you want to make with yourself to make sure you stay connected to your true desires and path?
  • Why we make choices that are not right and true for our Self, and how to gain the courage to stay true to yourself. 

I'll lead you through a series of inquiries based on self awareness, self acceptance and self empowerment that will get you feeling and thinking inside about how you want to design your life, work and relationships in the coming cycle. 

  • Are you designing a life you love, in which you generously to yourself? In what ways is this true? In what ways not? 

  • Are you living your soul design? In what ways are you in alignment with your soul's path? And in what ways are you not? 

  • What is your body telling you about the health of your entire system? What your poop, periods and skin are alerting you to?

And lastly as I share these, you'll start to open up to what you are intending and visioning for the new year .... from a deeper place than your mind. So you create a reality that sustains you, on all levels. Sustainable success. 

I am excited to share these inquiries and stories with you in this Connection series, going through what I call the Trinity of Love - connection to Self, connection to Others, connection to the Divine. 

May this support you to create a reality in which you can give your gifts, make a difference, savor your life, and receive what you need. 

Big heart,
Christine Arylo 


p.s. Remember to RSVP for the Year End Completion Ritual at

The year end Power Pause is one of the most powerful practices I do to end the year feeling proud and peaceful. Ready and clear for the year to come. My gift. Just RSVP and invite a friend. 


p.p.s. To put what you learn here at Feminine Power Time into practice in your life, career, relationships and health and wealth, join us for The Feminine Wisdom Way this year - learn more at 

Starts jan 5th with the 2020 Visioning Process. Enroll now so you get the pre-visioning space for dreaming and reflecting. 

Nov 22, 2019

One of our most powerful sources of courage, clarity and wisdom comes from listening to the stories and experience and insight of women who have walked the path before us ... comes from asking inquiries that seek to take us deeper into the heart and expand us into new possibility. Our power as women comes in being in heartfull honest no b.s. conversation with each other, where there is exchange, sisterhood and truth. The Fierce Grace talks are meant to be that for us here at Feminine Power Time. 

I've wanted to do these for awhile now ... and while ones to come will likely have women talking live...I've now had the honor of being in conversation with Gloria Steinem twice. Once seven years ago 1:1 at a bistro in San Fran, and last night in a room of 2000 in Seattle. Both times she delivered wisdom bytes which have opened up awareness and given me confirmation of what we need as women, as humans, to stay centered, keep the hope, stand for peace and love and be agents of elevation and connection. 

In this episode of Feminine Power Time #108: Fierce Grace Talk: What Ive Learned from Gloria Steinem, I synthesized three potent pieces of wisdom, 'wisdom bytes', for you and I to chew on and apply to our lives now. Coupled with some of my own stories and an ending meditation to take this all within yourself. And inquiries to make this practical now to meet the intensity of the world in your own place of fierce grace.

Tune in. 

See you there.



Here's a picture of Gloria and I in 2012 when she gave me the first piece of wisdom that opened me up to create the body of work that will be in Overwhelmed and Over It! 

christine arylo and gloria steinem

p.p.s If you have any thoughts on how to best connect again with Gloria to share the wisdom she shared with me that I wrote up in the new book, email me at 



* Women can't have it all if that means doing it all

* Our power as people comes from being linked 

* Gather yourselves

* Imagine your future self walking the path ahead of you. Let her lead you. 

* Growth comes from saying yes to the unknown

- From The Truth will Set You Free, But First it Will Piss You Off


Nov 15, 2019

When you pause in November to get clear about how you COULD spend your energy, time and resources and then mindfully choose where to focus in your work, relationships, and personal health ... you are so much more likely to end the year feeling good about your choices, and so start the year ready and regenerated for what is to come. 

This practice is called POWER PAUSING. Wise women do it 4-8 times a year at key points that harmonize us with the natural cycles. 

Specifically we do it in November so we don't get caught up in the swirl of the holiday madness and consumption, but instead make space for what matters. 

So many people fall into patterns during the holidays that drain and over stretch then - in how they spend their time, money, connection and what they consume. 

The holidays turn us into human consumption machines when what we are craving is human connection.  

In this Feminine Power Time power pause, "4 Inquiries to Support You to Create Space for What Truly Matters & What You Want to Get Done by Year End." Christine Arylo, women's leadership advisor, in which I'll share wisdom and walk you through a guided power pause:

  • Teaches you about power pauses - why they work and how they support us as leaders, esp during intense times

  • Gives you 4 inquiries to ask yourself at the end of the year to complete what really matters and stay sane, sustained and strong - you can apply these to your work, relationships and personal health to create the space to complete what matters most to you by the end of the year

  • Shares how to stop the holiday time patterns and rituals that drain you and create new ones that sustain you - you will leave empowered to say NO to the obligatory holiday to do's that don't support you any longer

  • Shares how to use these feminine wisdom inquiries to create deeper connection with your partner, team, friends and yourself. 

Sending you wisdom and love that how you give yourself permission to stay focused on what matters and what sustains YOU as you complete this year.

Big heart,




1. Save the Date - Year End Power Pause with Christine Arylo, Dec 19th, 5:33 pm PT - My gift to you. RSVP soon! Make sure we are connected by signing up for my wisdom letters as 

2. If you'd like to learn to live, lead and succeed the Feminine Wisdom Way and gain the super power to get out of overwhelm, get what matters done, and be supported and sustained in your work, relationships and health and wealth, this 'feminine wisdom school' is the place. 

Register to get the invitation.

3. For Women Leaders and Change Makers - The 2020 Elevate Feminine Leadership Immersion and Incubator Starts Jan 2020 - to get the invitation go  here.


Wisdom Inquiries from Today:

1. What do you desire to be true about your sacred work in the world come spring next year? What do you need to focus on the last part of this year?

2. What will you complete by the end of this year? Choose only what feels empowering and sustaining ... 1-3 things for each realm at most:

* Your Work
* Your Body/Health
* Your Home
* Your Financial Flow and Wealth

3. Look at your holiday rituals through the end of the year -what drains you? what sustains you? 


Nov 7, 2019

While the holiday marketing and messages promise us tidings of peace and joy the reality is that the consciousness of overculture is set to get you and I to buy more, consume more, and do more. And while we all want more meaningful connection, and the last two months of the year can be full of invitations... it's way too easy to say yes to things because of obligation, habit or fear of missing out.

Every year as we go into November, I take a stand for us all here at Feminine Power Time to do things differently - in how we make our choices for how we spend our time, money and energy so that come the new year YOU FEEL SUSTAINED and REPLENISHED - emotionally, physically, spiritually, financially and mentally. 

The next few Feminine Podcasts will support you to do this - full of wisdom, practices and permission. And I also host three Feminine Wisdom Sessions, one in Nov, one in Dec, one in Jan that go even deeper and give you the structure to make choices that support you to achieve and do what matters (more on those below).

For today's Feminine Power Time: "Doing Your Hoildays Differently: Choose What Sustains You vs. Drains You" I'll take you through:

  • The 3 C's for Doing Your Holidays in Ways that Sustain You: Consumer. Connect. Conserve.
  • Consuming: How to wake up and see which choices for what you buy and what you put in your body sustain you (and the planet), and which don't. 
  • Connect: Say NO to gatherings/invitations that drain you and Say YES to what sustains you, without feeling guilt
  • Conserve: How to monitor your life force and resources so you don't deplete them, but instead start the new year full. 
  • 2 Wisdom inquiries you can use when making choices to keep you true to yourself 
  • 1 Harmonizing Practice that will keep you out of overhelm and burnout, and keep you giving in harmony vs overgiving. 

Tune in. 
I will be here every week, giving you the structure -the questions, the practices, the permission - so you don't fall into the over culture swirl, or the obligations or fear of missing out choices, or your own self sabotage to over indulge, over spend, over extend.

We need you to be healthy, on all levels. This world needs your heart and wisdom. I'm here to make sure you have it to give



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Nov 1, 2019

Within you lies a great power that you are likely only using a very small part of - your Feminine Super Power of Intuition. In ancient times it was called "The Sight" and women, and men, were killed for having and using it. Women were called witches, whores, evil sorceress just because they could tap into what scientests now call 'the quantum field' to access insight, direct knowing. What does this have to do with you?

One of the biggest reasons we don't trust ourselves, doubt ourselves, don't speak up, don't feel confident, don't take the leap, or take a risk, or we stay stuck is because we don't have embodied access to our intuitive power nor do we know how to use it. And for thousands of years if you had it or showed it, you were a goner. Witch was just an easy way to shut women, and men up.

You need access to, and ways to strengthen your intuitive power to meet these intense times ... to SEE what is real... to SEE what is B.S. fed to you by the over-culture or other people... to SEE what your soul is trying to wake you up to. 

So... I created this episode of Feminine Power Time: Get Witchy: Reclaim Your Feminine Super Power of Intuition for you. I literally taped it on the crescent moon, on Halloween, candles lit... let's dive in:

  • What is a Witch really? Why is it connected to how empowered you feel now?
  • Why do we have 'feminine fear' -the fear to speak up and stand out or do things differently? 
  • The 5 access points of intuitive power - which are weak and strong within you? 
  • Two practices for accessing deeper wisdom - try them, i think you will love them! 
  • Why you resist opening your ability to 'see' and access this wisdom 
  • What this has to do with the current reality of power-over systems, and how people try to control the images, stories, realities we live in. 
  • How to expand your Intuitive Sight and use it to empower yourself and guide your work and life in good ways. 

Tune in. 

See you there.

Under the crescent moon. 

with special thank you to Lisa Lister author of the book "Witch: Unleashed, Untamed, Unapologetic" for the definition of what witch really is. You may never use this word in how you describe yourself, but you want to understand what it means and see how it's been used to disempower women and men for far too long. 

with great Heart,



p.s  RSVP for the Feminine Wisdom Session on Nov 11th: Crazy Wisdom: Practices for Conjuring Up Clarity, Courage & Calm in Intense Times ... 


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Oct 25, 2019

You have goals, dreams, desires, yes? Things you want to achieve, change, manifest, see happen? Ever feel like they are not happening fast enough or happening to the level you wanted or expected or see other people achieving? Ever judged yourself for not being where you think you should be now? Or put pressure on yourself with deadlines and timelines that you needed to do things by that stressed you out? Welcome to being a woman in the 21st century influenced by an overculture whose expectations for growth and success are completely distorted! And tune into this Feminine Power Time so we can support you to do it differently.

I've been working on my next book Overwhelmed and Over It! and thinking a lot about all of you and me and all of the women and courageous conscious men who have a big heart desire to make a difference in the world AND who desire to achieve their personal dreams and desires AND who want to be sustained materially and spiritually, and not have to sell their soul for money or have no money to keep their soul.

What I see so often is that we have not been taught how to work and grow our work, careers, and wealth in ways that really work, for how women or really humans work. So we exhaust ourselves, or our resources. Or we never feel like we are doing enough. Or we try and do too much.

So I took a pause from writing, to pop my head out and share this Feminine Power Time with you: Achieve Succeed Receive: How Women Grow Their Work, Careers and Wealth best. 

A few thing we dive into:

  • How our personal expectations on ourselves for growth are influenced, not in a supportive way, by the over culture
  • The Self Induced Pressure Cookers - the different ways you can put unnecessary pressure on yourself, your team, your organization based on timelines that are so not in rhythm. 
  • The Impatience Club. Are you a member?
  • Broken internal timing belts. Have one? 
  • How women naturally grow - you'll love this!
  • How to think about how you grow your work, career and wealth in a way that feels supportive and successful vs. stressful and short. 

I look forward to tuning in with you. Press pause. Tune in.





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Oct 17, 2019

I would love more time! I wish I had more time! Oh, if I only had more time. I feel like I don't have enough time to do it all. Most of us feel the pressure of not enough time a lot. Our society thrives on time pressure, although you and I do not. While there are lots of ways timelines and deadlines get imposed on us that we don't have control over. There are many ways that you are creating your own stress and lack of time - which you can change and control. Obligation. Guilt. Worry. Over Efforting. That's where we dive in!

My mission in this Feminine Power Time podcast: Time Sucks & Time Stealers: 3 Ways to Stop Wasting Your Time SO You Have the Space for What Matters is to give you three very specific things to watch out for in the way you are making your choices that could be robbing time from you. Making you feel like you don't have enough time ... and filling up your time so you are busy doing too much... stealing time from what matters to you.

My intention is that you'll be able to identify these 3 time stealers and then use the practices and wisdom inquiries I share to make different choices ... to do the last part of this year differently, including the holidays, how you focus in your career/business, how you make sure there is space for what really matters to you. 

Here's what we will dive into:

  • The 3 Time Suckers - Obligation, Guilt, Worry (and over efforting).
  • How to tell when you are wasting time or letting your time get sucked away from you
  • Why guilt is an inappropriate emotion for almost all the ways in which you feel guilty - and what to do about it
  • How to stop acting from obligation and get clear on what you want to do and give
  • How to give the right amount of time, energy and effort to a project or person
  • And more.. 

Here are the Wisdom Inquiries from the show:

- What do I want to give? What is in alignment to give?


- What am I afraid of? 
- What don't I want to deal with? 
- What do I want?


- What is needed now?  


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Oct 3, 2019

I decided to extend our Power Pause into a 2-part series because I felt like we could use it! Lots of people feeling pressure, as we go into the last 3 months of the year. But that doesn't mean the pressure is healthy, needed or productive!

I'm going to take you through a mini version of a Feminine Wisdom Way practice I do once a year at this time to ferret out the "SELF INDUCED PRESSURE" - the pressure you put yourself that adds to your stress load, triggers your self sabotaging habits, drains your life force and sucks the joy out of whatever you are doing. 

Self induced pressure is pressure you have the power to release.

You may not be able to change all the systemic pressure coming at you from $$ to deadlines to taxes or whatever. But you can change the self induced pressure. 

Which is what we will do together in this Feminine Power Time with me, Christine Arylo, feminine leadership advisor, "Pressure Release Power Pause: 3 Ways to Release the Self-Induced Stress & Create Space and Sanity for the Rest of the Year. 

Here's some of what we will dive into:

  • The difference between healthy and helpful pressure, and toxic sabotaging pressure 
  • How to tell when you are feeling pressured - the mental, physical and emotional signs 
  • One simple practice for what to do when you feel pressured so you can discern what is really needed and what is just a bunch of b.s. man made or self made pressure
  • A set of 4 inquiries you can ask yourself
  • How to reset timelines in a way that feels good and in the flow  

We will dive into your life now, and ferret out the self induced pressure you can release because of

  • Timelines, deadlines, and time frames - yours and others  
  • Pushing - yourself, others, projects 
  • Unrealistic and misaligned Expectations

This is such a supportive power power to do that will impact your career/work/business and your relationships AND your own sense of spaciousness, health and even money. 

Wise women leaders pause before they move swiftly into the last 3 months of the year - this is the feminine wisdom way. Try this short practice and see what happens.


1. What is real?
2. What is needed?
3. What is enough? 
4. What is in the flow?



Thank you so much for those of you who responded to the survey this summer. At the end of this podcast I will share some of the results. And how I am making the choice to do it differently based on what you shared - which confirmed my own inner wisdom! 


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Sep 26, 2019

There are many things you could do these last 3 months of the year, but what is really most important to you? What will bring you the best returns? And what shifts in your habits, patterns, and structures are needed to support you in this last cycle?  

Wise women know how to use the natural cycles of the earth and universe to support them to grow their work, wealth and relationships, to support their health, and to keep them focused on what matters.

The September Equinox offers you insight to illuminate where the imbalances currently exist in your life & how to reset yourself and refocus your life force  - especially the ways in which you are over giving and under receiving, the habits that may have worked in the summer but won't support you now, and the ways in which making changes to your home, health and wealth can support you to end your year strong, sane and supported.

In this Feminine Power Time with women's leadership and empowerment advisor and teacher, Christine Arylo, marries her MBA business background with 15+ years of wisdom and spiritual study in practical ways that can support you to elevate out of overhwelm, stay focused on what matters, shift sabotaging habits and take care of small things that make a big difference. 

Tune into this Power Pause and:

  • Learn the wisdom behind taking power pauses 4 times a year - and how this practice can yield big returns in your business, career, relationships and health/wealth/home
  • Experience the feminine way of growing our work and impact vs tackling projects, driving like a torpedo, or pressuring ourselves to make things happen too fast

Be led through a visualization and meditation to:

  • Feel good about what you have already done this year. 
  • Reveal the imbalances - work, relationships, health, wealth or home - that need attention.
  • Consider what you need to bring the imbalances into harmony, so you have what you need 
  • Gain clarity on how to best focus your attention the last part of this year - what will bring you the most meaningful and abundant harvest? 

Power Pauses are a form of feminine leadership which teaches us to work in harmony with the natural cycles of how the material and mystical world both work. Part of her Feminine Wisdom School, Arylo teaches how to use this ancient wisdom and way of working to apply to creating a life and work that creates an impact and is sustainable. 

To receive invitations to Christine Arylo's fall feminine leadership mentorship - called Elevate - and her fall Wisdom Quest for Women desiring to gain clarity, focus and courage to take the next steps to bring their sacred work into form, subscribe to her  Wisdom Letters at   

Women's Wisdom Quest Nov 7-10 

Transform the Inner Critic. Empower the Inner Wisdom training. 



Sep 13, 2019

I've been talking with so many people who have been feeling the affects of the intensity of the state of the world, the intense weather, their own intense changing lives... and there is a lot of anxiety bubbling up that leads to doubt, confusion, burnout, overwhelm. So I thought we needed to have a honest heart to heart about:

Anxiety & Doubt: How to Release and Reduce the Confusion & Swirl Within You

* How do you know if anxiety and doubt is driving you? Some of you know because you can feel it in your body. But others of you are masking over it. Stuffing your anxiety and doubt with food, drink, tv, shopping, work? Neither way is good for us. 

* What is causing the anxiety and doubt at amplified levels that you might not know are affecting you? It is normal to have fear. Normal to feel worry or anxiety at times. But the levels we are dealing with right now, adding to the overwhelm, are being caused in large part by events, technology and other people. 

* What is underneath the anxiety that you may be having trouble accessing, so it keeps you in overwhelm, worry, doubt, confusion? I'll share a story of mine that reflects the deep grief many women feel at a heart level for what is happening to the planet, to the children, to the people that they don't know how to be with or release.

* How do you release this anxiety and doubt? So you can access clarity and calm and wisdom? I'll share some simple but mighty practices you can use in your daily life to release the anxiety and breakthrough to clarity and calm. I use these myself. 

I've been feeling so passionate about sharing this story with you and some of the practices I use myself. 

We live in intense times. If you are not practicing actively protecting your energy field, releasing the deeper grief or fear, it's like not taking a shower for weeks. Eventually your mind and subconscious will stink and your will be an emotional or physical mess. This is yogic wisdom for our modern world. 

My role is to continue to help us be awake to what is happening around and within us. And to share the practices that can keep us centered, clear, in our hearts and higher intelligence to be agents for change, love, elevation and harmony in this world. In sustainable ways.

I hope this episode of Feminine Power Time - Ep #102: Anxiety & Doubt: How to Release and Reduce the Confusion & Swirl Within You - supports you wherever this finds you today. 

with great heart,



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Sep 5, 2019

Should you trust your logic and rationale brain or your deeper inner feelings and knowing when making choices? How do you know when to listen to the data or the numbers, and when to trust your heart and make a choice against what the numbers say? Do you tend to rely more on your intellect or your intuition to guide you, and how is that helping you or hurting you? 

Join me and my partner in life and love, Noah Martin, for #3 in our Making Wise Choices series on Feminine Power Time: Using the Power of Both Your Head & Heart. 

I invited Noah to join us because he masterful at using both the head and the heart together to make wise choices (join us and you'll learn more why.)

Here is some of what we will dive into together. Bring with you the choice points you are standing at, and / or choices you have made in the past ... because we make this personal to you, so that you can make wiser choices in all parts of your life.

  • What having access to both our intellect and our intuition gives you
  • When you want to use your intellect - its' good at this - and when you want to trust your intuition (intellect sucks at this)
  • What bad choices made from the heart look like
  • What bad choice made from the head look like
  • Determine if you tend to over-rely on the head or the heart, and how that can be sabotaging you
  • How to get underneath the unconscious drivers of your decisions so you don't make impulsive choices from fear, or make a choice thinking you are getting on thing, but you get another. 

Tools like

  • The feminine leadership Power Spectrum of aligned intuition and intellect and distorted uses of both  
  • The Known and Unknown Clarity and Courage Booster

And 4 Wisdom Inquiries Noah shared to run yourself through to get underneath what is driving any choice you are making:

1. What is the dream that is underlying this decision? And does it actually help you get to the dream? 

2. What is the fear? 

3. What is your tendency towards making choices - do you lean to being overly optimistic or overly pessimistic? What is that part saying? 

4. What does your Inner Wisdom know?


To learn more about Noah Martin go to 




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Aug 30, 2019

If you are making choices that stretch you out of your comfort zone or go against the status quo you should expect fear to bubble up. It's normal and human. But how do you deal with the confusion, doubt, anxiety, frustration, impatience in a way that empowers you to make wise choices? And how do you get past it to find the wisdom that will actually guide you to making the wise and aligned choice for you? 

The truth is that most of us were not taught how to work with the mental, emotional, physical, and energetic responses and reactions our bodies, minds, hearts and psyches have when we make choices that stretch us, or trigger past trauma, hurt or suffering. 

But when you know how to work with both the parts of you that react from fear and past trauma or cultural or familial imprints AND the part of you connected to your true soul design and heart desires, you can the super power to elevate out of the doubt and confusion, into a inner knowing that empowers you to take action. 

In #2 of our Making Wise Choices series on Feminine Power Time with me, Christine Arylo, "Is Fear or Wisdom Guiding You? Clear Confusion & Doubt to Get to Your Truth":  we will dive into:

  • How to understand the different forces within you that influence your choices 
  • How to use the doubt, fear, confusion to make better choices and get what you need. 
  • Why you can't ignore your emotional reactions if you want to make wise choices
  • How to discern whether it's your inner critic/fear/past trauma/imprints making your choices or your inner wisdom
  • The Ping Pong effect - what to do when you get caught in this or that thinking. 
  • Practices for strengthening your clarity, including a 3-part practice you can do right now with the choices you are making

Bring whatever choices you are working with. You don't have to navigate this alone!

Wisdom byte:

  • You must give yourself the space to feel your emotion before you can find the path to the wise choice. 
  • When you stretch out of your comfort zone, it's normal to have fear and doubt. Just don't let it drive your choices. 
  • Your feelings are your super power. 
  • Your heart is your power center. Know how it works or you only operate at half of your intelligence. 

Wisdom Inquiry:

Journal or talk this out regarding a choice point or situation you have decisions to make:

1. What is known?
2. What is still a mystery?
3. What support do I need to make wise choices? 


I appreciate you leaving a rating and review. I love hearing from you.
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Aug 23, 2019

You make choices every day. Every choice we make - big or small - affects the shape of our lives and the reality we live. But most of us were not taught how to make wise decisions. We’ve been taught to be logical, and practical, but decisions about your life made from only the intellect often lead you to creating realties that limit you, burn you out, keep you from what you truly desire.

In changing, intense times like we live in, where we are each making choices - in our career, relationships, business, money and health - you cannot just rely on your intellect or what the mainstream world is telling you to make courageous and wise choices. 

Many of the choices I see women being faced with right now are also causing us to have to stretch outside our comfort zones … which can create feelings of fear and doubt… confusion and procrastination… and stress!

If you want to make choices that lead to a reality that supports you vs sacrifices you, you have to access both your heart wisdom and intuitive power first … have the inner skill to work with your own fear and confusion to find clarity… and then have the courage to make choices that will often look differently than others. And for this you need super powers, truly.

Which is why I decided to create this 3 part series on Feminine Power Time for you “Making Wise Choices”.

This first episode is focused on one of the super power tools I believe is essential … but most people lack. It’s called “Cultivating Your Wisdom Council” — without this I don’t think it is possible to stay focused on what matters, and make truly wise choices.

So tune in … I taped this on location in Northern California at the home of one of my soul sisters on my Wise Woman Council. during a weekend in which I came to visit 3 of the members of my council to help me make some big choices about my business and organization, and the shape of the reality those choices would create.

What I will share today is:

  • Why you want to make WISE CHOICES vs. smart choices.
  • What is a wisdom council, and why do you want to make sure you have one?
  • How to create your own Wisdom Council
  • Who to have in your council and who not to
  • How to ask for the support and clarity you need so you get wisdom not advice.

    I also have two daring acts for you to put this into place in your life now. 

Bring the choices and challenges you are facing ... and let's get you set up to have the support you need to stay clear and stay connected to what is true for you.

see you next week!
much love,



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Aug 9, 2019

You know your lungs need oxygen to breathe. You know your heart needs love to feel safe and supported. You know your body needs water to survive. But did you know that your soul needs joy to thrive? And that more than likely due to the pressures of your life, your soul is hungering deeply for the joy it's being starved from. And this is affecting your health, your feelings of happiness, and even your real wealth. This is not coachy blah blah... this is straight up feminine wisdom for how you make sure that you have what you need to thrive in these intense times. 

Are you happy? really? Do you feel fulfilled? Do you feel like you have the space in your life you need? Do you feel like your life is nourishing you? We need you to feel JOY inside so you can make the impact you desire to make! It cannot be about all work, taking care of others and giving without you receiving! 

Last week I delivered a COURAGE boost to your heart, to help you receive the love you need to feel courageous and be courageous in your choices now and ahead.

This week's Feminine Power Time is a JOY BOOST - I am sending directly to your SOUL to increase your levels of wellness, contentment, happiness now ... not for when you go on vacation or reach nirvana. To make it through these times, our souls need JOY daily. Receiving joy is a choice, a practice both. 

So many amazing beings I know are trapped in life designs that do not support their soul and inner harmony. We consciously choose to do this differently... today we dive into:

  • What is Christine talking about when she says JOY is SOUL FOOD - and why I want to know this.
  • Signs that you are starving for joy 
  • Checking in with yourself about how you are treating your body and soul - a workhorse, neglected child, race horse, something to whip into shape
  • The Feminine Leadership Principle and self love promise of #designalifeilove - how to use this to make change in your life 
  • Are you savoring your life or speeding through it?
  • 3 wisdom inquiries to relfect on what really nourishes your soul - so you can start making sure you get this daily, or before you deplete yourself. 

Consciously cultivating JOY as part of your daily life design and overall life design is one of the wisest choices you can make... do not discount it as woo woo, new agey or for later. Doing so will save you time, energy and money and more importantly will make sure the life you are living in the one you really want. 

Self awareness Inquiries: (taken from The Path of Self Love) 

  • I feel more free / most free when ... 
  • If I could do something just because it made me happy, I would choose to...
  • I just love to... (answer this for yourself today, but also as what you loved when you were a little person.)  

* As part of your evening downshifting, ask, "Did I receive JOY today?" If not, ask what would give you joy and do that before you go to bed!  


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Austin - Sept 22nd - The Fierce Grace Experience: Unleash you full power, presence and purpose now. A 1-Day feminine leadership retreat. More information here. 

Seattle - Sept 28th - Harvest Equinox Power Pause: A 1/2 day retreat to reflect, refocus and get clear about your intentions and how to focus your life force the rest of the year.  More information here. 


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Aug 1, 2019

What is currently stretching you? Catalyzing or challenging you? Calling you to release, shed, complete so that you can step into what is next? In your career, relationships, community, family, health or wealth? And could you use a boost of courage and clarity to make choices, release the old and step forward?

Good! Me too! Which is why I created this Feminine Power Time for you. Its is a Courage and Clarity boost that will strengthen your CLARITY about:

  • What you are being guided to release and let go so you can make space for the new 
  • What roles & responsibilities no longer serve you, in your work or relationships, so you can consciously complete them
  • What the next steps are in the short term so you can stop short circuiting yourself or stressing yourself out about not knowing the how.
  • How to strengthen your trust in the Universe and your self trust to make wise choices and courageous leaps. 


  • Take leaps into what's calling you in your work, relationships and expression, now
  • Have the inner self confidence to step forward even if you can't see ahead or don't know the path
  • Make wise choices grounded in both reality and possibility 

I've been doing these Feminine Wisdom for Intense and Changing Time episodes for a while, and based on the survey feedback I received so far, I'm going to make them part of the regular rotation.

In between the 4 major Power Pause times - Solstices and Equinoxes - there are 4 minor 'super power days' when the earth and cosmos make an energetic shift.

In the Feminine Wisdom Way we use the minor shifts to add 'love' and wisdom to whatever we are growing and tending in our lives - be that our work, relationships, health, wealth or presence.

Here at Feminine Power Time, I'll bring a simpler version to you, focused on what I'm guided to share, and what wisdom inquiries are connected to that specific time. 

This Courage and Clarity Boost was taped on the super power of day of Lammas, August 1st - but you can listen any time and get the benefit. Lammas is a day for being at choice to what you are going to harvest this year and what will also affect your year next year. It's a time we use the feminine super power of Catalyze to consciously choose what roles, responsibilities and ways of expressing we want to SHED so we can be free to express who we desire to be now, and to have the space to grow in what our soul is calling for. 

Enjoy the Clarity and Courage Boost! I'm shedding right along with you too! 




Wisdom Inquiries:

1. What is stretching and catalyzing me right now? In my work, relationships, health, wealth or personal expression?

2. What do I need to shed or let go of to make room for what's wanting to emerge - Roles? Responsibilties? Robes of Repression, in my work or relationships? 

3. What is the next step for me to take? Just the next step?

4. What does my Inner Mean Gir/Guy - that inner force of fear, doubt -- have to say about making this shift? 

5. What does my Inner Wisdom know is true? 


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Jul 18, 2019

We live in a time when you just can't plan out your life 3, 5, 10 years in advance and then follow 'the plan' - although our minds and desires for safety would love that. We live in a time when the world is changing fast, and we are each being 'called up' to new sacred assignments, ways of living and working that our soul signed up for.

These 'soul stretches' and catalysts are calling for us each to step out of comfort zones and step into into a zone where we often can't see how it will work out, how it can work out and if it will work out.

This is where the Feminine Wisdom teaching - the feminine super power of Stepping in the Unknown comes in. It's a different way of operating that most of us were not taught, but it is a REAL thing. In this Feminine Power Time, Stepping in the Unknown with Courage and Clarity to Chart the Path Ahead: Planning the Feminine Wisdom Way, the 3rd in our series on Feminine Wisdom, I'll share the wisdom teaching on Stepping in the Unknown. And make it personal for you so you can work with it and can step through the changes coming with grace and courage, feeling and being supported, including:

  • Why the way we've been trained to plan and strategize and create goals won't work - and an elevated, wiser way to approach creating your work, life, relationships that does
  • Wisdom about your Soul Codex  - what it is, how it to activate, access and align with it so you can access the wisdom needed to chart your path ahead and find you way 
  • How you can find your way through the uncertainty and unknown - so you don't get lost in the dark or get scared and turn back or move too fast or stretch too far and screw yourself up 
  • How to create a 'path' for crossing whatever threshold your soul is calling you into - there is a wise way and a stupid way to make changes :) 
  • Stories about how I've navigated the unknown to make choices from courage, and worked with other women to cross thresholds - there is wisdom to tell us how to "do" this differently
  • Personal reflection and meditation on your current threshold crossings - so we can make sure you don't try and straddle the grand canyon or get lost in the wilderness

If you missed the previous Feminine Wisdom Series episodes, #68 on Intuitive Attunement & #67 on Synchronicity with guest Nilima Bhat from Shakti Leadership, tune in! 


Finally the Feminine Power Time Survey is ready for your input. Please go to and share your thoughts ... THANK YOU! I will be reading them all. 


Jul 11, 2019

Why do we consume things that are not good for our bodies? That make us feel sluggish, heavy, not at our best? Why do we believe that doing another diet, cleanse, or fast is going to finally be the trick? What if there were deeper reasons, unknown reasons to you, that drove the sabotaging choices that you make about what you put in, on and within your body? There are! 

In this Feminine Power Time, the 3rd in our 3 part series on Receiving, I knew we had to dive into how a lack of receiving what we need in other areas of our lives, drives our choices for how we consume food, liquids, media, everything. And how a lack of receiving the wisdom we need vs. more information on the latest diet or super food or quick fix is keeping us from the wisdom of how our bodies really work as women. 

So I invited a new wise woman sister to join us - a true sacred rebel, here to do things differently, Ms. Carly Pollack, author of the book "Feed Your Soul" and founder of Nutritional Wisdom to dive in deep with us and illuminate both the deeper reasons within ourselves and the hidden reasons in the overculture that keep us from having the vibrant, radiant, healthy bodies we desire.

I invite you to tune in, as we dive into this episode "Feed Your Soul Instead of Sabotage Your Body" and OPEN TO RECEIVE more of the wisdom and self-love you need to make choices that support you vs sabotage you. 

In our conversation today we dive into:

  • Getting Real: Why the basic consciousness about dieting, cleansing and eating healthy keeps you stuck in yo yo weight gain and loss, or in an unhealthy and unhappy relationship with your body
  • Getting Wise: Elevate your consciousness around your relationship to everything you put INTO and ON your body  
  • Getting in Touch with Your Self: How what you put on your plate reflects your inner state. And how to get in touch with how what you are lacking in other areas of your life are showing up in your body. 
  • Getting Inspired: 3 Invitations to Making Shift Happen in a way that feels good and supportive - Carly and I will give you 3 simple but mighty invitations to applying wisdom to how you approach choosing to ingest things that are GOOD for you
  • Making it Personal: We will tune into your body and heart to see what it is that you are really needing to RECEIVE that your body and soul is craving ... so you can give it to yourself in ways that nourish you. 

It's a rich conversation with lots of #wisdombytes and inspiration. You will feel more open and more connected to yourself. Come and join us!

Wisdom Bytes

What is on your plate reflects your inner state #femininepowertime #carlypollack 

Before you put something in your mouth to eat, ask "What is it that I need"

Release sugar. Receive sweetness. 


For more on Carly Pollack


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