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Turn off the chatter and tune into what matters. Time just for you to attune to the guidance of your heart and soul & tap into your Divine Feminine wisdom. Christine Arylo shares spiritual wisdom and self love guidance modified for modern life. Invoking, Provoking & Elevating. Use this time to keep your life aligned.
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Oct 17, 2020

hello dear ones! exhale. really. we can't hold our breath waiting for things to get better. we can't just keep pushing through at this pace of intensity. and we frankly don't have to. there is a way to meet the intensity, be with all the demands coming at you, and with the things that matter to you... but it requires that you need to BREATHE. daily. weekly. monthly and yearly.

In and tune into this Feminine Power Time with me Christine Arylo -  we will dive into 4 of the simple but significant practices I do in my daily rhythm, my weekly flow and my yearly flow to release pressure and create space so i can breathe - and get what matters done - even in intense times. 

I know they work because I've been using them diligently to get this new book into the world.

Tune in.

xo Christine 

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Oct 3, 2020

Did you ever consider there are ways that you are putting pressure on yourself which are stressing you out that you actually have the power to change? And as a result free yourself from some of the stress, anxiety, frustration, uncertainty, overworking, etc. that you might be feeling? 

There's plenty of stressors out there in the world that you can't change. And there are many ways you can create some space and ease for yourself, if you can reveal the 'self induced' pressure that most of us are blind to. 

Which is why for our #3 of 3 Feminine Power Time episode in the Lighten Your Load series: "Release Yourself from the Unrealistic Expectations Stressing You Out" we will dive into 3 areas where we most often create toxic, unnecessary pressure which we have the power to release. 

The world has changed. Our worlds have changed. Which we need to change our expectations for how we work, how much we can get done, and what we need to be supported and sustained. 

Instead of just doing the same or more with less, instead of embracing the unrealistic time frames for achieving things or growing, instead of expecting people to be different than they are ... embrace your power to stay centered and sustained by releasing unnecessary expectations. Then exhale :) 

As you tune in, with me, Christine Arylo, consider:

1. Where am I holding myself to unrealistic expectations  about how much I should be able to do, or how much I can do, in a day/week/month/rest of this year? 

2. How am I holding myself to unrealistic expectations for how fast I should be able to achieve a goal or make something happen?

3. How am I holding others to unrealistic expectations to be or act or show up a certain way, that if I was being honest about who they really are, would free ME of the pain/struggle/frustration I feel? 

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Sep 11, 2020

Being able to stay centered within uncertainty in normal times is challenging, but pile on all of the intensity happening right now that is igniting fear and chaos within and around us, and even the  most seasoned yogini would fret, freeze, flail or fragment.

Turn off the chatter outside and inside, and come to this session of Feminine Power Time, to exhale, BREATHE, and tune into a deeper wisdom, thought shifting perspectives and practical practices to put into place to meet the uncertainty and step powerfully into the unknown.

In part 2 of our Lighten Your Load Series "Handling the Uncertainty and the Unknown" we will dive into:

  • Getting clear on how much training you've actually had for dealing with the current levels of uncertainty 

  • How we strengthen our 'super power for being with and stepping into the unknown" - like re-imprinting Basic Trust, re-leasing Primal Fear, and Seeing Different Levels of Reality  (yes, we are going to put our wise woman / being glasses on)

  • How to create structure within the chaos that don't have you holding your breath ... you can't hold your breath til XYZ is over or some event passes 

And More.

Tune in. It is very intense right now. And this intensity as been building for years, maybe thousands. We'll talk about time and where we are as a culture as we start this session. 

I'm here. 

We are in the midst of a massive transformation. How we walk through this is what matters. Sacred transformation - we are devoted to the change, awake and aware at a collective and individual level, not spiritually bypassing or staying stuck in the mass consciouness of the material world. 

There is wisdom. There are tools. Together, we can and will heal, stabilize and lead the way to the new.

See you there.

Much love,




More resources and ways to connect and go deeper

1. Gather and Guide Your People - training, creative catalyst and council for people who guide, lead and teach others. Starts Oct 20th. Learn More. 

2. Overwhelmed and Over It Book Release and Gathering - Oct 6th. 4:30pm PT - Save the date. 

3. Sacred Transformation - Free Feminine Wisdom Session - 


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Aug 29, 2020

The amplified energy, chaos, fear and angst in what is called the "collective field" affects each one of us, and in today's intense times is short circuiting us, and stirring up anxiety, anger and ache within us that 1. Isn't serving us 2. Doesn't help anyone 3. Will make us mentally foggy and physically and emotionally unwell and 4. Keeps us in reactivity mode vs. in response mode, where our power is.

We just don't SEE the negative affects of the collective field until it's gotten to be TOO MUCH, and we are in overwhelm or worse, reacting from anger, anxiety and grief. 

So, what do we do?

We get wise. We get aware - of both the field (what it is) and our own internal triggers and warning signals of when we are being affected. 

We put practices into place proactively to strenghten our magnetic field. To release the anger, anxiety and grief. To reset our systems. 

And we embrace that while we do need to be AWARE of what is happening, ACKNOWLEDGE what is not okay with us, we cannot take it all on. 

I am creating this three part series of Feminine Power Time for you so you can "Lighten Your Load"... be with what is in a conscious connected way without getting flooded, sick, triggered, overwhelmed or overwraught. 

We really do need deeper and elevated perspectives, and super powered practices to move through this time. That's what we do here! 

Join for this episode #133 where we focus on dealing with the anger, anxiety and ache caused by the UNIVERSAL COLLECTIVE FIELD ... all the things in the culture, society, natural disasters, pandemics, environment, media, politics that are affecting us in BIG WAYS energetically, emotionally and physically and psychically, and mentally. 

Then next week we will dive into dealing with the anger, anxiety and ache that comes from so much UNCERTAINTY and UNKNOWN. and the next week from the UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS of what we should be able to get done, do, produce, etc. during this time. 

See below for a list of the Stay Harmonized practices I share in the episode. As well as happenings, trainings and more coming up. 

Wherever you are, know you are held and guided. 

Big heart



Stay Harmonized Practices 

1. Daily Bookend Practice - Morning Set Your Field. Evening Release the Energy. 

2. Weekly System Reset - One day a week, or at least a morning or evening. No thinking about things of consequence. No media. No work. Reset. 

3. Proactive Practices for Setting a Strong Personal Field. And Practices for Re-harmonizing Your Field.

- Earthing - Ground. It works. Watch this movie -

- BREATHE - seriously 10 deep breaths using I am mantra like "I am safe. I am loved." 


Ways to Connect and Receive Support.

Upcoming Programs, Retreats and Feminine Leadership Trainings

1. Gather and Guide Your People - 10 week training, creative catalyst and collaborative council for people who lead communities, workshops, groups, programs and trainings.  And who want to learn how to lead, design and create in ways that create lasting transformation and connection, and are sustainable for you. Starts Sept 22nd - Find out more 

2. Stay Harmonized - Practices to Keep You Centered, Clear and Calm - coming Fall Equinox - Sept 23rd

3. Sacred Rebel Sacred Work Women's Wisdom Quest Retreat - Nov 13-15 - do from home. Save the Date. 

4. ELEVATE Feminine Leadership Councils - for women who are here to re-imagine and re-design the way we and the world work. Coming end of the year for 2021.  

Ways to Participate in the Overwhelmed and Over It Book Release  

1. Participate in the Harmonic Defiance Alliance - 188 women and beings who will use their voice and modern technology to amplify the message of the book to make it visible to many women. Be an advance reader! Register by Sept 7th. 

2. Come to the Book Release Activation and Celebration on Oct 6th : 4:30 pm PT.  Livestream or audio. Save the date.

3.  Do the Overwhelmed and Over It Training for People Who Support and Lead Others - Online workshop Oct 25th - Details to come.  

May 31, 2019

Are you receiving the support, love and care you need? Are you receiving more than you are giving? Do you feel held by the Universe? Do you feel like you can let go and it won't all fall apart? Most of us don't. We are strong achievers and self less care givers, but we suck at receiving. 

At the root of all the burnout, self sacrifice and overwhelm are the ways in which we are blocking what we actually desire or need to receive. 

"Opening to Receive" is a practice I believe we all need in our regular rotation... it's too easy to push away the support we need, not ask for what we need, or try to do too much on our own.

Do you even know what receiving really is?? 

There is lots to say about receiving, but rather than talk about it, as an end to our 3-part series on Overwhelmed and Over It, I wanted to give you an experience to OPEN TO RECEIVE... more of whatever it is you need. A meditation for receiving more support, connection and trust 

An experience that would help you release the blocks you have in place to receiving that you likely don't see.

And an experience that would give you the feeling of some of the specific ways in which we feel when we are fully receiving, such as:


I invited a special guest to lead the meditation, my partner Noah Martin, a powerful meditation guide and relationship and partnership advisor and coach. He really gets how to work with the heart and energy fields to open us to receive.

Find a place you can be still. 

Bring whatever blocks you are feeling to receiving what you need and, desire. 

And just experience the meditation. 

With the intention that you open to receive. Even if you don't know what that truly means. 




For More with Noah 

1. Check out his podcast Meditations by Noah

2. Tune into his free class on "Finding the Good Ones" - for those who desire to receive more in their romantic relationships - register at 


Open to Receive More With Christine

1. Mid Year FLOW Power Pause - 

2. The Feminine Wisdom Way - 

3. Overwhelmed and Over It! A Path to Liberation
4 Month Transformational Experience  



May 10, 2019

I QUIT! What do you do when you feel defeated, in despair at the state of the world or your world or just DONE, like you just don’t want to and can’t ‘do’ it anymore? Every woman I know feels this way - and most feel like it’s not okay to admit it. Or they don’t know what to do with these feelings. I get it. I lived this. I can visit this. And so many of the women I work with feel this way.

And it’s not our fault, but we are the only ones with the power to change it. We just haven’t been taught how to change it in a way that supports us vs. continues the strain and drain,

Which is why I could just feel in the field it was time to do a series on Liberating Us out of Overwhelm - not spiritually bypassing it or pretending self care tips will do the job. But for real liberation.

My next book, Overwhelmed and Over It! is about this very thing - it comes out Fall 2020 - And we need to address these things now! So we will in this Feminine Power Time, with me Christine Arylo: “I QUIT! Defeated. In Despair. Done” #1 of 3 in our Overwhelmed and Over It! Series.

Tune in for the conversation where we will dive into:

  • WHY DO SO MANY OF US FEEL THIS WAY? Why it's normal to feel defeated, despair and done.
  • THE PRACTICE OF QUITTING. You are going to LOVE this.

  • PREPARATION PRACTICES YOU MUST HAVE SO WHEN THE DEFEAT OR DESPAIR HITS YOU DON'T DROWN. Instead of being surprised, expect these ebbs and have the tools and support to navigate them.


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thank you xoxo 



Online Workshops and Programs

  • FLOW - The Mid Year Power Pause
    Focus Your Lifeforce & Resources on What Matters. 
    June 23 Live Video Stream or do anytime in June or July. Learn more and register at 

  • FEMININE WISDOM WAY. Living, leading and succeeding differently, with your feminine super powers. Live in the FLOW. Learn to strengthen your feminine power. Grow your work, wealth, relationships, life the feminine way. Spring.Summer Enrollment open through end of June. 

In Person Retreats

Sep 15, 2016

You hear a lot about 'stress management' but trying to manage stress is like trying to manage a two year old, it does not work. In this Feminine Power Time episode, Christine Arylo shares some ancient yogic and divine feminine wisdom that will give you the super power to change your relationship with stress all together... so you can meet it and beat it to thrive. 

To learn more about Christine Arylo's Grace Under Pressure Retreats, go to 

To download a copy of the Feminine Super Power Ritual Book for Modern Day Super Women go to 

Jun 2, 2016

Overgiving is giving more energy, time, money, love, effort to the people, projects, & passions in your life than needed, and as a result you deplete yourself and your resources. In this session of Feminine Power Time, you'll learn the signs of over giving, and the 9 types of over-giving - including over promising, over working, over compensating - so you can identify your OVER and bring your giving & receiving equation into balance.

We will also explore the deeper roots of why you feel compelled to give more than you really have to... this is way deeper than just good self-care. There are all kinds of crazy out-of-balance equations running our internal operating systems that we need to rewire so we can stop operating like banks that only give out withdrawls, instead of taking in deposits.

We'll end with a short but mighty meditation to see where you are over-giving in your life right now, and then I'll share a super power practice for restoring balance in your personal relationships and work life. 

Apr 28, 2016

The disease of trying to do too much - it's rampant and it's not working for us. Multi-tasking makes you crazy & less productive. Stacking your schedule with meeting after meeting leads to burn out. Putting too much on your To Do List makes you feel like a failure. This is not Feminine Power. Its a recipe for stress. But how do you get all you need to do in a day done if you don't do it this way? There is a different way that allows you to achieve, take care of others, and still make sure you get what you need. Join Christine Arylo to explore the feminine way of getting a lot done in a day without sacrificing your happiness & health. Includes a meditation to focus your life force on what matters most now. Self care, self love, feminine super power.