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Turn off the chatter and tune into what matters. Space for you to connect to the deeper wisdom and truth within you. Christine Arylo, MBA, leadership advisor, and wisdom teacher marries timeless wisdom teachings with modern leadership, success and human consciousness theory to expand your perspective and wake up your awareness. Each episode gives you practical ways to make choices that empower you to create a design for your life, work and relationships rooted in wholeness, sustainability and wellbeing. Our intention is to re-imagine the way we and the world work. We do that by bringing Wisdom + Leadership + Wellbeing together in ways that give us access to our personal power to influence the people, teams, families, systems and organizations we work and live in. Feminine Power Time is for all people who dare to do things differently, and who choose to embrace their co-creative power to have a positive impact through their voices, choices and presence.
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Feb 20, 2023

When we think of advocacy or being an advocate, we often think of how we show up for and support others, or take stands for the causes that matter to us - which is a beautiful thing. Today, I am inviting you to turn the energy of standing for, honoring and being a voice for others towards yourself. Self-advocacy.

What would it look like this year if you chose to be an advocate for yourself? 

What would it look like to so deeply honor what you desire and require, that you were willing to stay true to yourself, even if that meant disappointing another? 

What would change for you, if instead of just heading straight into all the things you desire and need to tend to, create, cause and respond to, you paused to consider what SUPPORT YOU NEED? 

These are the questions I am inviting you step into in this series - Receive the Support You Desire and Require this Year.  And then, after tuning into your deeper truth and wisdom, start using your voice and your choices to create a reality in which you truly do receive the support you need. 

WISDOM: “In times of stretch or stress, or when you are doing something new, ask for and receive more support, not less." (Overwhelmed and Over It page 175)

In this episode of Feminine Power Time, #204 SELF-ADVOCACY: Honoring What You Need, No Matter What, we'll explore:

  • Self-Advocacy and Self Honor - where do these live within you, and how do you access and apply their power to your daily life

  • Personal Sustability before Purpose & Responsibility - What foundations must be in place to support us to give to those we love, lead and influence  

  • Investing in Support - where do you under-invest time, energy and financial resources in the support you need? And were do you invest easily? 

I will take you through a guided process tuning into 4 areas of physical foundational support.  This will tune into your deeper wisdom and needs about: 

  • What are the support structures you both desire + require in your physical and material foundation this next cycle - Home, Health, & Financial Flow? 

  • What does stability and vitality in home, health, and wealth FEEL like for you?

  • What rhythm and pace structures will hold and support you daily, weekly. monthly and yearly this next cycle?   

Tune in to explore and experiment with Self-Advocacy this year. 

See you there


P.S. Dare to Share --> Share this podcast episode with a friend + then share what each of you are advocating for in the 4 realms of physical foundations I take you through. You can then be advocates for each others. 

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Feb 12, 2023

“We have become so self-sufficient as women that we often don’t consider the support we need, and even when it does show up, we struggle to fully receive it.”

These are the words that start Chapter 8 in my book Overwhelmed and Over It which is the chapter that gets to the root about why we push away support or don't receive the support we need, and then up burned out, and stretched too thin.

In this 3-part series, Receive the Support You Desire & Require this Year, we take a stand together to get real and practical about how we ensure you DO get the support you need, require and desire, and/or make different choices based on the resources you have.  

I was going to do this as one episode, but when I felt into what would really serve us, a deeper dive into you FEELING and BEING supported on all levels came through loud and clear. 

In Part 1 we will explore and dive into some of the key wisdom teachings that create the foundation for support to actually show up in and grow in your life, including:

  • It is not weak to need support. Needing support is human.
  • It is a sign of strength to name the support you both desire and require. 
  • To receive support you have to both NAME it and CLAIM it.
  • Frequency preceds form - meaning you have to feel supported before you are supported.
  • We have more support than we think. Expressing gratitude for the support you have, creates more a field for more support to come in

Throughout the series, we will create space for you to tune into 5 different realms you have the power to be and feel more supported, from the inside out. These just all happen to begin with the letter P. 

They all reflect the FOUNDATIONS of SUPPORT we all need at this time. 

In this episode of Feminine Power Time we will explore PRACTICE + PLAY, including the structures and support that will:

  • Keep you tuned into your higher consicousness, even when you are having a very human experience 
  • Keep physically, emotionally and mentally harmonized - calm, clear, centered, rooted in wellbeing and resiliency 
  • Keep your spirit lifted 
  • Keep you feeling connected 
  • Keep your imagination and creative channels flowing and your frequency and clarity high as a result. 

Tune in. Share with a Friend. Then Support each other to receive the support you desire and require. 

Big heart, 



1. Overwhelmed And Over It Book - 





Jan 29, 2023

Every year in January I wait to do this special Feminine Power Time session until the timing feels just right. This year, it was just one week after the start of the Lunar New Year, at the phase of the moon aligned with the energy of Focusing, Creating, Intending, and Empowering Ourselves - so in alignment for this coming year cycle + the bigger 3 and 20 year cycles ahead.

2023 is a 7 year - connected to the Chariot - and a water Rabbit year - again a year that it would be wise to lead by the feminine aspects and power, with masculine structure supporting. These archetypes + what the natural cycles are indicating + the commonalities I am feeling and seeing for myself and the conscious people I know and work have formed the focus and themes for this year's session.

I’ve been thinking of you all for the past few weeks and what would emerge to be shared on the yearly “Feminine Wisdom for The Year Ahead” episode. Which is why I've waited three weeks between episodes. I always wait for the wisdom and focus to emerge ... which it did today, after I returned home from a two week co-creative trip to California. 

After weeks of being in my own reflection and visioning process, watching what’s happening in the world, deepening in my own practice and listening for guidance from Wisdom with a capital W, once again, a series of ‘wisdom bytes’ - themes - flowed out.

It all popped out like a stew that had been cooking for weeks. That's letting the feminine lead, purposeful patience and stillness (listening) before moving into movement and action (which is a theme for this year especially, more on that).

Tune in for this year’s Feminine Wisdom for the Year Ahead - 2023.  If you are listening to this later, no worries, it is still all relevant. It's about reading the signs all around us, feeling the knowings within us, and then being WISE about what is happening in the world and how we desire and choose to show up.

Feminine wisdom teaches us to prepare for the intensity, uncertainty, transformation and change.

Not to brace yourself for it, but to embrace it, pace yourself through it and cultivate the vitality, resilience and wisdom you’ll need to stay elevated above the fray and the chaos.

Tune in with me. And if you have some paper ... bring it to write out some of the themes I share (also posted below).

See you there!


p.s. Come over to the Feminine Wisdom Cafe where people are sharing their dreams for the world and for themselves. We'd love to know and witness yours.



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1.  Overwhelmed and Over It Book - 


THEMES for 2023

1. Feminine Leads- purposeful patience and movment ... hopping one hop at a time, not speeding or trying to skip steps to go forward. 

2. FLOW = Intentional Focus + Intuitive Fluidity ... as we step into these next time cycles, what is at the center of the design of what you want to give to the world through your gifts/career/presence/part? What is at the center of you need to receive to be nourished, centered and sustained? What foundations are already in place that you can lean and relax into? What's calling for your heart and soul to focus and give your energy and time to, that feels good, aligned and meant for you? 

3. Frequency ... What do you need to keep your frequency high this year? What brings it down or creates interference? What practices and communities do you have in place to keep your frequency high?

4. Forms ... how we do the next now will be different. Some forms to keep in mind mentioned in the podcast. 


Jan 6, 2023

There are many things you could do this year, many things you think you should do, or maybe this year you have no idea what to do!? Or maybe you are feeling like you'd rather just pull the cover over your head.

Don't let the chaos and pressure of the world or the should's of your self-induced  pressure and thoughts swirl you up. Instead turn inward, tune into your heart and dare to tap into your deeper wisdom and desires and let those inspire and guide you.

Wisdom teaches us to use the power and practice of "inquiry" to consider the path before moving into action.

Not so we can have it all figured out like an agenda or project plan. But so we can be clear on our intentions, be connected to what's really in right timing, and to see what we can't see with our eyes but can sense with our deeper intuitive knowing ... if we slow down to listen. 

Wisdom also teaches us ... the wisdom is within you for your most soul-aligned path ahead, the path that sustains you on all levels - mind, body, heart and spirit. And the portal into that wisdom is not in your mental mind, it's in your heart and body.  

Every year I do an episode that takes us through a series of wisdom inquires I think would serve us to contemplate, at this time. 

How we start the year creates the reality ahead.

Use the practice of these 'wisdom inquiries' so you can stay focused on what truly matters, create the realities for ourselves and the world that align with our deeper truth and desires, and realize sustainable success. 

This year we have a set of 4 inquiries Four is the number of structure. So you can think of this as you setting structure / focus so that the year ahead actually aligns with what matters most.

Every year the inquires are different.

Because every year, we need differently inquiries to lead us to the possibilities we haven't even considered with our limited - often fear reactive - minds. 

I comb through the many inquiries we use in the EMERGE Visioning Process to find 4 to "prime the pump" and open your visioning, intention setting and focusing for the year to come. 

Tune in with me, Christine Arylo, transformational leadership advisor and teacher, for episode 202: Power Pause: Tune into What Matters Most to You This Year - A Series of 4 Inquiries

See you there!


P.S. This somatic and intuitive meditation was taped live during the Wisdom Session: A Different Way to Dream & Succeed. To tune into the full wisdom session go to


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1. EMERGE 4-week Visioning Journey - starts Jan 8th, you can start any day in Jan. 

2. Feminine Wisdom Way 2023 - Vision. Lead. Live. Succeed. the way women naturally work best. Enrollment open throughout January. 

Free Feminine Wisdom Sessions:
1. A Different Way to Dream & Succeed

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1.  Overwhelmed and Over It Book - 


Inquiries Shared in the Podcast

For this year ... 

1. Tune into Self Love 

  • I would love to explore ...
  • What I most need to receive to feel deeply nourished, sustained and supported is...
  • What would interfere with me allowing myself to explore or receive what matters to me? 

2. Tune into Momentum

  • What already has momentum that I can continue to grow and receive from?
  • What pressure could I release to create space for what matters to me?

3. Tune into Creating a Whole Life 

  • What matters most in my physical foundation - home, health and wealth this year?
  • What matters most in my personal relationships this year?
  • What matters most in my professional relationships / community connections this year?
  • What matters most in my sacred work, career, projects this year?
  • What matters most in my self-expression and personal growth this year?

4.  Tune Into Joy 

  • What would bring me joy this year?  



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Dec 28, 2022

Purposeful Patience. What is it? How can we work with it? And why is it something you might benefit from putting into practice in how you approach how you go about achieving your goals + bringing your ideas, desires and projects into fruiition + creating a consistent sense of wellbeing, even during intensity and uncertainty? Just that :)

For the past year I have been practicing Purposeful Patience. It was the theme and mantra of my year. Each year I/we choose/receive a yearly theme/centerpoint in the Emerge Visioining Process - like "The Year of Purposeful Patience" or last year "The Year of Embodying Radiant Grace." 

I love the practice of choosing a centerpoint and over-arching theme and then working with it intentionally all year. It becomes a guidepost and a portal into deeper wisdom that can support us to create realities that are more aligned with our design and desires. If you stick with it as an active practice, by the end of the year, you have SO much more embodied wisdom, trust and insight on how to do things differently.

Somethings to know about Purposeful Patience.

Purposeful patience is not sitting around waiting for life to happen. It's not a platitude like "Patience is a Virutue."

Purposeful patience is a co-creative choice to live in alignment with the natural flow and unfoldment of your life, purpose, projects, and processes.

The practice of purposeful patience reduces anxiety, the wasting of resources and time, and the self-inflicted pressure that stresses our minds, bodies, hearts, and spirits.  

In this episode of Feminine Power Time: 200: Purposeful Patience: Practicing the Ease Over the Rush, I was inspired to share with you a handful of the pearls of wisdom I received - so you can apply the wisdom to the rhythm of your year, your months, your weeks and your days. 

Consider this: Would you more ease (comfort and convenience) or more rush (haste, progress with speed and violence), hustle (shake, push, shove), or busy (meddlesome, toil) in your life this next cycle? 

Here's some of what we'll explore: 

  • Difference between easing into vs. hustling or rushing into year / week / day
  • The practice of Staying in "neutral" and 'upshifting' 
  • Playing and staying in the Void
  • Discerning if you are pushing something forward or something is pulling you forward
  • The dance of Stillness and Swiftness 

A few pearls of wisdom to play with and try on:

  • Don't rush into a decision just to have things more fixed and secure once again. 
  • Take the space to listen, imagine and moodle - even if it's uncomfortable. 
  • Inquiry leads to clarity.
  • Creativity opens the portal of possibliity which leads to more easeful productivity.

And two co-creative practices:

  • I wonder...?
  • Am I pushing this or is it pulling me?  

Enjoy playing with purposeful patience in your life - love to hear what you learn. 

See you there


p.s. ACT of ELEVATION >> SHARE this podcast with one other person. Invite them to PLAY the I WONDER game (which i share at the end of the podcast)


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Resources Mentioned

1. Overwhelmed and Over It Book - 

2. Gene Keys and Richard Rudd - 

3. The Lost Track of Time by Paige Britt -



Dec 21, 2022

Every year I love to create a special a Feminine Power Time episode that invites us to press pause and really reflect and receive the progress we have made, and the impact we have had on people, the planet and all of the projects and dreams that called for our attention this year. Why? Becasue most of us do not register in our minds, bodies or being that we really have made progress, and that what we are doing is making a difference.

Most of us feel like we are not doing enough – in our day to day, towards our goals, for others in need or for the planet. 

So we feel like we are always behind, like there is never enough time, and like we will never have the space to get to what matters most.

This is I believe is one of the greatest sources of anxiety, dissatisfaction, overwhelm, burnout and stress that we have the power to shift by choosing to do something differently -- pause to truly FEEL how we have made a difference so we can SEE IT and BELIEVE IT ... and RECEIVE IT.

Exhale. My body seriously just took an exhale as I wrote that!  

In order for your brain to register the progress you've made, and that things ARE happening and changing, you have to pause to feel it.

For your being to believe you are making a difference through your voices and choices, you've gotta feel that too.

And feel GOOD and PROUD ... this is called "honoring." 

Self honor is very connected to self respect. Self Honor is one of the 10 types of self love - so it's not boastful or distorted pride, it's healthy. Honoring yourself for how you have chosen to show up, give your energy, be a source of good in the world is a way to bring more LOVE and peace and goodness into the world. 

This episode is part wisdom teaching, part ritual, part guided visualization and feel-a-zation and part overall boost of wellbeing for your mind, body, spirit and heart.

Part 1: EOM - Evidence of Momentum. On the progress you have made in the different realms of your life - professionally and personally. 

Part 2: EOL  - Evidence that your Love and Light touched people, real humans, and it mattered! (in all the ways you gave your energy and care)  

Part 3: #HarmonicDefiance for the Planet: Evidence that your choices to do things differently + to elevate your own consciousness are impactly the planet's wellbeing. 

Tune in.  See you there. This is for YOU.


P.S. ELEVATION ACTION: Share this podcast with a friend and then do the ritual together.
Share on one or all  of the parts - "I acknowledge I have made a difference by..." Witness and reflect for each other that you in fact have made a difference. Your presence matters!


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Dec 14, 2022

How do you want to feel as you complete this year and as you walk into and begin the next? Overwhelmed? Drained? Exhausted? Busy? Over-extended? Of course not! Yet there is so much pressure internally and externally that can create this as the reality you live vs. the one that you desire for the last and beginning weeks of the year.

Since 2007, I have been talking about and writing about Holiday Overwhelm and how to avoid it. How not to get hooked by obligation. How to do things differently than what the culture says is normal, but is really kind of crazy :)

But this year, I decided I wanted to ELEVATE our conversation and focus ... from the base level consciousness that keeps us stuck in cycles of end-of-the-year madness, and year-start repentance, to some things we can focus on to elevate our experience ... to ones that create a stronger sense of calm, peace, joy, fulfillment, regeneration, creativity, connection, spaciousness. You know all the stuff we see on holiday cards?

Wisdom teaching: What you focus on grows. 

So what will you focus on ?

My very wise ski instuctor's teaching: What you look at, you will hit. Look away from what you don't want to hit.
Aka If you want to avoid hitting a tree, then look away from the tree and look towards where you want to go. 

My translation - focus on and look where you want to go so it grows within and around you.

In this episode 198: Complete & Create Your Year Clear: Avoid Overwhelm & Over-ing. Focus On What Fills You Up we will explore, activate and dive into a series of practical ways to FOCUS on what would be supportive and sustaining ... so you can savor and enjoy the completion of one cycle and the beginning of the next ... and make choices in your day to day that will keep your center clear ... and support you to feel nourished, at peace, empowered, calm, and any of the other feels you want to embody!  

Here's what TO focus on (and what not to):

  • Enough (Not Excess)
  • Simplicity (Not Complexity)
  • Reflow to Regenerate (Not Squeeze it All In)
  • Do What Matters (Not Do More) 
  • Honor What You Need & Desire (Not Obligation) 

I'll share the wisdom behind these, and how to use these practically in the moment to make choices or change a situation. Bring some paper to write these down and then try them out.

With great heart,


P.S. Elevation Action: Share this podcast with a friend, so you can support each other real time. Invite them to join you for the Year End Reflection Ritual, and do it together.


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Resources for Life force Reading and Receiving Practice 

1. Overwhelmed and Over It book - page 79 - 

2. Blog Post - Best Self Care Practice to Stop Burnout -


Nov 30, 2022

Co-Creation - we've defined what it is ... but HOW do you do it? How to real people living real live actually live as the co-creators of their reality, of their relationships, and of the parts of the world they impact? Living as a conscious co-creator in my experience is not some estoeric notion or nice idea, it is choice you make, and the path and practice for how you see and engage in every part of your world - from the small mundane moments and tasks to the big choices. 

To complete this special series in Embracing Your Co-Creative Power series, which focuses on Co-Creative Practices I thought having one of our special "Wise Woman Tea" sessions would make this part of the series most valuable for you. Wise Woman Teas are sessions where I invite on a person (or people in this case) who I am actually in relationship with and know personally, and who also is really living whatever we are exploring. 

I invite you into the conversation: Conscious Co-Creation: The Practices for How We "Do" It with myself, Katherine Torrini and Jennifer Bloom, two women with whom I have been exploring and deepening our understanding and practice of co-creation for almost 7 years together. We are part of feminine leadership council together in which we  have intentionally dove into what co-creation is and how we 'do' it, and have co-created books, journals, events and more together. Also, while we share a love of co-creation, we also are different in our approaches and perspectives, which is why I invited them to join us. 

Tune in, you are invited into the conversation where we will literally co-create the experience, and explore practices like:

  • Magic - and how to bring it into the mundane 
  • Imagination - the kind that led to humans making airplanes before any human had ever flown  
  • Conversating- how we use 'wise woman tea' and wisdom councils to conversate and find insights and have ephinanies
  • Synchronicity and Synergy - what environment is needed for these to occur, and what creates interference that doesn't allow these to emerge
  • The Co- Leads to Flow vs Solo - how remembering the "Co" reduces overwhelm and opens up the field for connection vs. isolation  

We will end with one of our favorite co-creative pratices for creating a better world now + shifting our own realities now ... "Imagine a World" (and invite you to try it on the Feminine Wisdom Cafe).

And Jennifer will end us with a song / poem she wrote that will open your heart and mind to possibilty and co-creativity. 

See you there. And read below for links to connect with Jennifer and her poems, and Katherine and her visual thinking magic.


p.s. Try out your Co Creative Power - Contribute to: "What Daring Dream do You Have for Yourself? For the world?" Be inspired and add your energy into our stream on the Feminine Wisdom Cafe here


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Connect with Katherine Torrini and Jennifer Bloom

1. Katherine Torrini - Creative Catalyst/Visual Thinker and Graphic Recorder ( and My Juicy Journal Creator (

2. Jennifer Bloom - Poet, Scholar, Emerging Perspectives Facilitator: Receive a poem a week to inspire.




Nov 20, 2022

I have a few questions for you: "Would you like to complete this year feeling centered and good about what you did? Start the new year feeling clear - mentally & emotionally? Like your physical space to feel clear and coherent? Like to be free of some of the relationship drama or distress in your personal or professional relationships?"

Imagine how you would feel if you had more space in the last few weeks of this year and the first few weeks of next year. 

Are you exhaling yet? 

Of course our answers to this possibility are YES! Choosing to downshift in November and December seems sane and what's needed.Starting the new year clear is not just a nice to have - it's what any wise person would do.

But how do you 'do' that? Especially in the chaos of the world, the many things pulling at you, and all you think you should be doing? 

My council has been the same for a decade, and it's even more essential in the times we are living in. The wisdom is clear:

You put into place simple but mighty practices - rituals that create a rhythm that connects you to your deeper wisdom, and that empower to you make choices that lead to you working and living with the natural cycles. And what is in alignmnet to focus on now ... and what can be flowed to after the start of the new year.

We elevate our perspectives out of the mainstream made-up and toxic time pressures and other pressure to buy stuff, stay busy and be productive. And instead get clear and real about our value systems. And dare to make choices - big and small - that sustain vs drain us. 

We use these weeks to downshift vs. upshift. Regenerate vs. get slowed down by the Universe by getting sick. Create in ways that nourish our heart and soul and spirit, so we fill our radiance, vitality and passion tanks (which have likely been depleted this year.) 

Tune into this episode of Feminine Power Time: Dare to End and Start Your Year Differently : 3 Perspectives + Practices to Regenerate, Create Space + Co-Create

It includes 3 practices and perspective, along with inquiries and some guided meditations that will help you 

  • Complete and put energy toward what you really desire to get done and take care of - in relation to your body needs, your money management, your home space, your work & creative projects and your mental space 

  • Bring 'twiggly danglers' in your relationships into coherency in a healthy way - parts of relationships professionally or personally in where something it out of whack or alignment, that you know deep down if you don't deal with will come back next year in a more dramatic way. 
  • Focus on creative projects that would really nourish you, and reflow things you'd like to do but you know there's not really space to do until next year - which will create space for you to savor these next few weeks and the first weeks of the new year.

  • Give you guidance on how to put rhythm, rituals, and structures in place to downshift through the first week of January, and then upshift in the flow vs. hit the ground running.

  • Make choices that sustain you vs drain you during the holiday season. 

I will also share some very specific examples of what I do to create space, relief and release this way - including just releasing 3800 emails in one hour! 

Do this short power pause with me now and then come to the full Year End Reflection Ritual and Power Pause on Dec 18th 

So grateful we are connected!
With heart


p.s. SHARE THE WISDOM ?  ELEVATE + SHARE this podcast with friends and colleagues you think it would benefit. And then invite them into a conversation.  



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1.  Overwhelmed and Over It Book - See Section 4 to learn more about Healthy vs Toxic Time Pressure - 

2. The 4 Realms of Wellbeing and Resiliency - see model and learn more on my blog.


Nov 7, 2022

Cyclical Living is the practice of working with the natural cycles of how the earth and the universe - and therefore us a humans (who are part of the natural world) - thrive, create and operate best.

The wisdom is simple: When you harmonize yourself to the natural cycles - day, week, month and year - everything in your life (which includes career, money, relationships, work, health, wealth, practice, business, etc) comes into more alignment and harmony.

It's not a pancea promising some kind of nirvana living with no stretch, stress, struggle or uncertainty. Cyclical living is the HOW we stay centered, sustained, supported and in alignment with our unique design, part and path. It's a practice for reducing anxiety and overwhelm, strengthening trust and intuition, making wise choices, exiting the burnout matrix, and gaining the power to see what is real and true.

For me, understanding and practicing cyclical living as how I lead my business, advise my leadership clients, bring my dreams and intentions into form, and create a life and work style that sustains me, is an essential practice. For visioning, planning, pathing, and creating sustainable success. 

There is so much to share about this practice - because it goes counter to what our culture teaches us is right and real (and keeps us stuck in the go go go, tick tock robot, never enough scarcity striving reality).

Which is why, #2 of 3 in our Embracing Your Co-Creative Power Series is focused on this single practice:The Practice Cyclical Living.

Tune in and we'll:

  • Explore the Meta reality between time and space, cycles and routine
  • Break down cylical living to the practical way you design your days, weeks, months and year
  • Illuminate some ways the lack of trust in cyclical living creates a culture that values exponential growth and accumulation over what truly supports the planet and people to thrive. 
  • Apply these principles to the next 3 months - to create focus and fluidity for you.

We'll also be using the Overwhelmed and Over It: Embrace Your Power to Stay Centered and Sustained book - if you have yours, bring it. If you don't have it yet - get your copy here.


p.s. Appreciate you sharing this episode with a friend ... invite them to explore this with you. And share using the inquiries I give you.

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1. What is calling for your focus this "Kiva Time" - Nov 1 - Feb 1? Or these next 3 months?

2. What will truly nourish and nurture you at a heart level this next cycle? 



Oct 24, 2022

I'm going to keep this introduction to this series and episode short - so we can just dive right into what I consider one of the most powerful and accessible 'things' we have to not just survive or thrive during these times.

It is a "super power" that is so innate and natural - and so powerful - that we can slough it off as 'woo' or something 'nice' to explore on a retreat vs. something that if understood, accessed, and applied.

In many ways the overculture loves this because it keeps us distracted from how much influence we have to make a difference in how we experience our lives + how we become instruments for creating a better world. Now. And over the years to come.

This super power is called ... Co-Creation. 

It's different than manifestation. It's not magical thinking. And it's the wises way leaders go from pushing, grinding and striving to actually bringing their visions into form ... without burning out or sacrificing our  lives.  

It won't make everything you desire magically appear. And while it is about us as individuals, Co-Creation (see CO) is not just about us as individuals - this is where the courage, compassion, connection comes in to give us true super power.

We are starting  a 3 part conversation and exploration that will focus on Our Co Creative Power - principles, perspectives and practices. 

I'll share these principles, perspectives and practices, that I've been living and teaching for well over a decade - and still live myself. You experiment in your life now, and see what happens.  

This first episode is Feminine Power Time #194 - Wielding Our Co-Creative Power: 3 principles for bringing more of what we desire for ourselves & the world into reality.

This is HOW we do this time. Lean in, tune in and put into practice what feels aligned for you. 

Suggestion - bring some paper and markers - we will use the co creative practice of visual thinking. Or listen one time through, and come back with your markers. 

See you there!

p.s. Appreciate you sharing this episode with a friend ... invite them to explore this with you. Or leave a REVIEW ... just go to the show on your podcast APP or on Itunes, and scroll down to find where you can give a review. This helps us support others to elevate!


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Oct 10, 2022

Did you know that the word "busy" means "meddlesome" and "interfering" and everytime we use phrases like, "I am so busy" or "I am too busy too,," we pushe away the exact connection or support we both need and desire during intense times. 

Or how putting up our busy badge is disempowering and isolating vs empowering and connecting? 

Or have you ever considered how you navigate intensity when you either actively engage in it or it unexpectedly find yourself standing the midst of it?

In the decade plus of my research for what became the book Overwhelmed and Over It, and is one of the root of my feminie leadership work is this:

Instensity is part of life. Intensity is not good or bad, although some kinds of intensity feels so much more empowering than others. It's what the tools we have for navigating within the intensity that make all the difference.

In your life, there will be times you choose intensity. And there will be times when the intensity happen to you - out of your control or desire.

Most of us have been woefully educated or prepared how to move - how to dance - through intensity. So we grind, strive, push through it, or find ourselves in the middle of puddle, or a confusion, anxiety, frustration, overwhelm storm within it.

Add to that how our overculture has made "being busy" a badge of honor and success. Or how we've been taught that working hard and realizing success means pushing through until the project is done or goal is reached, to the detriment of our own mind, body, spirit and emotional wellbeing is just how it is.  

And you can explain of what seems normal in our society is actually anything but.

There is a different way to be with the intense times in our lives - chosen or found, stretching or struggling - that empower us to move through it with grace, gumption and more support and connection.

Which is why I chose to call us together for this conversation and exploration of Feminine Power Time - #193 - Dancing Through Intensity: 5 Practices to Stay Sustained In Busy, Challenging, or High Output Times.

Tune is as we explore and apply to your life now and in the future:

  • The signs you are in times of intensity and the different kinds of situations that are worthy of calling it 'intense"
  • Why you want to kick the work "busy" out of your language library
  • 5 pratices and pieces of wisdom about how to be with the intensity you find yourself in - whether you chose it or it chose you 
  • How we can dance through intense time, with the support and connection of others. 

For this session, I invite you to bring your copy of the book Overwhelmed and Over It: Embrace Your Power to Stay Centered and Sustained in a Chaotic World with you. If you don't have your copy yet - chose a place to buy your copy from here.

Mostly -- bring any situation you find yourself in right now - or in the recent past - that felt overwhelming, busy, too much of a stretch, intense, even if you chose it .... and then take these practices and wisdom teachings into your life and see what happens!

with great heart,


Upcoming Happenings & Trainings & Retreats

1. Gather and Guide Your People: Transformational Program Design Training, Incubator and Council 

2. Private Elevate Feminine Leadership WIsdom Quest - Nov 11-13 - for women exploring the next cycle, focus and expression of their sacred work, life and design -  email Christine directly for more information at 


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Sep 23, 2022

Wise beings know how to use the natural cycles of the earth and universe to support us to grow our work, wealth and relationships, and to support our health, and keep us focused on what matters.

Which is why one of my top three pratices for staying out of burnout and overwhelm and stay on the path of sustainable success, impact and wellbeing in the "Power Pause" + why I created this episdoe for you, which is really more like a mini retreat. 

Power pauses are an elevated leadership best practice we do quarterly, at the Equinoxes and Solstices, the natural shifting times. Equinoxes are all about illuminating imbalances, shifting habits to restore wellbeing, and re-focusing your priorities and intentions for the next quarter. 

The September Equinox offers us insight to illuminate where the imbalances currently exist in your life & how to reset yourself and refocus your life force  - especially the ways in which you are over giving and under receiving, the habits that may have worked in the summer but won't support you now, and the ways in which making changes to your home, health and wealth can support you to end your year strong, sane and supported.

Often at Equinox, I am out in the world doing full day power pauses for teams, weekend and one day retreats for conscious women, and going through the process myself. And I like to do a mini power pause for all of us here at Feminine Power Time ... with some of the key parts of the process I feel like we can most benefit from this particular year.

The theme of Sept Equinox is always Harvest. This year, I added the theme of RECEIVE, because I feel like we can use a fill up at a heart, mind, soul, spirit and body level.  

Tune into this Power Pause and:

  • Learn the wisdom behind taking power pauses 4 times a year - and how this practice can yield big returns in your business, career, relationships and health/wealth/home
  • Learn about why we need to FEEL to make the impact we are making REAL.

I will lead us through a 5 inquiry process, including visualization and meditation to:

  • Feel good about what you have already done this year - and really feel the difference you are making + how much you've grown. 
  • Reveal the imbalances - work, relationships, health, wealth or home - that need attention.
  • Consider what you need to bring the imbalances into harmony, so you have what you need 
  • Bonus - Gain clarity on what really matters to focus your energy and attention on the last cycle of the calendar year.

See you there! 

And make sure to check out the Feminine Wisdom Cafe for a special packet I put together for you to help you find the imbalances or shifts of focus + re-harmonize and re-focus.




1. Harmony Assessment Practice - from Section 1 in Overwhelmed and Over It:  PDF from the Companion Journal + Meditation. Access it on the Feminine Wisdom Cafe Here.

(if you cannot access the Cafe, it's free, but you do have to sign up - try this for access -

2. Overwhelmed and Over It the book + the companion journal. Learn more 


Elevation Wisdom Inquires 

Write these out and contemplate them or conversate with a freind 

1. How have you already made a difference this year? 

2. How have you made choices to support & sustain yoruself? 

3. Where are the imbalances in your career, work, self expression, and where can you focus or make a shift to create harmony?

4. What relationship is calling for a shift? What is needed to create harmony? 

5. Choose your body, health or home as an area to shift a pattern or habit? What pattern or habit is creating an imbalance or disharmony? What new pattern, habit or ritual can you swap in and create more harmony?

Upcoming Happenings & Trainings & Retreats

1. Gather and Guide Your People: Transformational Program Design Training, Incubator and Council 


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Sep 8, 2022

Taking leaps. Small ones. Big ones. In between ones. Whether we are leaving a job or changing careers... or moving our home... or starting or ending a marriage or relationship... or choosing to make a change, break a pattern or complete something without knowing exactly what's on the other side...

Taking leaps is like an olympic sport most of us didn't get training for. So we figure it out as we go. If we are fortunate, we find guides along the way who have leapt before us.

People who can give us some wisdom and practical steps for how to take leaps with grace. People who can support us to tap into our gumption to fuel the courage and clarity we need to leap.

I've lept many times into the unknown, followed the unconventional path, made choices for freedom over security, trusting that it would all work out in the end. So far I am still standing, still smiling and while I have some stretch marks from the stress that leaps almost always bring, the rewards in my heart and soul bank far outweigh the stretch marks.

Taking leaps is how people who live fully and freely live. We don't wait for all things to be in place or feel comfortable. But we also aren't 'dummy pants' and leap with no net. And the net isn't always what you think it is.

Wisdom Byte: If you never step into the unknown you just keep repeating the same reality.

I sat down to create this session of Feminine Power Time #191: Taking Leaps, Doing Beginnings, Endings, and Cycles with Grace & Gumption, on the 6th evening of sleeping in my new house, in a new city on the other side of America. A marker of 9-month cycle of making signficiant and intentional leaps in many areas of my life - from career to relationship to health to home to financial. Whew! Exhale.

So many of the people I advise and coach, and the women in the leadership councils and wisdom schools I founded, are also moving through big cycles - some they welcomed with opened arms, others they've resisted for some time. 

I imagine you might also be going through a cycle with endings and beginnings too, whether you are conscious to it or not. 

So i poured some tea, put on my downshifting white jammies, sat at my desk for the first time in 9 months and created this for you - to share what I've learned and noticed about cycles, about going through this current transition and what I'm seeing in other conscious humans currently. 

I've got some inquires, stories and elevated perspectives to share that I hope will give you some grace and gumption in whatever leap you are making or is calling you. 

I'll end us with 4 inquiries to elevate you and/or do with a friend. 

See you there!


Elevation Wisdom Inquires

Write these out and contemplate them or conversate with a freind 

1. What is the cycle, begining, ending I am in, approaching or resisting? 
2. What do I know?
3. What am I unsure of?
4. What do I need to take the next step?

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Aug 25, 2022

Fierce Grace. If you asked me to describe embodied Feminine Power in two words i would say "Fierce Grace." When we are truly rooted in our unique expression of fierce grace we have access to  our full power, presence, purpose and wisdom.

Fierce grace comes through our presence, through our words both spoken and written, through our passion and purpose, through both courage and compassion - it's all about embodied pure heart.   

Now more than ever the world needs each of our pure hearted power, presence and purpose in the world. Imprints of what it looks, feels, and sounds like to embody both fire and water. 

This month is the two year marker of my fourth book, Overwhelmed and Over It was sent final edition to the printers ... this book was the first book in which I fully unleashed and embodied the energy of fierce grace. I had spoken from this place many times, including this podcast and all of my programs and trainings. But a written book or really any written form is a different animal. One I think all of us can use some wisdom on.  

I was inspired to re-run this conversation to dive into how we can share our words and writing with the world.

Whether you are a writer, or want to be, or you want to write a book, or a blog, or just show up more powerfully in your authentic presence in your communications -- or just start writing for JOY because you have something to say or you just want to! COME to this conversation. 

I invited Kristine Carlson, NY Times Best Selling Author of Don't Sweat the Small Stuff for Women, founder of the Book Doula incubator and community that starts every September, and a woman who has been like a big sister to me in my writing and book career to join us for Fierce Grace Talk #1: Sharing Your Words & Writing with the World"

It seems like the perfect time to pull the veil back and have a heart to heart about what writing a book is like ... how it catalyzes your personal growth ... and what support and structure is really needed. And HOW to just get started.

And to also explore at this time when so many voices are speaking out there -- how do YOU want to show up, speak up and share ? In a way that matters to you? Feels good to you? And is adding to the world you desire to create for yourself and others? This is the power of Fierce Grace. 

Take us with you for a walk.. pour some tea and settle in... take us out in the sun to do some earthing, heck pour a bath or snuggle up in bed ... it's a heart to heart ... supporting us each to share our words and writing in the world in ways that light YOU up and light up those you touch. 

Wherever this finds you... the words you share and the presence you share them through - in your voice, your energy, your purpose - matters. Nothing is too small, we start where we are. 

You matter. Believe it.


Resources for Sharing Your Writing and Words with the World

the BOOK DOULA incubator and community with Kristine Carlson - learn more or reach out to Kris for a conversation at ... her incubator starts early September. Check it out and you can also schedule a conversation with her. If you decide to do it, Kris offered 10% savings to all of us. Just use christinearylo10 as the discount code. 

Learn more about Kris Carlson, her blog, podcast and books at 

Aug 14, 2022

Every year I take a pause to make this these inquiries: "What is calling to be liberated.. within me, within my work/career, within my relationships, and within my physical foundation of health/wealth/home?"

And "What 'skins' am I shedding/ do I need to shed, so I can more powerfully, fully and freely express as who I am now, and who I am evolving and elevating into?" 

Think of your 'skins' as the roles, responsbilities, robes of expression, and robes of repression you have taken on consciously or unconsciously. 

I do this practice every year because it's one of the most empowering, effective practices I know to support us to make conscious change. 

When you actively and intentionally choose to catalyze yourself, and you pause to put language to what is being called to catalyze (in your life, relationships, career, money, health, etc.), you are much more likely to have the resiliency needed to meet the challenges that arise... and the wisdom to create the reality your heart and soul are calling you to. 

The practice uses the Feminine Super Power of Catalyze - which is:

The power to use the circumstances & situations that life brings you as liberators and elevators that lift you (and others) up into expanded levels of consciousness & reality. To initiate and call forth oneself out of the comfort zone, through the lightening fire of transformation with focus & quickness. And as a result, take a self-empowered step into your evolution, liberating yourself to a more full & true expression. 

This year, I felt inspired to bring us all through this ritual here in episode 190: Shedding What No Longer Serves. Tune into as we:

  • Invoke the feminine super power of catalyze for whatever catalyst is calling you or is present for you
  • Invoke both courage and compassion to support you to meet whatever challenge and stretch is showing up for you
  • Boldly name what you would love to catalyze, and be honest about what is calling you to catalyze (that you may be avoiding)

At the end, I will take you through a 5 step process to reveal what wants to be liberated and freed within you, what skins are ready to be shed, and what support you need to make the transformation with grace.

I love this super power and this ritual - see you there!


Upcoming Classes, Feminine Leadership & Professional Develoment Programs 

1. Choosing ME & WE - 4 Week Relationship Pop Up with me and Noah Martin, my partner. 

2. Overwhelmed and Over It: Path to Sustainable Success, Impact & Wellbeing - 4 month Council & Experience for Professional Women - Starts first week of October. (registraton opens 8/17)

3. Self Love Essentials - 12-week Training for those who guide others in emotional, mental, physical, spiritual and relational wellness. Starts Sept 13th 

4. Gather and Guide Your People - A Feminine Leadership Training, Creative Catalyst & Collaborative Council - for people who do or desire to create potent experiences -workshops, programs, classes, circles, events, retreats - online and in person - that lead to real connection & lasting transformation... AND sustain you. Starts early November. www.GatherandGuideYourPeople.cpm  

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Inquiries from the Skin Shedding Ritual (from the Feminine Wisdom Way book, page 162)

1. What inside of me desires to be more free to Express?

2. What do I desire to be more fre to RECEIVE? 

3. What skins am I shedding (name them)? Roles, responsibliities, robes of expression, robes of repression

4. How have these skins served me? Why must I shed them now? 

5. What support do I need as I make this transformation? 

Jul 29, 2022

About two to three timess a year I feel the call to do one of these Feminine Wisdom for Intense and Changing Times sessions - where we take a pause, put our wise woman / wise being glasses on and take a deeper look at what is going on in the Field (the bigger collective world) and in our field (our own inner experiences, relationships and reality.)

So we can see what is real, what is needed, what the patterns are, and find the wisdom to navigate the now and the next. 

This session was taped live during the time span between July 25th and August 8th which is always a powerful time to elevate and expand your consciousness ... and liberate yourself from stuff you just don't want to carry with you or create from (you can google Mayan Day Out of Time, Lammas, Leo New Moon, or 8 8 Lions Gate to learn more). 

The intention of our exploration is to give you perspectives & practices to prepare you for the now and the next. 

Some of the wisdom models, practices and tools we'll work with is:

  • Triangle of Transformation
  • Sovereignty in the Swirl
  • This is not that
  • Co-Create from Momentum and Intention 
  • Be aware of the now and what's needed, AND keep the long game in mind. Put energy in both.
  • Focus on your part and your design. If you are not clear, create this space to get clear this year.
  • EOE - Evidence of Elevation
  • EOM - Evidence of Momentum

Lots of good wisdom to share - that's all I am going to say here. Tune in for more. Resources below. 


Upcoming Classes, Feminine Leadership & Professional Develoment Programs 

1. Choosing ME & WE - 4 Week Relationship Pop Up with me and Noah Martin, my partner.  Starts August 9th. 

2. Overwhelmed and Over It: Path to Sustainable Success, Impact & Wellbeing - 4 month Council & Experience for Professional Women - Starts first week of October.

3. Self Love Essentials - 12-week Training for those who guide others in emotional, mental, physical, spiritual and relational wellness. Starts Sept 13th 

4. Gather and Guide Your People - A Feminine Leadership Training, Creative Catalyst & Collaborative Council - for people who do or desire to create potent experiences -workshops, programs, classes, circles, events, retreats - online and in person - that lead to real connection & lasting transformation... AND sustain you. Starts early November. www.GatherandGuideYourPeople.cpm  

To get notifications of events, programs and happening - subscribe to my Wisdom Letter e-mail list at

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1. Triangle of Transformation - video and model posted on Feminine Wisdom Cafe here.

2. The Feminine Super Power of Catalyze Podcast #161 -





Jul 18, 2022

Are you clearing your emotional and energetic fields? What do you do when you get "gooped" by the world, a person, the news, the physical and virtual environments you find yourself in, or even by your own emotional triggers?

"Gooped" is my partner Noah and my term for what happens to us when we get emotionally, mentally, energetically, and physically weighed down, swirled up, affected by external forces. 

In the times we live in, it's really wise to ask yourself : What am I doing to keep my energy clear? 

Are my energetic and emotional boundaries strong? How do I know when they are weak? And how do I strengthen them?

Today, in part 3 of our 3 parts series called STAY LIGHT - how do we keep our life force strong, our minds clear, our emotions stable, our radiance bright in our current reality - individually and collectively - I invited in the person who often supports me to "de-goop"- my partner in life, love, business and service, Noah Martin.

The centerpoint of our exploration today is this:

"What does it mean to be gooped? How do you know you are gooped up? How does it happen? And what do you do in the moment or as prevention to keep the external forces from knocking you off kilter?"

Clearing your emotional and energetic fields is a must in our world today. Just like you brush your teeth and get in your steps. Or you get too much plaque and too much fat, which creates dis-ease.

Our exploration will take part in four sections:

1. Wisdom About Energy - What we need to know about our energetic connections and energy fields - and how they interact with other people and situations.

2. 5 Kinds of Boundaries - Emotional, Mental, Energetic, Physical and Environment. How to work with yours, know when your boundaries have been breached and how to re-find your center and clear your field.

3. Goop Prevention - what you can do proactively to not get gooped. 

4. Emergency Care & Culitivating Your Energetic Support Team and Structure - practices & modalities that can support you to clear your being , strenghten your internal system, and clear out energetic and emotional interference.  

Get your practitioners, practices and people in place that keep you at a high frequency and keep your being light. Get these into your rhythm to support your radiance. 

Tune in. We look forward to diving in with you. Stay Light! De-goop daily, weekly and monthly :) 

With great heart,

Christine and Noah

p.s. BIG HEART SHOUT OUT and THANK YOU to those of you who have been leaving reviews for the Podcast + Overhwelmed and Over It Book, helps more people find us and tune into the wisdom. XOO



1. Meditations by Noah - subscsribe and get on your Podcast app - Special Ungooping Meditation - And also tune in here.

2. Stay Harmonized Practices to stay clear, calm and centered 

3. Overwhelmed and Over It Book - Section 2 Liberate Your Life Force 

4. Daily Morning Flow Kit - book+ video - 

5. Monthly Live Stay Harmonized Sessions - RSVP on the 

6.  Energy Clearing Sessions with Noah - contact him at 


MODALITIES for De-Gooping and Staying Light TO CHECK OUT

  • EMDR
  • Seemorg Matrix
  • Family Constellations 
  • Chi Gung
  • Tai Chi
  • Kundalini Yoga
  • Kriya Yoga
  • Pranayama 
  • Earthing 



1. From Noah - Take 10 Deep Belly Breaths to start your day - to find aligned connection to the world, and release what is not yours to hold. 

2. From Christine - Get your practitioners, practices and people in place that keep you at a high frequency and get these into your rhythm. 



In the Moment:

1. What of this is mine? 

2 What support do I need to protect my boundaries, so I can make right choices? What allows me to be supported so I don’t get cooped?

3. Don’t bite the fishhook or the bait. 


1. Where do you continue to get gooped? Think relationships or situations or environments. Look at where this is happening:

  • Reveal it. 
  • Get Real with what keeps you stuck in the energy. 
  • Then Make Shifts and Changes or Set Yourself up so you can be in those situations without getting gooped. Reduce the energy that is creating the groping. 

2. Start your day connected & protected - with your daily morning practice, everyday (see Overwhelmed and Over It, Section 2 Liberate Your Life Force + Get the Daily Morning Flow Practice Kit)

3. Who are the practitioners? the practices? in my regular rhythm that clear out the goop so it doesn’t build up. Find who and what works for you.










Jul 1, 2022

Freedom is one of the most essential human needs, and desires. People have died fighting for it, many have never tasted it, and most of us, even if we live in a 'free' world have many ways in which we are NOT free. 

Every year as we pass through July 4th marker, which in America is celebrated as Independence Day, in a country that is supposed to be founded on freedom (but in many ways is not, and was not for all people)... I take a pause to shine a light on all the ways I personally am not free or feeling free, and what is happening collectively that is so not about freedom of the people or the planet. 

I tune in every year also for what conversation to have with all of you here at Feminine Power Time around Freedom. And this year, well wow,  unprecented with the repealing of rights to our body, rights to be safe from gun violence in schools and public spaces, rights to vote, rights to affordable housing, and ....

So today I tuned in after my morning practice to what was needed for ust to gather around ... and out flowed Feminine Power Time #187: Fighting for Our Freedom, the Feminine Way. A power pause to consider how we channel our energy and influence.

We'll dive into:

  • Freedom "Power Points" - where to focus our attention, energy to stand for freedom vs. add to the chaos and waste our energy 
  • Practices for how to emote our anger, rage, grief, and to express from wholeness vs. the wound, so we add to mometum of elevation 
  • Perspectives on freedom and control through our "wise" eyes - to see what might 

I will lead you through: 

  • 5 inquiries to ask yourself at this time to choose how you can consciously channel and direct your energy, time, money, life force and influence.  

There is wisdom here for navigating these times.

Not to just get through them. But to break through. 

We've each got a part to play. We are all being called to awaken even more. And none of us can do this on our own.

Tune in to this touchstone for your radiance, rootedness and rememberance.


p.s. THANK YOU for those who have left reviews and ratings for the Feminine Power Time Podcast and Overwhelmed and Over It book. Appreciate you leaving a review for one of these. Helps others find the light!

Resources & Links

Upcoming Programs

1. FLOW Mid Year Power Pause - 

2. Strengthening Sisterhood, Healing the Wounds Between Women So We Can Lead Together. Interactive Wisdom Session -

 Practices for Staying Light

1. 4 Rs Morning Meditation - Root Down. Rise Up. Relax Back. Receive. Access video here.  

2. Daily Flow Practice Kit - Practices for Staying Clear and Centered. Video + Book. Access here.

3. The Radiance Wheel - See samples here on the Feminine Wisdom Cafe.


1. Join us and Get connected to other conscious women. 

2. Overwhelmed and Over It Book - 

Power Pause Inquiries Shared

  1. Where am I being called to direct your life force, energy, time, resources and influence these next 6 months? 
  2. What have I been tolerating that is no longer working? Personally? Professionally? 
  3. What is my part now? 
  4. Where are my community touchstones?
  5. What is calling for my devotion this next 6 months, so I am deeply supported and sustained?
  6. What do I need these next 6 months to stay light, keep bright, and stay focused?  


Jun 17, 2022

Today we dive into this inquiry: "What is draining, dimming or distorting your radiance? " Remember, Radiance is your light.

The brightness and strength of your radiance effect everything from your wellbeing, your physical health, your ability to get your gifts and genius into the world, your access to your intuition and power, and how you feel about  yourself, your life and the world. 

Our theme for this series is STAY LIGHT - not as a spiritual platitude but as a directive from the Universe and a real practice we put into place in our daily lives. Last session we explored what Radiance is, and what restores and retains yours.

In this Feminine Power Time #186, our intention is to illuminate what's draining or dimming your radiance, so you can see it, name it and be at choice with how to work with the forces that pull you down and dim, so you can can stay light and bright even in this challenging time in the world.

We'll start where we always start which is where you have the power within you to make shifts, no matter what the outside world does.

We'll dive into 5 different ways I've noticed our Radiance gets drained,  dimmed or distorted because of what's happpening within us. to help you remember, we use alleteration, giving them all F's ... for "What's f-ing with my Light! :) LOL> we need to stay light as we dive into this heavy stuff.

Here are 6 ways we drain, dim or distort our Radiance

1. Forcing

2. Forgetting 

3. Feeling Like...

4. Frustation at Feeling Stuck

5. Fragmenting Your Focus 

6. Frequency 

I'll share the signs these are present within you, give real life examples and share some of my practices for how I transform the radiance dimmers, and elevate my mood, perspective and energy. 

At the end I'll guide you through a embodied meditation that tunes you into where your Radiance is getting drained, and a 3-step process to rise out of the muck into the light. 

Lots of good stuff in here. Exhale. This is all in service of supporting you to name and see the patterns in what messes with your Radiance, so you can catch it sooner, shift the energy, and find your way to back to the Flow and the light beam of the "Force" :) Like in Star Wars :))

See you there.

May the light always glow and flow within you, 

p.s. THANK YOU for those who have left reviews and ratings for the Feminine Power Time Podcast and Overwhelmed and Over It book. Appreciate you leaving a review for one of these. Helps others find the light!

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1. 4 Rs Morning Meditation - Root Down. Rise Up. Relax Back. Receive. Access video here.  

2. Daily Flow Practice Kit - Practices for Staying Clear and Centered. Video + Book. Access here.

3. The Radiance Wheel - See samples here on the Feminine Wisdom Cafe.


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2. Overwhelmed and Over It Book - 

Stay Light Elevation Practice Shared 

1. Step One: Get real. How does this manifest in my Body? Being? Balance?

2. Step Two: What do I need that I am not receiving?

3. Step Three: What do i need to get back into the flow? back into the


Jun 3, 2022

STAY LIGHT. These are the two words that will frame and focus this series, with the intention of supporting you to restore your "radiance" levels to be bright and vibrant, and then keep that brightness and lightness strong, growing and glowing the rest of this year. 

RADIANCE is one of those words we hear but why does it really matter? Wouldn't it be better just to focus on self-care, wellness and stress-management? Well if you want more "to dos" sure, you can go that way.

Or you can go deeper to get what is at the roots of what keeps your wellbeing strong - mind, body AND spirit and heart. Like instead of focusing on the leaves of the tree, you get into what's happening inside the trunk and within the roots and soil that allows that tree to stand tall, strong and briliant even in stormy weather. 

Radiance is defined in the dictionary as brightness and lightness. And there is SO much more!

In episode #1 of 3 in our STAY LIGHT series we will dive into:

  • What is Radiance and why it matters
  • How Radiance dictates your health, relationships, ability to attract and receive opportunities, intution and overall mental and emotional wellbeing.
  • The difference between life force and radiance, and where Radiance lives in your body.

We'll pose this central question for you to contemplate and give you creative processes to reveal practical wisdom you can apply to how you structure and make choices these next few months. 

"What sustains and supports my radiance?" 

I will share some of the common things that support and restore our radiance such as these wisdom bites from two beings whose work I respect very much:

"Radiance is a function of stillness." - Ariel Spilsbury

"Radiance acts as a hidden instrument of your intuition."  - Richard Rudd

Lastly, I'll lead you through a meditation and visualiization that starts the creative juices flowing of what lifts you up and lightens you up in 7 areas of the foundation of our radiance.

And share how you can take this and create what I call the "Radiance Wheel" - which will support you not to do more, but to put structures in place and make choices to keep your light shining and wellbeing glowing, for many months and years to come.

As leaders, change makers, beings daring to do things different to create a better more beautiful world, we need to Stay Light, even in, especially in the face of challenge and chaos.

It's HOW we lead and live through this time.

Tune in
See you there


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May 20, 2022

I titled this episode of Feminine Power Time: "If Mothers Ruled The World: Embracing Our Collective Power to Create a More Sacred World" with the intention for it to be center point we could stand in, together, to look at what is happening in the world - that is so not honoring the sacredness of life, of women, of children and really of humanity.

I offer this as an invitation for us to take a step out of the ideals, politics, ideology and polarizing forces that have kept us stuck in a reality that keeps humans fighting against each other, vs. coming together as human beings, living on a living planet, to focus our power, wisdom and resources on creating a 'sacred world' -- sacred meaning "Devoted to wholeness, with respect, without violence to the self or others."

One is which we stop asserting our power and beliefs over one another. 

In wisdom traditions, we are taught not to defend our position or have all the answers. 

We are taught that when things seem insane, when we don't like what we see, to step back, to elevate so we can see the whole, to make an inquiry and then sit with it. And we wait for wisdom, which often comes in the form of an inquiry to arise. This inquiry opens the portal to a way to see things differently. 

The inquiry I received was "What if Mothers Ruled the World?"  Which doesn't only include people who give birth to human children. 

Wisdom also teaches us how to speak from both fierceness and through grace. To create a field that connects and opens. Which was my intention.

Tune in. Bring an open mind and open heart. Take in what resonates. Leave what doesn't. Most of all, I am inviting us to open up our imaginations. To see through our wise eyes. To see the reality playing on the world stage.  To see and speak what could be. 

See you there,

In devotion to love,



May 6, 2022

Hello Dear One ... Every May I love to re-listen to and re-share this episode on MOTHER LOVE which I recorded in 2017, and the wisdom still stands... and the message still so needed for us all to hear, contemplate and put into practical action. I've updated the start and end with a special reading and practice this year.
What is Mother Love? Mother Love is so much more than we think it is.) So many of us are feeling stretched - being called to make changes, expansions, trust. In times like you need more "mother love" - it's so powerful! MOTHER LOVE does not just come from your birth mother.  And since most of us aren't taught what that is or how to source it, I am replaying this Feminine Power Time. If you've never heard it, tune in. If you have, re-listen this is medicine and a message that will bring clarity, confidence and courage to you at this time....


When you read the words ‘mother love’ you likely go right to thinking about the mother who gave birth to you or the mother who raised you. And while that mother definitely has a role to play in our lives, she cannot be our only source of “mother love.”

Mother love is... a specific kind of love that every human being needs – we don’t outgrow the need for it, although we sadly forget how much we do need it.

Mother love is… the deep, all-embracing, all-accepting, nourishing, nurturing, warm, safe, supportive love that soothes the places inside our hearts that feel scared and lonely.

Mother love is… the strong love that we can fall into when we are stressed, stretched, uncertain, and feeling like we just can’t handle what’s happening in our life.

Sourcing Mother Love is not something most of us were taught how to doIn this Feminine Power Time with Christine Arylo: Mother Love: The Feminine Love That Will Hold You Through Transition:

  • Reveal why one mother cannot be our only source of love – and how embracing this can wipe out all kinds of baggage and free you to receive the support, nurturing, courage, acceptance, patience, understanding and compassion
  • Define Mother Love – this is SO much more than the story or situation between you and your birth mother. Even if you had the greatest mother growing up, your need for more Mother Love doesn’t end.
  • See how the lack of Mother Love is often at the root of things like loneliness, feeling like you don’t belong, fear, not feeling like you have enough, are enough, not being cared for, not feeling supported  – these patterns will keep showing up if you don’t get to the root
  • Explore the powerful 3 Sources of Mother Love that are here for all of us - there is SO much of this support here for us beyond what we have been taught exists.
  • Learn simple practices you can do to invite this powerful, potent, feminine love into your heart and life –  including the Great Mother Bath

If you have not gotten your copy of Overwhelmed and Over It: Embrace Your Power to Stay Centered and Sustained in a Chaotic World... here's the link - Get a copy and join the women daring to do it differently: 

This book is at it's heart mother love ... first advocating for ourselves and those we love and lead to be sustained, nurtured, cared for, safe, supported ... so then we can create organizations, a society, a culture, a world that reflects that for all people and planet. 


Other Links

1. Sovereign Woman. Sacred Relationship. wisdom session. Get access here.

2. Read the full write up and definition of Mother Love on the Feminine Wisdom Cafe and share how you receive Mother Love.


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Apr 29, 2022

How do you stay centered, clear, calm and sustained as you go through changes in your life - relationship, career, home, health? Whether you want the change and are intentionally creating it or it's a happening that you didn't ask for but find yourself in, when you can name the change as a 'threshold' you are crossing and moving through elevates everything. 

Almost everyone I know if they are aware, conscious and choosing to grow through the catalyzing times we are in, is walking through a threshold crossing. While they are always challenging, they don't have to take you down or drive you to push through or run the other way.

There is wisdom - practices and perspectives - to share and apply now and in the months and years to come to whatever changes and shifts we find ourselves in -- in ways that empower us to be in co creation with the Universe and each other. 

Most of us didn't get this wisdom in our traditional education or leadership training. I've crossed thresholds many times (more on the word threshold in the Podcast) and have learned some things I thought might help bring more ease, empowerment, and grace to you. 

Wisdom and pratices that seem simple that one could discount them for lack of significance. But in truth, true wisdom is usually stated quite simply but is anything but simple.

In this episode of Feminine Power Time #182: Staying Sustained Through Change: Practices & Perspectives for Making Shifts with More Ease, we will dive into some of these such as:

  • Thresholds - what their nature is and why you want to name yours 
  • Purposeful Patience
  • Focused Fluidity 
  • It's Happening!
  • Travel in Flock Formation
  • Wise Advisors to the Left 

And also we'll dive into some of the teachings in Overwhelmed and Over It about sustainable change and growth and apply them to whatever current shifts you are going through, including:

  • Setting the pace and rhythm of your day, week, month and year
  • 3 Harmonic Rhtyhms of a Sustainable Pace

And I will walk you through practices to:

  • Keep your heart and spirit light vs weighed down
  • Keep your mind clear and open vs. future tripping and wound up
  • Keep your body free from holding stress 

Tune in. See you there. 


p.s. This week my ask is for you is to rate, share or leave a review on the podcast page. Would so appreciate it!

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Apr 8, 2022

Self Empowerment.... Be Empowered... Own your Power ... Stand in your power ... these are words that we see and hear alot more these days, but what does embodying our power really mean? What is self-empowerment? What does sovereignty have to do with all of this?

How do you know if you are coming from your pure power rooted in wholeness or distorted power rooted in woundedness? How do you reveal where you are giving your power away - leaking power - in subtle but signifcant ways?

I've been exploring, researching and teaching self-empowerment as one of the 10 branches of self-love for over a decade. I first heard the word sovereignty in 2006 and it rang through my body like a deep truth I knew in my bones, but didn't have a mental understanding of. 

Being the wordsmith and wisdom student I am, of course I looked up the current definitions of both - unsatifactory. I started studying power and realized pretty quickly how distorted our cultural concepts and expressions of power are. And I dove deep into where we as humans, especially women and girls, give away our power in unconscious ways. Or express power in distorted ways that actually diminish our influence.

Over the years I have created new defintions of power and sovereignty, practices to strengthen both, and ways to reveal where our leaks and strengths lie.

For starters - here's the definition of self-empowerment

Self-empowerment is choosing to take care of and responsiblity for your life by acting to create the life you really desire, without apology or requiring approval from others. 

In this episode of Feminine Power Time, #4 of 4 in our Self Love Series, we'll dive into the top branch of the Tree of Self Love, Self Empowement: Power Leaks, Sovereignty, Embodying Our Pure Power :

  • Define Self Empowerment and Sovereignty
  • 5 Signs of a strong self-empowerent and 5 signs of weak self empowerment 
  • Difference between 'power' that is reckless , suppressed or distorted in you, and power rooted in wholeness 
  • 5 Power Leaks - which are affecting you
  • How this all shows up in our relationships to others, ourselves and the organizations we work in/with
  • How to speak from and stand in your pure power in everything from relationships to salary negotiations without being an ass or a pushover.

I'll guide you through some self-reflection inquiries as well. If you have the Madly in Love With ME book or Overwhelmed and Over It, grab them as I'll be referencing them in our conversation and exploration. 

And come over the Feminine Wisdom Cafe where I've posted the full definition of Sovereignty and we're inviting everyone to share what Sovereignty means to them. 

See you there!


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Here's the Self Love Tree one more time.

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